OFFERS: Etihad sale £1249 business class to South Africa and Miles bonuses or discounts with Etihad, Emirates and Finnair

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Etihad sale

Etihad’s new business class sale is very average at best from the UK but there are a couple of real bargains to South Africa on ex EU departures. You must book by 3 June but you can travel until 30 November 2022. The UK deals only appear to be available from Manchester for some reason. Etihad has a pretty good business class product with their Business Suite. You can read recent reviews of flights with them here and here.


Miles bonuses and discounts with Etihad, Emirates and Finnair


New Finnair A350 business class

While Finnair has some cheap prices for flights, it could also be worth looking at whether it’s worth miles to upgrade if you collect Amex Membership Rewards points since they are a transfer partner to make it even better value. Finnair have a great new business class service and seat which you can read about here.If you need to top up the Finnair miles, there is an offer currently for up to a 30% discount and up to 30% more points. 

With the Finnair Plus 30th anniversary offer you need to buy award points between 17–31 May.

Points can be used for booking award flights, upgrading travel classes,  shopping at Finnair Shop (for those gorgeous Iitalla glasses!), and for purchasing services from partners. You can also use award points for reaching a higher Finnair Plus tier by converting award points to tier points. 

Points purchased: Discount and bonus rate: 
6,000–49,000 points 10% discount and 10% bonus
50,000–99,000 points 20% discount and 20% bonus 
100,000–200,000 points30% discount and 30% bonus 

As long as you have one transaction every 18 months (including purchasing points) your award points don’t expire. 

You can find the offer page here.



From 24 May to 1 June, 2022, there is an offer for up to 45% Bonus Miles with every BuyMiles purchase. For purchases from 4000 miles up to 40,000 miles you get a 15% bonus and for purchases 41,00 miles and above you get the full 45% bonus. Again they are an Amex Membership Rewards partner. 

The Maximum miles that a member can purchase in a calendar year is based on their Membership Tier at the time of making a purchase. For Platinum members the maximum is 150,000, and for Bronze, Silver and Gold Tier members the maximum is 100,000 Etihad Guest Miles. 

You can find the page here.



Emirates A380 business class seat in bed mode

The good thing with Emirates points is that they can be spent on quite a few other airlines including Jet Blue. Jet Blue is a great alternative to redeeming on Virgin or BA as the taxes and charges from the US can be incredibly low – under £10 one way! BA and Virgin can charge as much as £1000 to fly from the US on miles. The miles needed are a bit more than BA or Virgin at 68,000 miles one-way business class but the lack of taxes can make up for the difference. It’s a handy way to get back if you can’t find availability on another airline or just want a one way ticket. Obviously you can book a return flight too. 

Emirates are offering a discount of up to 35% when you buy or gift miles by 27 May 2022. They are also an Amex Membership Rewards partner. 

If you buy 6000 to 45,000 miles you get 15% off and 35% off with a purhcase of 46,000 miles or more. You can buy up to 100,000 Skywards Miles this year.

You can find the offer page here.