News & offers: ex Eu to NZ from £2028, BA SIN from £1548, Curve card + Amex & BA transatlantic investigation

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When looking for an ex EU trip there a number of options that give reliably low fares. Today I will be looking at one of those, Milan, with a selection of the latest fares from there:

Prices for a variety of dates including most of next year start from:

  • Auckland £2028 Swiss with Cathay, Singapore or Air New Zealand
  • Sydney £2138 Swiss with Qantas or Singapore
  • Melbourne £2037 – Swiss with Qantas or Singapore
  • Singapore £1500 – British Airways can be booked direct here
  • Tokyo £1730 – Finnair, JAL and BA – book ticket via Finnair
  • Bali  £ 1746 – Cathay and Malaysian book via online travel agents

You can read my beginners guide to ex EU flights here. Most of the featured flights only require one stop but if you are collecting Avios/tier points you will need to be careful with the Swiss tickets. They are unlikely to accept your BA number initially so worth checking at the airport or seeing if you can add it on the oneworld airline’s site under manage my booking if you can get a PNR for the other airlines (many on line travel agents send this information in the booking). Worse case scenario you could just ask for a credit to your BA account afterwards.

The Swiss tickets are easiest to find via online travel agents such as and Expedia.

Curve card to pair with Amex

With the upcoming demise of the Lloyds Avios Amex credit card, there has been little for Avios collectors in terms of foreign currency credit cards offering a decent amount of points. Curve has been one solution with its 0% foreign exchange fees recently announced. Curve works by providing you with a debit Mastercard that you can link to any Visa or Mastercard. This means that when you spend on Curve you don’t get charged the standard 3% currency fee but the charge still goes through on your linked card providing you with the miles or points.

This was only of limited use though as you couldn’t link it to Amex which provides a good earning rate for BA Avios as well as the option to earn 2-4-1 vouchers. Although we have no details yet, Curve have announced via Twitter that they will be accepting Amex cards for linking to your Curve account ‘soon’. You can find more about the Curve card and how to sign up plus the 0% fees in this article.

Investigation of the Atlantic Joint Agreement between American Airlines and IAG

BA B787

BA B787

BA formed a transatlantic joint venture in 2010 with American Airlines, Iberia and Finnair. This meant they could co-operate on capacity and scheduling on certain routes. It has now been announced that the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority ) is conducting an investigation into the effect on competition on these routes under the JV. The routes covered are London-Dallas, London-Boston, London-Miami, London-Chicago, London-New York and Madrid-Miami. When the JV was approved it included a commitment to make landing and take-off slots available to their competitors at either London Heathrow airport or London Gatwick airport.

These commitments were binding for 10 years with the agreement due to end in 2020. With Brexit looming the CMA has decided to launch an investigation whereas previously it would have been expected that the European Commission would have reviewed the situation. Just because there is an investigation it does not indicate that they actually suspect that there has been any wrongdoing on the airlines part. However, it will be interesting to see if it finds any evidence of breaking the rules given some of the previous uncoverings on similar agreements.

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