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Who holds your data?  We use a company called MailChimp to both manage our email list and to automatically send out our newsletters.  Your data is held by MailChimp and not by Turning Left for Less.  By signing up to our email list, you consent to us passing your data to MailChimp.  Your data may be held outside the European Union.

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What data do we hold?  The only data we request is your email address.  You may – at your discretion – add your name to your record by clicking ‘Update Profile’ at the bottom of every email.  This makes it less likely that our emails are treated as spam because your name is encoded into the ‘To’ box.

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How can you unsubscribe?   You may unsubscribe at any point by using the link included in all of our emails.  Emails will cease immediately.

How can I get a copy of my MailChimp data?  Email [email protected] via the email address you use for our emails and we will happily send you a screenshot of your MailChimp profile.