NEWS: Jersey relaxes entry rules, BA extends VeriFLY Covid pass and Israel to open to UK

Beauport Bay, St. Aubin, Jersey, Channel Island

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Jersey relaxes entry rules

10 Comments on "NEWS: Jersey relaxes entry rules, BA extends VeriFLY Covid pass and Israel to open to UK"

  1. After ignoring it for ages, I recently tried Verifly and it really was excellent, verification was automatic and took seconds and it unlocked my ability to check-in straight away. Definitely using it going forward!

  2. Wing It One World | 24 October 2021 at 9:47 pm |

    I use this in Budapest last week and it allowed me to confirm both passengers and then it allowed BA to check in online and get boarding pass, it’s a shame the gate staff are not up to same speed, we were forced to wait and see another checking agent. Who did not know much about it. It delayed us for around 15 minutes-at the gate, as they had started boarding Group 4 , 5 and 6. At least there was a lounge open and accepting BA passengers the other side of passport control in T2B. It can only get better. 🤞🏼

    • May I ask which lounge was open at BUD? OW site tells me T2B (non-Schengen) is still closed, but shows Platinum Lounge at T2A (which is new to me) accepting BA and QR pax.

    • You’d think after 6 months staff would be familiar with it! It’s a great idea but badly executed in many places.

  3. “Boarding passes can be downloaded ahead of arriving at the airport and customers travelling with hand luggage can head straight through security “

    Unless you’re in Malta, where they refuse to let you even enter security until someone from BA has done a visual inspection of all your paper documents and issues you with a paper boarding card. This means you’re trapped landisde for hours and can’t get to the lounge till staff turn up

    • Yes Malta are very odd about paperwork. They want to see everything on paper. I had the same.

  4. The late decision by the Israel gov was not soon enough to prevent us cancelling our November trip. We were triple vaccinated from early October! Idiotic loss of hospitality revenue.

  5. Airlines are investing a lot of money on apps like VeriFLY to get us moving again.

    Handling agents at overseas stations should not be allowed to scupper these investments by adopting their own unnecessary belt & braces procedures that, while preventing them making mistakes, make for an unacceptable airport experience.

    Infrequent travellers might think that this is the new norm, but others know it doesn’t need to be like this. Time to reinstate texts and emails requesting feedback to identify rogue stations? (I never thought I’d ever say that!!)

    • That’s a good point. I’d forgotten all about the survey texts! They really need to incentivise VeriFLY by having a VeriFLY lane everywhere and promoting that you can check in quicker.

  6. Wing It One World | 25 October 2021 at 3:43 pm |

    I asked the exact same question about Budapest, I went to the MasterCard lounge after security and they refused us and the lounge next door also refused us, so we have no choice but to go through passport control and then followed lounge signs. This lead to a lounge that had the BA airline along with other airlines, so not sure if it’s just a aspire lounge that let us in or if it’s the one world lounge. I agree it stated as closed and was pleased we found a lounge, quite good views as well I have to say. Good luck 🤞🏼 and here’s o BA trying to improve their customer service, can’t get much worse in my opinion to be honest.

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