OFFER: Finnair UK sale from £1396 – get Avios & TPs, Air France/KLM UK sale from £879


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Finnair UK sale from £1396

The new UK Finnair promotion may seem a bit underwhelming compared to the current Qatar ex EU prices. However, for the ease of travelling from the UK with only one stop, they are worth considering. You earn Avios and Tier points on Finnair like Qatar, but most routes will work out as slightly less due to the routeing. When you factor in the cost of positioning and a hotel plus the extra time involved, some of the deals are still good value. The sale ends on 27 January. Travel dates vary by destination:

Bangkok | Krabi | Phuket: 1 February–30 November 2020. Return by 10 December 2020.
Beijing | Guangzhou | Hong Kong | Nanjing | Shanghai: 10 February–30 November 2020. Return by 30 November 2020.
Busan: 30 March–30 June 2020. Return by 30 June 2020.
Delhi: 27 January–27 May 2020. Return by 10 June 2020.
Seoul: 1 February–31 May 2020. Return by 31 May 2020.
Singapore: 18 February–14 May 2020. Return by 25 May 2020.
Xi’an: 23 April–4 September 2020. Return by 4 September 2020.

The Finnair A350 business class is a good product with very similar seats to Qatar. You can read my review here.

finnair northern lights theme business class cabin

A350 business class with Northern lights mood lighting. 


If your priority is a direct flight to Asia and you want Avios your best bet is British Airways from Heathrow, but it is likely to be the most expensive. The old Club World cabin isn’t that great either, as the seats are a bit dated and not many have direct aisle access or are stepped over by your neighbour. You will also earn fewer tier points and Avios but you should get there quicker. 

If you don’t mind a connecting flight and are trying to get extra Avios and/or tier points, then either Qatar or Finnair are good options. See below for the tier point and miles comparison. Assuming the pricing was similar, which would I choose? If there was no difference in aircraft type or price then I would go for Qatar as I find the seats more comfortable, although very similar. However, Qatar’s onboard food and drink is definitely superior.

Tier point and Avios Comparison

The comparison takes London-Singapore return in business class as an example and assumes you do not have any more than blue status in the BAEC:


Tier points 140 x 4 = 560

Miles = 17778


Tier points 160+160 = 320

Miles – 14402


Tier points 80+140+140+80= 440

Miles = 17238

The best prices in the sale from the UK are:

  • Bangkok £1,698
  • Beijing £1,396
  • Delhi £1,548
  • Guangzhou £1,496
  • Hong Kong £1,545
  • Krabi £1,649
  • Phuket £1,648  
  • Seoul £1,659
  • Shanghai £1,496 

You can find the Finnair sale page here.


KLM/Air France UK sale from £879

The latest Air France/KLM sale has just launched and is bookable until 21 January 2020.

KLM are steadily improving their onboard product and are a much better proposition than they were a few years ago.  The main thing to be wary of is the variation of long-haul business class seats, but at least they all have flatbeds now.

KLM A330 new business class seats

The best offering is currently the B787 with the reverse herringbone seats. Next, are the B747s that have been fitted with the new seats which do have some single window seats. Finally, there is the A330 in a 2-2-2 configuration.  The A330s have a 206cm fully flat beds and an HD quality entertainment with an 18″ screen.

air france B787 dreamliner business class review

Business class seat on Air France B787

For Air France long-haul business class you need to be a bit wary. Air France’s old seats are angled lie-flat with 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 configuration (B777). Most of their B777s and A330s now have the new seats. They do also have B787s that all have the new seats. You can tell which seats an aircraft has by the configuration. The new seats have a 1-2-1 configuration. Air France have also just taken delivery of their first A350. You can view the seat map as part of the booking process on the Air France website.

Petra in Jordan

The sale is not as good as some of the previous UK sales but here are the best value fares:

  • Delhi £1429
  • Bengaluru £1429
  • Beijing £1564
  • Chengdu £1564
  • Bangkok £1799
  • Mumbai £1635
  • Seoul £1539
  • Tokyo £1874
  • Amman (Jordan) £879
  • Beirut £969
  • Dubai £1334
  • Abu Dhabi £1244
  • Quito £1390
  • Bogota £1390

Prices vary between the two websites with KLM usually slightly cheaper. You can find the business class KLM sale page here and the Air France business class sale page here.

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