NEWS: So where can we travel now with or without a test? – UK changes + other countries new requirements

Paradise beach at Soufriere Bay with view to Piton at small town Soufriere in Saint Lucia, Tropical Caribbean Island.

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Where can we go now?

Normally I do a table of where we can visit from the UK, but with options waning, it is probably best to do it as a list! I have excluded most of the more obscure countries where there are no direct flights. 

As usual, the information was correct at the time of publishing but it is subject to short notice change. 


What’s new this week?

YOU CAN NOW GO HERE! – Stella Island Luxury Resort, Crete

Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City State will be removed from 4am Sunday 18 October. Crete will be added to the list of travel corridors at the same time. Have a look at this Maldives style hotel in Crete with overwater bungalows!


Where can you go without quarantine or testing either end?

  • Germany – depends on where you live (see below)
  • Sweden
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece except Mykonos for Scotland and England. Rules for Wales may differ. You may be required to take a test on arrival. 

*Except Scotland. For England and Scotland only Mykonos now requires quarantine. 

Bear in mind that given our rising rates of cases, these countries could change their minds.


weekend in Munich guide old town


Like Jersey, Germany is being pragmatic and dividing the UK into regions. If you come from a risk area as detailed below, you 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – the following regions and nations are considered risk areas:

  • England – East Midlands (since October 17)
  • England – North East Region (since October 2)
  • England – North West Region (since October 2)
  • England – West Midlands Region (since October 17)
  • England – Yorkshire and the Humber Region (since October 2nd)
  • Northern Ireland – Entire Nation (as of September 30)
  • Scotland – Entire Nation (as of October 2nd)
  • Wales – Entire Nation (as of September 30)
  • the British overseas territory Gibraltar (since August 26th)

You can look up the areas of risk for Germany on this official page. 

If you have been in the designated high risk areas in the two weeks prior to their arrival in Germany, you are required to proceed directly to your accommodation and quarantine for 14 days or until you can show evidence of a negative test result. Those who can provide evidence of a negative test taken in a European Union member state or a state with comparable quality standards less than 48 hours prior to arrival may be exempted from the requirement to quarantine. The requirements are a bit vague as it says “may be exempted” This advice is what is currently shown by the UK FCDO here. The official German page is here. 


What is the likelihood of these countries being removed from the travel corridor list?

Greece is still about the best bet for travel within Europe as rates are still low. The government’s strategy is unclear as they have allowed several countries to remain on the travel corridor list way beyond the 20/100,000 cut off. The good news is that this week they introduced the new quarantine requirements from Sunday. Therefore if you go Saturday to Saturday you are unlikely to have any changes in the status during your stay. Why they did not do this from the start I don’t know since most people travel at a weekend for holidays!




Where can you go with testing but no quarantine either end?


  • Cyprus
  • Azores
  • Faroe Islands
  • Jersey (varies by UK postcode what is required)
  • Madeira
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • St Lucia
  • Bermuda
  • St Vincent and Grenadines

Have a look at this article about Caribbean options.


Where can you go with partial quarantine on arrival (less than 7 days)?

Tallinn, Estonia old city skyline at dawn.

  • Barbados – only 2-3 days in a hotel or registered villa. Some hotels have a designated pool and/or restaurant for quarantine guests. 
  • Estonia
  • Jersey
  • Dominica
  • Seychelles – 4 -5 days in hotel before 2nd negative test results BUT not exempt from FCDO advise

To find out what are the requirements for each country in terms of testing, the best starting point is the FCDO advice exempt list which has links to all the countries’ requirements. It is also worth checking the tourist board for the country as well since requirements change regularly. 

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15 Comments on "NEWS: So where can we travel now with or without a test? – UK changes + other countries new requirements"

  1. Hi Michelle

    Jersey changes its rules as of September 28th when even UK travellers from ‘green’ postcode regions will have to quarantine until a negative test is confirmed – typically no longer than 24 hours.

  2. Can you do a list of countries you can’t visit full stop (e.g. USA)? That would be amazing. Thank you!

  3. Having just literally returned from Corfu, we found the Greeks were scrupulously clean in all bars, restaurants and in our hotel. I feel safer there than after touching done at LHR last night.
    Just a foot note: flew back in Club Europe on a BA321 NEO G-NEOY. Much much better than ageing A320 outbound.

  4. Was booked for Canada at Christmas, but it would be an understatement to say it’s unlikely right now. Third time I’ve tried to go there and not managed it for one reason or another!

    Maybe I should see if there are any good prices for St Lucia,

  5. Global travel looks like it will grind to a halt again not that it ever really got going again. Almost every country is breaching quarantine thresholds set by other countries, most countries have breached their own thresholds but I don’t see any countries changing the limits they originally set earlier in the year.

  6. Is travel to Maldives allowed?

  7. Wing It One World | 17 October 2020 at 8:15 am | Reply

    Poland ?? Paul Charles twitter states you need to quarantine upon arrival back in the UK.

  8. southlondonphil | 17 October 2020 at 8:17 am | Reply

    Poland is a NO as it requires 14 days quarantine on Return since 3rd October

  9. Another very helpful article. Thanks to your insights, I managed to have 3 holidays over the summer; Majorca, Poland and most recently Sicily. Could you by any change list countries where you can get a test on arrival rather than pay for it I’m UK? We just came back from Sicily and I’m told you can get it on arrival at the airport and results are available the next morning. Madeira I believe is similar. This would be very helpful as COVID tests availability is low in UK(and it’s expensive!).

  10. Can you drive to Germany via France & Belgium not stopping & not be subject to quarantine?

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