News & offers: BA’s latest retro livery, New York from £812 and discount

A6TW3M BEA Vanguard aircraft G APEI on ground at London Heathrow Airport under mysterious slightly pink overcast daylight 1962 JMH2713

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British Airways announce next retro livery aircraft

British Airways has revealed the second design in its series of heritage liveries to mark the airline’s centenary – an Airbus 319 which will be painted in the colours of the airline’s short-haul predecessor, British European Airways (BEA).

Paul and I watched the first aircraft to be delivered last week – a B747 in British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) colours.

The A319, reg G-EUPJ, has now entered the IAC paint bay at Shannon Airport where it will be repainted with the BEA livery which flew predominantly on domestic and European routes between 1959 and 1968. However, there will be a significant difference with the replica; the aircraft will have a grey upper wing, rather than the traditional red, to meet current wing paint reflectivity requirements.

It will return to Heathrow and enter service in March flying across the UK and Europe, with the design remaining on the aircraft until it retires next year. The aircraft can be followed using tracking website Flightradar24, which will feature an exclusive image of the livery. It is expected to fly back to Heathrow on 3 March as BA9277E arriving at Heathrow at 2150.

It is also expected that BA will have Landor and Negus livery B747 aircraft too. You can follow all the developments on Twitter at @BAretrojets

New York business class from £809

Swiss business class sale

A330 business class in bed mode

EDIT: This has now gone sadly.

For pretty much the price of premium economy, you can fly to New York in business class on either Swiss, Austrian, Air Canada, United or Lufthansa. Yes, it’s from Milan but you could easily get there with a cheap reward flight saver on Avios or a cheap economy flight. The Lufthansa options include their new A350 from Munich. The flights obviously involve one stop in Europe or Canada mainly. You can credit the miles to any Star Alliance airline.

Lufthansa A350

Personally, I would opt for Air Canada as having the best business class seat as their B787 is on the Milan route.

Air Canada business class B787

The rules:

  • Book by 5 March
  • Travel: From Italy – 8 Feb 19 – 30 Jun 19 or 1 Nov 19 – 20 Dec 19 for each Transatlantic sector.
    To Italy – 8 Feb 19 -14 May 19 or 20 Aug 19 – 18 Dec 19 for each Transatlantic sector.
  • Non-refundable and non-changeable
  • Minimum stay 3 days or a Saturday night
  • Must be booked 28 days before departure
  • 5 transfers are allowed in each direction so you can play around with routeings if you are after miles

There is also a similar fare to Miami for just £1150.

You can book at Expedia or try Skyscanner for the cheapest online agents. If you want to do something more complicated or are struggling to book then contact our partners at Propeller Travel using the special booking request form. discount

I often use for hotel reservations for two reasons. Firstly most of their rates allow for cancellation which I much prefer plus you don’t usually have to pay in advance either. The other good reason is that when you create an account and log in, it will give you special prices. I often find that there are some fantastic bargains on that are much cheaper than anywhere else. It is not true all the time, but I have found many great deals this way.

If you use this special link, then you will receive £15 to your registered credit card once you have booked and stayed at the accommodation. The good news is that the minimum spend is £30 so it doesn’t need to be expensive and will be better than cashback unless you are spending more than £375.

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  1. I was surprised to see you recommending but then realised if someone does use your special link and receive £15 you also receive £15. Surely this should be mentioned somewhere in your blog but I can’t see it.

    • It clearly states in our disclosure that we receive commission on certain links. I personally use very regularly. We recommend lots of products, many of which we get nothing for. It is recommended for the reasons I state and because I think that the £15 off is a good deal with only a £30 minimum spend. You can read our affiliate link disclosure here or click on the disclosure link on the main menu.

    • Mandy
      Now aren’t you the peevish one here today. Are you really that bothered if michelle gets a few quid commission . Bet you have benefited repeatedly from the tips and points on her website.

  2. Has anyone found this fare? The best I can find is about £1100 in April or November

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Yesterday I could easily find *A deal MPX-NYC for the £800ish price on Google Flight. But today I cannot find the same. Maybe it’s gone…

  4. is the link still valid? tried to book earlier today, but didn’t finish because the flight was taking off. Now tried to book it again, but found that the banner in the re-directed page about £15 “cashback” has disappeared

  5. Gosh it infuriates me to no end when folks like Mandy who have nothing to contribute other than picking on people ‘potentially’ benefiting.
    If you are so self-righteous perhaps you shouldn’t be on ‘how to travel in luxury for cheap blogs !

    • It is a common theme for all bloggers. Everyone else is allowed to earn a living but so many people think that bloggers should just work for free! I have no idea why. Myself and the team take our recommendations seriously. I could probably earn more money in my hotel reviews if I said everything was great but that’s not how we want to operate hence the sometimes controversial reviews!

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