UPDATED EXTRA: Amazing UK to West Coast Deals on OneWorld – 960TP in one go.

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Very silently, OneWorld have filed a very quick flash sale to multiple cities in the West Coast, including Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


A quick update thanks to FlyerTalk – Vegas can now be had for under £1000!!

The starting point is Inverness which is an easy Back to Back as written about before.

Headline Prices are – 

Los Angeles – £1025

Las Vegas – £1040

San Francisco – £1075

Tier Points

All the above examples get 720TP which is a nice little earner.  You will need 600TP for British Airways Executive Club Silver, but don’t forget you also need the 4 qualifying BA flights as well.

If you are feeling extra brave we can go further to 960TP – 

And don’t forget as mentioned before – 

If you book far enough in advance you are likely to get an AA schedule change which should allow you to add in the American Transcontinental flight between New York and Los Angeles / San Francisco which could then take the total to 1040TP.

Upgrading to First

Most of these fares are AA based and AA ticketed.  But if you pay slightly more as below you will get BA flight codes on a BA ticket which can then be upgraded with Avios or a Gold Upgrade voucher (GUF) if you have one.

Booking these fares

You can either see my guides to ITA and booking with ITA – 

ITA Matrix Part One

ITA Matrix Part Two

UPDATE – Propeller Travel have advised us they are unable to accept new requests for these itineraries after 8pm UK due to the proximity of the ticketing deadline and the popularity of this fare.

If you just want to do a simple Inverness-Heathrow-West Coast you can book for slightly more using British Airways here.


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38 Comments on "UPDATED EXTRA: Amazing UK to West Coast Deals on OneWorld – 960TP in one go."

  1. I will be flying BA Lax-Lhr-Ath, Vce-Lhr-Lax. For tier status will this count as two or 4 BA flights?

  2. Phoenix is also available around the same price ex Inverness
    07JAN19 OR 15FEB19 THROUGH 29MAR19 OR 27OCT19
    13JAN19 OR 20FEB19 THROUGH 06APR19 OR 29OCT19

  3. Hi Paul, looks great! I am approaching 2500 TP for this year, if I book this now is it possible to later on use the GUF2 that I will earn in March or can it not be applied to existing bookings? Thanks.

  4. I cannot get this to price in google or ITA, any tips?

  5. Hi Paul,
    What routing did you have to specify to get the INV-LAS 960 TP above?
    I tried
    lhr hel lhr jfk

    as routing but no results in ITA

    Any suggestions on what to put or how to format the routing please?


    • You will have to use the multi city tab
      Flight one – INV-HEL
      Flight Two – HEL-West Coast
      Flight three – West Coast – HEL
      Flight four – HEL-INV

      All with routing codes.

  6. Domenico Marino | 7 January 2019 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    Thanks so much for this Paul! I just booked INV-LHR-JFK-SFO-LAX return for £922!!!!!!

    My travel dates are 25/11 and 3/12.

    I had tried to make the extra run to HEL and back using the booking format you specified to Faze above, but the price came back at over £22,000. So I decided to go with the 720TP for this trip. Hopefully I can find a good deal on the positioning flight FCO-LHR-INV and back, and then add another 160TP 🙂

    Thanks again for this! Will be good to celebrate Turkey Day in USA this year!

  7. Thanks Paul – didn’t beat £922 but got £1,080 for my preferred dates for two (INV-LHR-JFK-LAX and LAX-BOS-LHR-INV).

    I’ve placed them on hold though will probably order in the next hour or two as i’m aware the “hold” feature is a bit of a chocolate teapot.

  8. Graham Walsh | 7 January 2019 at 5:50 pm | Reply

    Tried this for next month and no good, but for July it’s not bad as I might have to go to LAS. Shame I’ve not been confirmed yet to go.

  9. Presumably earn a hefty chunk of Avios on these for future use to discount the true cost even further?

  10. Question for you Paul – How much time would you leave to clear customs at JFK Terminal 8 and get the connecting flight from the same terminal? My understanding is you have to pickup and recheck your bag, and clear domestic security.

    Only reason I ask is a lot of the results I am getting allow around 90 minutes between connections.

    I’m not sure how much I trust American Airlines to honour the remainder of the ticket – or just smirk “you thought you could get from plane to plane in less than an hour”?

    • AA will look after you on one single ticket very well – is 90 mins long enough? How long is a piece of string? I’d do it, but others may not.

      • Thanks Paul – as predicted prices have gone up again this morning. Last night I did price up multi cities for £1,100 pp but each time I went to pay the price doubled. Luckily I had the one fair on hold to LAX via JFK and back by BOS on hold. All locked in, paid for and confirmed today – thanks to you and Michele – much appreciated.

  11. Thank you so much for this excellent email sale advice

    Booked two return INV-LAS in Club to attend a conference in Oct, LHR-LAS was coming up at over £3.5k per ticket, you have saved me a fortune and I get TP and will qualify for Silver again for the following year… Thank you

  12. Playing with dates – but I think the 45 min turnarounds at HEL might be a bit tight!

  13. Hi, I tried to check TP on BA site, but not getting 720 for INV-LHR-LAX return. How do you get 720 TP? Do you get bonus? Or you have to be already silver with BA? Thanks.

  14. Awesome deal. Just booked INV-LAS for £970 in November. I booked via the AA website and following booking it says ‘on request’ as needs to confirm with partner airline (BA). Should i contact reservations to push it through to the e-ticket confirmation or sit tight?

  15. Thanks Paul. Phoned up AA – problem with it showing my payment/ residence as US. Super helpful member of staff, sorted it out and took payment details again. all ticketed! whoop. cheers for the article

  16. Thanks for the tip! I managed to get £1020 for LA flight in October. One thing I read above was:

    If you book far enough in advance you are likely to get an AA schedule change which should allow you to add in the American Transcontinental flight between New York and Los Angeles / San Francisco

    Just wondered if you could elaborate on that a little? Cheers..

  17. You show the price of the routing in every screenshot except the 960TP one.
    What is the price ?!

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