OFFERS: Exclusive TLFL reader offer – 20% off Reward Flight Finder membership

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TLFL exclusive reader offer – 20% off Reward Flight Finder membership

Reward Flight Finder has teamed up with TLFL to offer an exclusive, one-off 20% discount on annual memberships to TLFL readers and subscribers. This applies to Silver and Gold memberships, for a limited period of 21 days from 16 September. 

If you have trouble finding flights for your destination using Avios or perhaps have Avios you are struggling to use, then the easiest way to find the flights you want is to use a special service such as Reward Flight Finder (RFF). 

With many people sitting on BA Amex companion vouchers they are struggling to use before expiry, there has never been a better time to get some expert help finding your business or first class Avios flights. Flight prices for long haul travel are extremely high, so it’s the perfect time to use Avios to keep the costs down as well as increasing flexibility if you want to change or cancel your flights. 


What is Reward Flight Finder?

RFF was the original BA Avios seat-finding website and gives you a simple way to find Avios seats. 


What makes it different to similar services?

RFF is focussed solely on Avios redemptions as this is what most people want to search for. That way, RFF can offer members the service features, news and travel tips they really want.


How do I use RFF?

You search the route you want and can select to see all available seats or one particular class. You can also highlight off-peak dates too.

The search results will show you an entire year’s worth of Avios availability. For example, searching Cape Town, I can see that next September, there are still dates with 4 seats in business class available.


What else does RFF offer?

Where can I go?

I really like the map feature, which is only available to Silver and Gold members. This allows you to put in the dates you can travel, what class you want, and it will show you all the BA flights available on Avios for those dates. Great if you struggle to use your Avios. It’s also useful if you are trying to get to a particular place but can’t and want to look at alternatives.

It saved my bacon a while ago when I was trying and failing to get to Miami at the last minute but managed to find flights to Atlanta instead, which was an easy connecting flight away from Miami. 


Setting alerts

With RFF, you can check the full year of availability for any route in one search. If your dates aren’t available, you can set up a simple alert to be notified when they become available. With Reward Flight Finder, they check your desired seat availability daily, hourly or multiple times per hour depending on the plan you choose. With this frequency, you increase your chances of finding your seats. With Gold membership, you can even get SMS texts to alert you to new seats, meaning you are less likely to miss out. 

For very popular places if you don’t book seats when they are released at D-355 it can be very difficult to secure them. However, availability does change constantly, but if you are just searching periodically on, the chances are you will miss out on finding seats when they are released again. 

To create an alert, first make a search for the flights you want. Then you will see an option near the top of the results page to create an alert.


Which level of membership do you need?

There are two levels of membership included in our exclusive offer:

Silver membership – was £2.49 a month now £1.99 a month billed annually

Silver membership includes:

  • Unlimited reward seat searches
  • Get reward seat Alerts within 1 hour
  • Worldwide Map tool
  • Set up to 5 Alerts at once
  • Get email Alerts

You can sign up for silver membership here with the 20% discount.

It should show you the reduced price automatically once you sign in or create your account. Silver membership costs £23.99 for a year, a saving of £6 for TLFL readers.


Gold membership – was £4.16 a month, now £3.33 a month billed annually

  • Unlimited reward seat searches
  • Get instant reward seat Alerts
  • Worldwide Map tool
  • Set up to 20 Alerts at once
  • Get email Alerts
  • Get SMS Alerts

It should show you the reduced price automatically once you sign in or create your account. Gold membership costs £39.99 for a year, a saving of £10 for TLFL readers.

You can sign up for gold membership here with the 20% discount


Terms and conditions

  • The discount applies to sign-ups to Annual products only.
  • This cannot be used on monthly membership sign-ups.
  • This discount will only be available for three weeks from 16 September.
  • Each user can only use the discount once to sign up once.
  • The discount only applies to the first year of membership (a one-off payment). After that, you must pay full Silver Annual and Gold Annual price.  
  • You can still get the discount if you are already a member but don’t have an annual Silver or Gold membership. 
  • You are not eligible for the offer if you already have a Silver or Gold annual membership. 

Still not sure? You can read the reviews on Trustpilot here.




12 Comments on "OFFERS: Exclusive TLFL reader offer – 20% off Reward Flight Finder membership"

  1. i used t use them, but seatspy was quicker at emailing me results…. also getting caught scrapping seatspy data kind of reinforced the fact that seatspy has better data/feeds…..

  2. I paid for a Gold membership with a discount and now wish I hadn’t.
    I had trouble logging into my account and kept writing to Support who took several days to reply to me. (It was hard to find an email address for Support in the first place)
    I set up an alert for LHR – Washington and had a message saying the alert had been set up. Yesterday I thought that it must be about the date when I should have received alerts from RFF but nothing had arrived.
    I went onto the BA site to find the business class flights I wanted still there – thankfully I managed to book my outbound leg.
    I have no faith in RFF at all and have written to support to ask for my money back.
    I will go back to SeatSpy who worked really well before – it’s just that I thought I would give RFF a chance and see what they can do.

  3. I joined RFF earlier this year and have no complaints at all. I find the service reliable and their content is improving all the time. Being BA focussed, the content is really relevant and useful. Comments re scraping show ignorance. Everyone in travel scrapes or has scraped at some point, including Seatspy.

  4. I much prefer RFF to Seatspy. I was with RFF from 2019, then switched to Seatspy, but they had loads of data problems in 2021, then they removed the free membership and increased their pricing despite the poor service. So went back to RFF. Simpler, easier & just BA. Really who cares about Croatia Airlines, Lot Airlines and KLM? Not many in the UK. Plus RFF’s content is far superior.

  5. I use RFF already. They were recommended to me by BA reservations staff last May when I complained about the poor functionality of the BA site. It was they who suggested setting up an alert on RFF, something you can’t do with BA. I used an alert to find a flight from the US to London in June and just used them again to return to London for the Queen’s funeral.

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