EXTRA: West Coast is back!! £1100 from the UK!

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Very similar to yesterday just from Manchester!  Price is slightly more but positioning from London or elsewhere should be a lot easier.

Check the main routes and details from yesterday here


Example – 


You can either see my guides to ITA and book with ITA –

ITA Matrix Part One

ITA Matrix Part Two

If you just want to do a direct booking you can book using British Airways here.


HT – My favourite Yeti.


18 Comments on "EXTRA: West Coast is back!! £1100 from the UK!"

  1. Can you add HEL into this to increase the tier points?

  2. You’re welcome :-p

  3. I don’t know a lot about Tier Points so I could be wrong about this, looking at the calculator would this journey alone be enough for BA Silver Status?

    MAN-LHR = 40 points, LHR-JFK=140 points JFK-SFO=140 points SFO-LAX=40 points and then double it for the return would be 720 points and 4 legs on BA metal.

  4. BlueHorizonUK | 8 January 2019 at 4:18 pm | Reply

    First Class is £1,800

  5. The first class wont price as its an error filing which is now fixed unfortunately as it will reprice to 3.5k

  6. Priced up Inverness to New York for £1,700 in First

  7. Something like this for South America or the Caribbean would be amazing…

  8. @BlueHorizonUK thanks, For some bizzare reason it keeps jumping back to 3.5k on ITA and BA website but the OTA is still pricing, Thanks

  9. Anyone else only seeing delta flights at these prices now?

  10. Trying to get a fare to LAS but nothing showing with decent Tier Points. This is a good opportunity to get Gold requal quickly. Looking for April if anyone is an expert with the matrix!

  11. Has this gone? I can’t get any less than £1.6k on Matrix

  12. I’m not getting anything, although I’m not an expert with the matrix. I was hoping for a big tier point haul!

  13. I think this might have been pulled – I’m getting £1390 for Manchester to LAX, even on the dates shown in your screenshot 🙁

  14. austriangranny | 9 January 2019 at 8:49 am | Reply

    is not working anymore

  15. On Monday, INV LAS was stalling at payment for “F” (£1700 each), and then it shot up on 3rd attempt to book by £1100 each, each way or something….….so I checked LAX – same. Decided to check SFO and got 2 x “F” for £1600 each (Oct travel)! Result!!

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