NEWS: When will British Airways and other lounges reopen?

BA Heathrow T5 club lounge review

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When will British Airways and other lounges reopen?

One of the questions I am getting asked a lot is, when will the BA lounges reopen. Currently, all BA lounges in the UK are closed. This was due to coronavirus restrictions. The rules change on 4 July allowing venues such as bars and restaurants to reopen. Most of the major paid lounges were due to open in the UK in  July, although I have not seen official opening dates for them. For example, the No 1 lounge at Gatwick South appears to be taking bookings from 21 July. However, neither Aspire or Plaza Premium appeared to be taking bookings in July. I’m guessing they may wait until the official announcements regarding the FCO advice and air bridges before making a decision. Companies are already seeing a huge surge in holiday bookings after some of the details were revealed in the press on Friday. 

No 1 lounges are busy adapting their lounge with extra measures:

  • Contactless reception – our team will still give you a warm welcome (at a distance) before you retreat inside
  • We’ve ensured there’s plenty of space to allow guests to relax in comfort and style
  • All buffet has been withdrawn, in favour of table service by our friendly and attentive team
  • We will be serving a new, high-quality, simplified menu of hot and cold food, which reduces interaction and minimises contact between our teams and with guests
  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the lounge for your peace of mind

It would appear that British Airways are gearing up to reopen some of their lounges soon. With AA moving into T5, that should mean that there are adequate passengers to justify reopening their lounges. According to a post on Flyertalk, lounge staff have been recalled to work from the beginning of July, but no set opening date has been revealed. Obviously, things are likely to be pretty different when they reopen and staff are being retrained at the beginning of July. I would expect similar to the No 1 measures. Individual portions of food, perhaps some food to order. Drinks may only be individual portions like onboard currently or could be to order. Hopefully, I can bring you further details soon.

BA T5 First lounge review

T5 First lounge Terrace

It sounds like the Concorde Room will remain closed until at least August, but that there will be a separate Concorde Room bar area within the First lounge on the terrace. My guess would be that only the South Complex would open initially as I can’t see them having the customers to justify more than that. 


9 Comments on "NEWS: When will British Airways and other lounges reopen?"

  1. Thanks for this update, very useful information.
    The glaring defect in BA’s service right now is the call centre. Do we have any indication when they will allow us to actually speak to someone so we can rebook using our vouchers? As things stand, BA seem to be happy collecting cash (ie. by website bookings) but currently we are getting little service in return…

  2. This article has made me think… when you’re on a cross channel ferry, parts of it (shopping, gaming machines) don’t open until after you’ve left the port – probably, more accurately, until you’ve entered international waters.

    Once you’ve gone airside at an airport, you’re not restricted to UK licensing laws (regarding times when alcohol are served for example).

    Does that mean that airside is, technically, international airspace? And, in turn, does that mean they don’t – technically – need to follow UK laws regarding any of the Covid-19 regulations?

    • That’s a good question. I will have to find out. Although I’m guessing they would anyway.

  3. The lounge in Terminal C at Tegel has reopened – fairly basic offering with everything individually wrapped, but still at least something…! And there was alcohol!

  4. happeemonkee | 29 June 2020 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    Any idea what lounge Virgin will use at Heathrow T2? Doesn’t look like T3 will be open any time soon

    • No predictions are not until next year. Virgin have not announced anything yet but I am sure there will be one of some sort. Such a shame not to visit the Clubhouse.

  5. David wakelin | 30 June 2020 at 12:56 pm | Reply

    A message reply just received from Aspire :
    Laura Hi David, The T5 Aspire Lounge will reopen on the 11th July !!

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