About us

Welcome to Turning Left for Less. Turning left for less is a website focused on bringing you regular features on travelling in luxury for less.  We like to make sure you get value for your hard earned money when you spend it on travel. Something that seems a steal may not be really a bargain if you are getting an inferior product. The website features the latest news and offers on luxury travel for flights, hotels, loyalty programs and more. We will also regularly review luxury hotels, business and first class flights plus have destination features to whet your appetite for luxury travel.

There are so many websites to trawl through and email subscriptions to register for now when looking for a holiday. We aim to amalgamate all the best tips for luxury travel bargains. We do the research so you don’t have to! Make sure you subscribe to Turning left for less so you don’t miss an offer.

Meet the Team

Michele – Founder & Editor

Michele RobsonMy name is Michele and I have spent the last 23 years working in the travel industry.  My husband also works in the travel industry. All this has fueled my travelling habit into something of an obsession! This along with my taste for the finer things in life has necessitated finding the cheapest way to indulge my habit. After spending years providing money-saving tips for luxury travel to friends and colleagues, I decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience. Last year I flew over 85,000 miles on 50 flights but used miles, discounts and sales to never pay the normal high prices. In 2018 I have already done 19 flights and have plenty more to go. Over the years I have visited 49 countries and have lots more planned!

Editing Turning left for less is now my full-time occupation. I am dedicated to bringing the latest offers and tips to my readers so they don’t miss out on a bargain.

If there is something that you would like to see featured or have a question about luxury travel please use the contact us tab to get in touch or email me at [email protected].

Roving Reporter

ba cocktail challenge

My Roving Reporter prefers to stay anonymous but is a regular contributor to the blog. He loves the finer things in life but revels in a bargain too. He is a regular luxury traveller with a penchant for Michelin star dining and champagne. Like me, he also works in the travel industry. He is known to do some madcap thing to get his miles and maintain his BA status. These include hiring a car he didn’t use and visiting Japan for 11 hours on a 4 countries in 4 days trip for status!

Mrs B – Reportermeet the team shaneen

Mrs B has recently joined the team as my second roving reporter. Here is how she describes herself:

“My name is Shaneen and I worked in the travel industry for 25 years before taking early retirement. Like Michele, I definitely enjoy the finer things in life. I also don’t like to pay full price when there are lots of cost saving options if you know where to look!

As a friend and colleague of Michele for many years, I previously used her experience to plan numerous wonderful holidays with great savings. Now that I’m retired I’m using that experience to travel even more to see and review as many new places as I can.”

Working with Turning Left for Less

Turning left for less was established in 2016 and is already ranked in the world’s top 0.01% of websites by traffic volume. It regularly beats better-established luxury blogs for UK rankings in Alexa. I have a fast-growing social media following of affluent readers that love luxury travel. In March 2018 I will be appearing on BBC Radio 4. If you would like to work with Turning Left for Less on a sponsored post or giveaway or would like to know our rates for advertisements please contact us at [email protected]