British Airways – Sale ending soon with top tips including Price Promise & Future Travel Voucher update

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BA – Sale ending soon – a few tips to know before it does

The British Airways sale is ending soon and there are some amazing bargains. The sales ends at midnight on Wednesday 30 September. 

Here are a few pointers to help you decide whether to buy and how to get the best price.

  • Currently, the Book With Confidence policy is only available for bookings until 30 September 2020
  • If you had booked flights before and had a simple booking with no extras, it could be worth using the book with confidence policy to cancel for a voucher and rebook
  • If you have a cheap upgrade offer on an economy flight, the same applies – it is often cheaper to cancel and rebook. Plus if you have to cancel in the future it makes it a simpler booking so you should get your voucher quicker and in an e-voucher form if you don’t have any other extras.

Even with these cheap prices, it is worth using Skyscanner to check you can’t get cheaper. If you can you can then book with BA which in these times is the smart choice in case you need to change or cancel the booking.

Here is the full lowdown on the price promise:

BA Best Price Guarantee

BA have had a price guarantee for a long time but they recently changed the terms and conditions of the offer. Even if you usually only book through BA it is well worth having a look next time you have booked a flight to see if you can find a cheaper deal and use the price guarantee to claim.

The way that it works is that once you have booked your BA flight at you need to find a qualifying British Airways flight for less on another website. You then must fill in the form on the same day as you booked. If your claim qualifies you will get a voucher for double the difference in price if you’re a member of the BA Executive Club (£200 maximum). The voucher credit is given for each ticket within a booking to the person that paid for the booking. The guarantee doesn’t apply to BA holidays bookings, just flight only. 

It is slightly complicated for BA Executive club members in terms of what you get refunded as there is a £200 maximum voucher on claims up to £200. For a £100 claim for example, a voucher for £200 would be issued. If however, you claimed for £120, a voucher for £200 would be issued.

As the bonus of double the difference only applies up to a maximum voucher of £200, if you submit a valid claim for £240 difference, this would not be eligible for any bonus amount and a voucher for £240 would be issued and so on. 

BA will respond to the claim within 2 days and usually will pay out up to £200 within this time but it can be up to 28 days to get the voucher if it is a larger amount. 

You will need a screenshot(s) of the fare with the following information shown:

• Date and time the screenshot was taken;
• Full itinerary (including all flight numbers);
• A full breakdown of the individual fare for each passenger including credit/debit card charges and booking fees; and
• Website name/logo.

You must also provide the fare conditions applicable to the cheaper fare.

You can find more details and the on line form to fill in on this page. 


BA voucher update

New BA Club Suite on the A350-1000

I have applied for and used some vouchers very recently so I thought it was worth some updates.

  • You can now choose between a single e-voucher that can be used online and a Future Travel Voucher (FTV). Just select which one you want on this page.
  • E-vouchers will all be in the lead passengers name – known as a super voucher
  • If you want separate vouchers you will need to tick ‘no’ where it asks if you want a single e-voucher
  • You can use e-vouchers to buy a ticket for someone else as long as it is at least 4 days before departure
  • You can only use one e-voucher per new booking 
  • Any excess on the voucher will have to be issued as a new voucher which means you have to wait for it to be re-issued before you can use it again. A pain if  you want to make two bookings. 
  • You can change a booking made with a voucher under the travel with confidence policy if it is within the travel dates
  • If you had a BA Holiday with a Gold Upgrade Voucher on your FTV, they will need to add your GUF back to your account before you can use it again. Make sure you allow time to do this by phone as it is not instant.
  • BA are still not always sending emails when your voucher is available if it is a more complicated one.
  • I was on day 7 when I called to find out what was happening and it was showing on the booking apparently, even though I had no notification.
  • Simple flight bookings without any extra come usually come through in minutes rather than hours.

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