OFFERS: What are the best flights deals up to summer 2021? Europe from £151, Long haul from £971

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Yesterday I looked at some good deals to the Caribbean from the UK in business class with BA. Today I will take one of my regular looks at all the current business class deals. Most of these deals are available for travel in 2021 and a lot are covered by some sort of travel with confidence guarantee which allows changes or vouchers in lieu of a refund. Make sure you read the small print carefully each time you book as they do change quite frequently.

Obviously there is a bit of a minefield with what countries will have restrictions in place next year, but I would hope in a years time that there will either be a vaccine, a reasonable cure or at least an agreed way to allow travel safely between the majority of countries using a combination of methods. If airlines offer a holiday option to add accommodation, this can be a cheaper way to book with less money at risk if they allow a low deposit. 



top 5 things to do in venice free flights


There are still some very reasonable deals to Europe, in particular, Italy which has consistently had one of the lower rates of COVID for the last couple of months. 

Prices with British Airways in Club Europe return start from:

  • Venice £166
  • Rome £211
  • Pisa £205
  • Milan (good for Lake Garda) £151
  • Geneva £213
  • Caligari £233
  • Madeira £317 (160 TPs return)
  • Budapest £246
  • Catania £246 (160 TPs return)
  • Dubrovnik £252

You can book direct with British Airways here or find the cheapest online travel agent price with Skyscanner.


The Middle East, Africa and Asia deals

The Buenos Aires Cabildo located in Plaza de Mayo

  • Madrid departure
    • Tokyo £1393 Qatar Airways
    • Tel Aviv £367 Swiss/Lufthansa 
    • Johannesburg £1433 Qatar
    • Sao Paolo £971 TAP 
    • Buenos Aires £1141
  • Venice departure
    • Maldives £1496 Qatar
    • Bangkok £1481 Qatar
    • Tokyo £1474
  • Oslo departure
    • Singapore £1298 Qatar
  • Stockholm
    • Singapore £1298 Qatar
    • Johannesburg  £1285 Swiss/Lufthansa 
  • London
    • Abu Dhabi £1366 BA
  • Amsterdam 
    • Bangkok £1145 Swiss/Lufthansa 
    • Phuket £1230 Swiss/Lufthansa 
    • Singapore £1235 Turkish
    • Bali £1557 Qatar
    • Dubai £998 Swiss/Lufthansa 
    • Seychelles £1660 Qatar
    • Johannesburg  £1285 Swiss/Lufthansa 
    • Sao Paolo £1193 Swiss/Lufthansa 
    • Rio de Janeiro £1273 TAP

How to book:


North and South America



  • Amsterdam
    • Cancun £1217 TAP
    • Miami £1260 TAP
    • Curacao £1534 KLM
  • Dublin
    • Los Angeles £1286 AA/BA
    • San Francisco £1286 AA/BA
    • Phoenix £1286 AA/BA
    • Portland £1286 AA/BA
    • Nashville £1241 AA/BA
    • New Orleans £1241 AA/BA
    • Miami £1241 AA/BA
    • Cancun £1286 AA/BA
  • Sofia
    • Los Angeles £1123 AA/BA
    • San Francisco £1123 AA/BA
    • Toronto £1106 AA/BA
    • Chicago £1123 AA/BA
    • Miami £1123 AA/BA
    • Vancouver £1307 BA
  • Paris 
    • San Francisco £1162 Aer Lingus
    • Phoenix £1233 AA/BA
    • New York £1102 Delta
    • Miami £1255 AA/BA

How to book:



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  1. Tony Selman | 19 August 2020 at 7:42 am |

    If things go according to plan I will need 170 points to renew Silver in the early part of next year. I have booked an overnight to Tirana in late March for £217 in CE and 160 points. Pretty hard to beat that for 160 points. I did consider a back to back but was not sure how feasible that would be with immigration and security and as a nice hotel in walking distance of the airport was a princely £28 I thought I would do that and have a look round the next morning. Three hour taxi tour for 25 euros is hard to beat as well. Can always cancel if things do not work out so worth a punt I thought. Not sure how I will get the extra 10 points yet.

    • Sounds like a great trip! B2B to Newquay for 10tps could be a very quick and simple option.

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