BREAKING: US changes entry testing rules for travellers

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Although at the start of the week President Biden was upbeat about not needing further travel restrictions yet, three days later the White House have announced that they will be changing the testing rules from “early next week” but no exact date has been given yet.

The rules mean that all those entering the US that are required to have a negative test will need to have that test within one day (not 24 hours) of arrival. This means you only have two options: a 3 hour rapid PCR test which you can get from companies such as Collinson and Express Test. Or a lateral flow/rapid antigen. These are cheaper but the test must either be in a testing centre or supervised by video. Project Screen and Qured are amongst those offering the video appointments with Express due to follow in mid December.

The testing does not apply to children under two.

The FCDO have yet to update their advice but the White House have formally issued the change

You can find the full details of the CDC requirements here.

6 Comments on "BREAKING: US changes entry testing rules for travellers"

  1. The CDC link still says three days?

  2. Date now announced as after 05:01 GMT on 6 Dec, and the 1 day vs 24 hrs is amplified in the FAQs.

    Importantly for the article though is that it is before departure, not arrival.

  3. It’s definitely ok to use a lateral flow (supervised) for travel to US? Struggling to find a rapid PCR near me.

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