OFFERS: Qatar/oneworld super easy status match – ENDS 20 May and Marriott buy points best ever offer

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Qatar status match – ends 20 May

If you are worried about losing your BA status with their current lack of a blanket renewal, this could be a solution if you have status elsewhere. Depending on your level of status elsewhere it could allow you to keep getting perks such as lounge access and extra luggage etc.

You will need to have status with Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines or Virgin Australia. You must send the documents by 23.59 20 May 2020 Doha time which is 21.59 in the UK. This will then give you 12 months of status with Qatar and the chance to renew for another 2 months for much less tier points than usual.

To renew you will need:

One thing to be wary of is that the Qatar status levels are not the same as BA in terms of oneworld equivalent, so you need to get Gold status to access lounges:

  • Qatar QMiles Silver = Oneworld Ruby or BA Bronze
  • Qatar QMiles Gold = Oneworld Sapphire or BA Silver and means business class lounge access
  • Qatar QMiles Platinum = = Oneworld Emerald or BA Gold and means first class lounge access


How to request a status match

Request your Qatar Airways Privilege Club status match with two steps:

1.     Join Qatar Airways Privilege Club by visiting

2.    Email your last two months’ statements and a copy of your frequent flyer membership card from selected airlines, along with your Qatar Airways Privilege Club membership number to [email protected]with the subject line “Privilege Club Status Match”

Your membership status match request will be reviewed, and approval sent within 10 business day.

The status you will get is roughly the same so silver to silver etc. However, it does say that Qatar reserve the right to choose what status you get.

You can find more information here.


Marriott buy points best ever offer

In a bid to get hold of our cash, airlines and hotels are offering large bonuses for buying miles and points. Marriott has just launched their best ever offer with a 60% bonus (previously maximum bonus was 50%) on points purchased or gifted. Usually, the number of points that a member can buy or be gifted in any calendar year is capped at 50,000. This has been doubled to 100,000 for the sale i.e. you can buy 50,000 for yourself plus bonus and 50,000 for someone else. Don’t forget you can transfer 100,000 points for free to someone. 

As an example, if you buy 32,000 points and get a 19,200 bonus it will cost you $400 or around £327. If you buy the maximum of 50,000 plus a 30,000 bonus it will cost you $625 or £511.

There are a couple of conditions to be aware of:

  • Base points purchased will be deposited into members’ accounts first. Bonus points will be deposited up to 48 hours after that initial deposit.
  • A new member may purchase points thirty (30) days after enrollment if their Marriott Bonvoy account shows qualifying activity  (such as transferring Amex reward points)
  • After ninety (90) days from enrollment, a new member is eligible to purchase points regardless of their account activity.
  • The offer runs until 30 June 2020


So should you buy them?

Langley hotel

As you know, I don’t tend to value points at a specific price as it all depends on what you spend them on! It is definitely going to be cheaper for some high-end hotels to pay with points that you have bought rather than cash. However, it does mean tying up your cash for a certain amount of time when travel is pretty uncertain. If we take the example above with buying 51,200 to get a room at The Langley hotel (read our staycation review here) it would cost £406 to get a standard room on a weeknight in August with a flexible rate. If you booked with points it would cost 50,000 or around £327 a night. So in many cases, it is cheaper to buy the room with purchased points if you want flexibility. 

However, Marriott have a free cancellation policy for new reservations for any future arrival date, including reservations with pre-paid rates, until 30 June  2020. They will allow the reservation to be changed or cancelled at no charge up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date. In this case, the Langley Pre-Paid rate is £365 so the points still work out cheaper. However, if you are planning to book by the end of June then you need to compare the pre-paid rate.

Personally I would not buy unless you have something specific in mind you want to book soon and know it would be cheaper.  Nobody knows what hotel rates will do once travel starts properly again, so you could find yourself with a load of points and lots of cheap room rates that make them a more expensive choice. 

The other option is to look at whether it makes sense in terms of airline miles. If you transfer 60,000 points into miles you get a 5,000 mile bonus. Again given the uncertainty about many airlines, I would not be doing this unless it was just to top up my Marriott points to reach 60,000. I would not buy them on speculation unless I had to. 

You can find the offer page here.

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  1. May be worth specifying 11:59pm or 23:59 for the time – and 23:59 Doha is 21:59pm here.

    However, if you follow the link, it says the promotion has expired already! Maybe they meant 00:01 on 20th May? 🙁

  2. I tried the status match with Qatar Airways – just got a reply saying I was already BA Gold/Emerald so I have not been status matched 🙁

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