OFFERS: Best business class fares – Hawaii from £1515, Australia from £2662, Dubai from £777 and more

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Air fares are currently much higher than usual due to the high demand and lack of staff to put on extra flights. The UK is generally worse than most of Europe, so it’s worth considering starting elsewhere to save a considerable amount of money. At the moment I’d be building in an overnight stop between the main booking and positioning flights due to the volatility of the schedules.

If the fare allows stopovers then you could consider flying the positioning flight, then the first leg back to the UK for BA fares that have the routing via Heathrow. You can then can take your time to start the rest of the trip.

If you need help with building complex itineraries then our partners GTC can help.


Long haul

phoenician hotelThe Phoenician Hotel, A Luxury Collection hotel in Scottsdale near Phoenix, Arizona

The Sydney deal is a good one as both are decent airlines. Oman Air are particularly good, you can read my review here. 


Short haul

Catania with Mount Etna towering behind it

London to:

160 tier point destinations with British Airways

  • Catania £264 (Sept/Oct) Read my guide to a short break in Catania here. 
  • Athens £352
  • Funchal, Madeira £382
  • Istanbul £338 Nov to May
  • Reykjavik £284 
  • Malta £358
  • Sofia £222
  • Mykonos £382 (May 23)

Others destinations all BA:

  • Luxembourg £158 (tier point break guide here)
  • Jersey £198
  • Inverness £146
  • Hamburg £216
  • Edinburgh £156
  • Copenhagen £210
  • Bologna £209
  • Venice £214
  • Prague £212

Unless stated otherwise available from October 22 onwards. Try BA’s low fare finder to find the cheapest dates. 


14 Comments on "OFFERS: Best business class fares – Hawaii from £1515, Australia from £2662, Dubai from £777 and more"

  1. May be just me but I can’t see the Hawaii information in the main content of the post.

  2. I can’t see the Luxembourg tp guide link in the article – please can you share it

  3. The biggest danger that worries me, which you allude to, is getting to your ex-EU starting point. One night at the start point is not much safer than going on the day if you take the last flight of the day, or if there is only one flight a day.

    I’d choose somewhere with several flights a day, not plan to take the latest one, maybe plan on more than one night and have a plan B – like a cheap flight with another airline or an alternative way to position.

  4. Steve Sweeney | 15 June 2022 at 8:30 am | Reply

    Hello Michele
    I have tried to find these fares, I know it has been done in the past
    But is there any chance you could provide a link to the tutorial showing how
    to find these fares.

  5. Mark McKeown | 15 June 2022 at 9:02 am | Reply

    Hi Michelle,

    I will admit to not knowing the term ‘positioning flight’ – but I do now!

    Instead of moaning about BA, I took your advice and voted with my feet. I’m now flying business class to Singapore with SQ from FRA. (and onward to AKL). Thank you for the nudge.

    One question. I understand LH partner SQ, so on LH from LHR, hold luggage can be checked through to SIN.Do you know if BA out of LHR also partner with SQ out of FRA? I’m possibly less risk averse than others and prefer to go for a shorter connection.

    Thanks in advance.

    • BA don’t partner with LH and will not even check through luggage on two separate tickets on BA! So you’d definitely be better with LH.

  6. I just used your very helpful link to suss out european travel options for Sept/Oct. It takes you straight to the BA Discover page which list venues and prices by continent. Prices are very high for all but a few dates in Malta/Catania/Palermo at £700-900 on most dates but we found £630 return Palermo. We then rang the Gold line as they have been so useful in the past in constructing points/avios flights at good times of day. However they are clearly no longer interested in sales so having listened to endless guff about how they were putting existing customers first I rang off after 10 minutes.

    Such a shame because for those of us who are not internet wizards with computers side by side to show both outward and return on different pages the gold line used to be a jewel in the BA crown…..but no longer. It makes continuing to fly BA more and more questionable, as so many other frequent travellers have said here!

  7. I tried to look for flights with Malaysian – Paris to SYdney but think Malaysian do not fly from Paris

    We would really like to go to Sydney in October- was that an error?

    Oman Air would be great too but have they joined Oneworld yet?

    Thank you

    • The flight is with Oman air from Paris then Malaysian for the final leg. You have to book through specific travel agents as shown. It won’t show up on the airlines website. No Oman air are not part of OW yet so you would not get Avios or tier points for those flights.

  8. Which destination does this refer to:

    £685 Swiss/Lufthansa

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