EXTRA: Fancy Hawaii? Or just a very nice tier point run? 1080TP for £1500.

waikiki beach and diamond head

EDIT: This fare is now unavailable. 

It’s back.  Finally.

Iberia have filed a very nice fare out of Norway to the “other” Sunshine State! No, not Florida – Hawaii!

Its also very flexible in terms of routes and possible aircraft.

Let’s go over the boring stuff first.

Fare Rules

Travel dates are the usual, so the outbound transatlantic must be flown –

12th April to 22 April
27th June to 4th September
24th November to 30th November

A Saturday night stay is required, and the fare must be ticketed by the end of January.  Remember though book now and worry later!

The last and most important fare rule is the Transatlantic flight (Europe to the USA) must be on Iberia.  Iberia flight codes that is.

Possible Routes

So where and how?

Lets start with the quickest route –

Route 1

This would net you a nice 640TP.

Lets add in a few more hops…..

Route 2

A very tasty 920TP!

Now…. lets go over 1000!

Route 3


EDIT – Have managed to go higher!  1200TP on this one!

Now how about some different planes and routes?

Finnair Long Haul on the beautiful A350?

Route 4

Or Iberia?

Route 5

Don’t fancy the Domestic F seats on the Pacific leg?

Route 6

As you can see – very flexible!

Check out my ITA guides to do some magic yourself –

ITA Part 1

ITA Part 2


Put simply – You can’t!  The only way it may be possible would be to book and hope for a schedule change allowing you to possibly swap a BA coded flight in – not recommended.


This one is complex – it’s bookable online via Priceline but my first point of contact would be the team at Propeller Travel – check out our dedicated booking form herePropeller can also price this from the US in USD which is likely even cheaper still!  If quoting “routes from TLFL” please use the route number under each image.

Happy booking!

15 Comments on "EXTRA: Fancy Hawaii? Or just a very nice tier point run? 1080TP for £1500."

  1. ClaytonTheCruton | 12 January 2019 at 4:26 am | Reply

    All those itineraries beautifully laid out. I cannot lie this article is the sexiest thing I’ve read all year and it made my boy-buts tingle. The AVGeek in me grows ever stronger. and worries me more and more.

    Thanks for the amazing level of research. TLFL is clearly just going to continue building on it’s excellence in ’19

  2. Ate stopovers allowed?

  3. Hi, I am brand new to TLFL- this is my kinda site! Can I ask how you use Priceline to key up one of these? I tried the 1200 TP option, but Priceline only lets you select a set amount of flights on multi city…….how do you fit all the legs in? Thank you!

  4. Ha ha, thought that might be the answer! Thanks, will see what the damage is with them.

  5. Great article – thank you!
    How many tier points for route 6?

  6. I’m trying OSL-HEL-LHR-JFK-DFW-HNL return and am only calculating 880 tierpoints for a blue exec Club member? Is that right? (all sectors booked in I class)

  7. How do you get between AGP & MAD with those timings?

  8. Interesting, although some of the “layovers” to catch the next flight are extremely tight one was 50mins and another 1hr5mins… to disembark, clear the security hoop to embark, plus ofcourse for any baggage to make the connection!!
    I’ve had experience of “missing bags” several times on connections greater than 2hrs plus even on a long 5hr10min connection, mind you I add these were all on BA. Mphgaskell25

    • The tight connections are all domestic I believe – so walk off one plane and onto the next. Very easy in the USA!

  9. Very grateful for the insights on this site. I’ve booked option 1; am I correct in assuming we do not have to take all our luggage out on the positioning flight to Oslo to check it into the first leg of the itinerary above but that we can fly back to London with no hold luggage, stay at home that evening and then turn up at Heathrow the next morning for the second leg and check in the luggage then?

    • Yes that’s correct and the easiest way to do it. You can check luggage in at any point. The one thing you can’t do is a back to back with luggage as it can’t be tagged to and from the same location.

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