OFFERS: Lufthansa & Swiss companion sale – Business class from £599 and First class from £1799

Lufthansa First

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The Lufthansa/Swiss group are now advertising their latest companion sale. These fares are great value but you need to consider a couple of things.

  • Firstly, the group insists on no fabric masks onboard, only surgical masks or those conforming to certain standards such as N95. This is putting me off them as I have two very expensive fabric masks that have N95 filters but I don’t fancy arguing with them and not being allowed to wear them. Nor do I fancy having to wear some of the disposable masks I have tried that are N95 etc as they have not been very comfortable.
  • Secondly, transmitting through a second country obviously adds complexity with travel restrictions. Obviously, if you are booking for towards the end of 2021 it is likely to be less of an issue. Germany currently has strict rules on entry from the UK. 
  • Finally Lufthansa and Swiss have possibly been one of the worst airlines for refunds. Both Roving Reporter and Paul have had to open credit card disputes to get their money back. 

On the plus side, the first class experience on both airlines is great, particularly at these prices. 

Throne seat

Here are the dates you need to know:

  • Travel dates  30 June 2021 to 13 June 2022
  • The sale is on until 20 July 2021

The sale is available from multiple starting countries. In the UK you can depart from Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Here are a selection of some of the UK fares with the total cost for two people:

Origin*DestinationBusiness Class for
2 passengers**
First Class for
2 passengers**
LondonAmmanfrom £ 1,399
LondonBangkokfrom £ 2,599from £ 4,199
LondonBarbadosfrom £ 2,999
LondonBogotafrom £ 2,399from £ 3,799
LondonBombayfrom £ 2,399from £ 3,999
LondonBuenos Airesfrom £ 2,599from £ 4,199
LondonCairofrom £ 1,199
LondonCape Townfrom £ 2,599from £ 4,199
LondonDelhifrom £ 2,399from £ 3,999
LondonDubaifrom £ 1,999from £ 3,599
LondonHong Kongfrom £ 2,599from £ 4,199
LondonJamaicafrom £ 2,999
LondonSao Paulofrom £ 2,599from £ 4,199
LondonSingaporefrom £ 2,599from £ 4,199
LondonTel Avivfrom £ 1,199

The offer is also valid for many other worldwide destinations and departure points.

Countries that are offering sale prices are:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway 
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden

You can fly on Lufthansa or Swiss. I would go for Swiss myself as the aircraft as their B777 business class seats are definitely better than Lufthansa with a lot more privacy. You can read our review of the Lufthansa business class here. Swiss alternate between solo and pair of window seats. Lufthansa is 2-2-2 for the whole cabin.

new Lufthansa business class

Current Lufthansa business class

The only thing to bear in mind is that if you are traveling solo and don’t have status, the Swiss solo “throne seats” come at a charge of around £160 per leg! Personally, I would go for the middle seats at least one way than pay over £300 for seat selection!

Swiss First Class sale

Swiss First class

For first class either airline has a great product. Lufthansa has the edge in terms of the ground product in normal times with a separate First class terminal and the chance to be driven directly to the aircraft. The Swiss seats are more private and a bit more stylish. 

You can book direct with Swiss here or find the cheapest online travel agent price with Skyscanner.

10 Comments on "OFFERS: Lufthansa & Swiss companion sale – Business class from £599 and First class from £1799"

  1. Fabric masks do not protect people no matter what filter you have in them , hence why the airlines do not accept them

    I’m a nurse in intensive care trust me you don’t want covid and you should reconsider your mask choices

    • So how is a fabric mask that is certified as being N95 not better than a surgical mask? I have one that has five layers made of the same material as a normal N95 mask but with a separate fabric outer layer that keeps it in place and another that has layers inside the mask. Both have layers of material that have been shown to kill viruses including Covid as well. If they are certified to a certain standard how can they be worse than a surgical mask that doesn’t fit nearly as closely and only has 3 flimsy layers?

  2. Why not wear a surgical mask over your regular mask, you are making yourself safe but just don’t look so fancy

    • I am immune compromised. I do not take chances with my health. I could not care less what the mask looks like. I really wish people would stop assuming that all fabric masks are a flimsy piece of cloth. The masks I buy are absolutely nothing to do with how they look. They were specifically purchased due to the high level of protection they offer as they have 5 layers of filtration and are equivalent to N95 as well as having a specific fabric that destroys viruses including Covid which is similar to what they are using in Airports etc. They are many many times safer than a flimsy surgical mask that has 3 layers and doesn’t fit properly.

  3. I agree with Mario – the fabric masks with the N95 filter only protect you from what you breath in as they’re predominantly designed for high levels of particulates such as car fumes and smog; they don’t protect others from your breath as the filter lets everything you breath, out. It’s only a one way filter – inwards.
    There are some very comfy N95 disposable masks – we’ve got boxes from Costco, order online and get them delivered; very comfy.
    As for refunds, I’ve had a fab experience with both airlines for getting money back or flights moved. I booked companion fares way back in 2019/2020 before all this shenanigans, and got a swift refund from Swiss when they changed the flights and have recently moved my F fare to South Africa with LH, way out to next June, without any fare or tax difference!
    Would I take a chance and book another of these fares even though I’m sorely tempted? Not at the moment! Maybe next year when things start to settle down.

    • But both you and Mario and lumping all fabric masks together. The one that many people use has an N95 type part like a disposable one that covers your nose and mouth with a fabric outer layer that keeps it firmly in place. All fabric masks are not created equal. There are several on the market that have multiple layers of special treated fabric that give them far more protection than a surgical mask.

      • I agree, surgical masks offer little personal protection, this has been shown by the recent Cambridge study. Ward staff issued such masks had much higher rates of covid infection than those in higher risk areas who wore FFP3 masks. However the key to an effective mask for personal protection is a good seal around the nose and mouth. This is where fabric masks may fall down. This is why ‘fit testing’ is crucial.

  4. Nothing wrong with fabric masks.

    As we all know masks give you little protection from catching the virus anyway.

  5. I think there are blackout dates with this – it looks like Easter school holidays are not included. Singapore in business class is still 2 grand.

  6. Peter Wrigglesworth | 1 July 2021 at 6:45 pm |

    Hi , do you have a link from MAN first class, I’m not getting anything near the prices quoted in the article. Many thanks .

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