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Firstly an apology, to those readers who have emailed in over the last month or so. We still accept reader questions but sadly have been unable to answer as many emails as we would like. The blog has grown very rapidly over the last few months. This week we hit 2 million views and are now getting close to 250,000 views a month. This has led to a massive increase in emails and we are struggling to keep up!

Please do continue to write in if you have a question that may be of interest to other readers or have a very simple query. I will continue to endeavour to answer as many as I can. Due to the amount of work needed we are unable to give advice on individual flights prices for people or construct tier point run itineraries unless it would be of interest to other readers. Propeller Travel can help if you just want an itinerary priced up and we are working with Propeller to look at whether we could offer a tier point run advice service in the future. 10% off

You can get a 10% discount off at by entering the coupon code AFFGENUKQ1319. As usual, there are some exclusions and rules:

  • Booking dates: 14th – 27th Jan
  • Stay dates – 14th Jan – 23rd Jul
  • Most major chains are excluded
  • You must pay for your stay when you make the booking.
  • rewards cannot be collected or redeemed using the code


Lufthansa business class sale

Latest Lufthansa business class seats

Lufthansa would not usually be my choice of airline.  The business class seats are fine but they don’t all have aisle access and they are not particularly private if you are flying solo. However, Lufthansa are currently only one of 2 airlines flying the B747-800 along with Air China. This alone may be a reason for the B747 fans and avgeeks among us to consider this sale. The B747-800 is normally used on the Beijing and Hong Kong routes among others. The prices in the sale are actually pretty reasonable for UK departures and you can, of course, collect Star Alliance miles.

Prices start from:

• Shanghai £1,499
• New Delhi £1,499
• Beijing £1,699
• Buenos Aires £1,899
• Rio de Janeiro £1,899

  • Sales period: from 21st of January 2019 until 10th of February 2019
  • Travel period: from 11th of February 2019 until 4th of April 2019

The Lufthansa sale page is here.


Curve card update

I wrote about Curve’s future plans in this article. If you are not familiar with Curve, it is a type of debit card that you link your credit cards to and then get most foreign exchange transactions free amongst other benefits. 

Curve is currently only available to use with Visa and Mastercards but they have been trialling a small group of cards with Amex. As I wrote about earlier, this had some drawbacks such as having to top up your Curve card in advance of using Amex. You do not have to do this with the other card types making the Amex linking initially of limited benefit. Curve have issued an update on this trial and are now launching their new Curve Black benefits, Curve Metal and a subscription model – exclusively to the Beta testers. This information shows us what Curve have planned for these features in the future.

Curve have also launched new functionality to the Curve Amex Closed Beta App:

  • Auto top-up is now available
  • You can now add more than one Amex card
  • Balance calculation on your Amex wallet is now fixed
  • You can change your cards’ images and nicknames
  • You can delete any of your cards

Additional benefits to our new Curve Black proposition, which you can be the first to experience when you upgrade the app:

  • Add your Amex® cards
    with auto top-up and no fees for the first £1,000 per month
  • Unlimited Fee-free Spending
    on 200+ currencies, with access to the interbank rate
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance
    for you and your family with up to £15m medical coverage
  • Worldwide Gadget Insurance
    for your precious belongings including your current ones

When available to everyone in the coming weeks, the new Curve Black will be on a subscription-based service of £9.99 per month, without any fixed contract. All current Black card customers will have access to an introductory discount when it is launched. 

You can get £5 free – if you apply for a Curve card using the code VIMI4 you can get £5 of credit to spend as you wish on your first transaction with the card. You can find the offer page here. 

HT: Reader David who sent in the details

Hawaii deal update

Paul wrote about a great deal to Hawaii that is now no longer available. 

11 Comments on "News & offers: Lufthansa sale from £1,499, 10% off, Curve card update & reader questions"

  1. Does the travel insurance have any age limits?

  2. I have received one email offering the Metal Card with unlimited use of Amex for 15pounds per month

  3. Geek moment – don’t forget Korean Air flies the 747-800 too !

  4. To add to this, I am a current Beta tester and I have received the above emails. I reached out to Curve with some questions because I’m not keen on paying the £10 per month or £15 per month fee.

    Curve have told me that if you hold a current, paid (£50) Black card holder and do not upgrade to the new Black card (£10p.m. or Metal,) you will keep the current Black card benefits for free, excluding insurance and unlimited Amex, etc. If you upgrade to the paid card or the Metal card, you cannot go back to having the original Curve Black benefits for free.

    On that basis I will not be upgrading to either new tier.

  5. Regrettably the AmEx offering by curve is pretty useless. Prespend top up – an unnecessary nuisance; £10 a month to link your AmEx’s; limit if £1000 a month spend wont even buy one J class seat.
    If flying BA ex EU its cheaper and easier just to pay the 3% AmEx Fx fee or sacrifice the largely unusable Avios and use your Tandem card and get 0.5% cashback….imho.

    • It is a shame that they could not offer the same as for the other cards. It would only be worth the fee if you have a lot of foreign spend. Hopefully with the auto top up it will make it almost seamless. I certainly won’t bother until it is seamless.

  6. To add to Nigel’s post – the ‘legacy’ Black tier will (it seems) allow you to use Amex, but there will be a 2% fee on all Amex top-ups, assuming the email is correct. If true this will still be cheaper than using Amex with their own FX fee due to the better FX rate and lower fee.

  7. Re the travel insurance age, limit is 70.

    The maximum age limit for all benefits is 70 years inclusive. If you reach the age of 71 during the period of cover, cover will continue until the end of that period of cover but not thereafter.
    The maximum age limit for children covered under these benefits is 19 years inclusive, or age 19 to 21 if in full time education, at the commencement of a trip.
    Under Section N – Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver no cover will apply if you are under 21 or over 70 years of age.

  8. Thanks, John for your comment.

    Was just planning on upgrading to the Black Card £50 as the Lloyds Avios is coming to an end and do spend a lot of foreign currency and travel insurance and Amex doesn’t both me too much. Will do the upgrading hopefully today!

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