NEWS: Green List Austria allow UK tourists, Boosters could be required to travel, government to cut test costs

Hallstatt lakeside town Austria

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Austria allowing UK tourists

One of the most frustrating things about the green list has been the fact that half the countries on it are either inaccessible or don’t allow UK visitors. Fortunately another country on the list, Austria is lifting restrictions for British visitors. Vienna is a beautiful city well worth visiting as well as the stunning countryside in Austria. 


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Boosters could be required to travel

The papers are reporting today that the UK government is considering making it a requirement to have an up-to-date vaccine passport with any required boosters before we will be allowed to travel into the UK without quarantine in the future. This would mean that you would no longer be viewed as fully vaccinated if you did not have the boosters.

Initially, I thought it was a ridiculous idea and then I thought well, if it was some time in the future when everyone needs a booster as immunity is waning it may be more understandable. However, I honestly can’t see how they would police this in terms of IT anytime soon since most boosters will only be for a small group of people initially.  The Mail on Sunday quoted an insider as saying 

“The assumption is that you will be required to have the most up-to-date health passport. So if the advice is to have a booster six months after your second jab, then that is what you’ll need.”

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any more complicated and they start these sort of rumours!


Government to cut test costs and review prices in 10 days

Finally, the government has started a review into the mess of private testing for the mandated tests. Many of the providers are making false claims on price, not fulfilling their obligations or overcharging yet the government so far has ignored the issue that is present on their “official” provider list. 

The cost of NHS Test and Trace tests for international arrivals will now be reduced from £88 to £68 for green or fully vaccinated amber arrivals, and from £170 to £136 for two tests for amber arrivals who are not fully vaccinated.

The Health Secretary has also announced there will be a rapid internal review of the pricing and service standards of all providers of day 2 and 8 tests. Any misleading pricing will be clamped down on and the government will remove listings found to have misleading prices or providers not providing an adequate service. The review started at the weekend and will last 10 days.

NHS Test and Trace advertises these tests alongside private companies’ testing packages and they are available to purchase for day 2 and 8 tests, but you can buy them cheaper with private providers. 

This follows a request from the Health and Social Care Secretary for an urgent high-level review from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to address exploitative behaviour in the private testing market and crackdown on excessive pricing or misleading claims.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said:

I know how much people have looked forward to their summer holidays and that the cost of PCR testing can be a barrier to that. That is why I am determined to protect consumers and hardworking families from exploitative practices and ensure high quality tests are available at a reasonable price.

I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect we’re slashing the price of day 2 and 8 tests from NHS Test and Trace by a fifth – this will benefit people right across the UK. And I look forward to reviewing initial advice from the Competition and Markets Authority over the coming days. I’ve also ordered my department to urgently review the list of private providers on to ensure pricing is clearer and transparent. Any provider found to be misleading the public will be kicked off.

Too many providers are acting like cowboys and that needs to stop. The public should be allowed to enjoy their summer holidays without having to face excessive costs or anxiety.


2 Comments on "NEWS: Green List Austria allow UK tourists, Boosters could be required to travel, government to cut test costs"

  1. Denmark too 🙂

  2. OMG, where do I start with this complete and utter load of BS from the Government.

    Apologies, after 20 minutes I realized I had typed up something akin to war and peace, probably too large to be posted and certainly wouldn’t be read considering the amount spouted off !!

    Here we go…..

    1, Why has the Government suddenly jumped on the whole “PCR tests are really expensive” idea. What ? So they weren’t a complete rip off previously and why has it taken so long for them to realize this ? I have my own crazy ideas but that’s for another time, err REVENUE !!!

    2, Why do we need to take a test anyway? A huge percentage of the UK population has been vaccinated, the younger folks (lucky them) are less susceptible to C-19 due to the fact that a large number have apparently built up their own antibodies. My guess is due to herd immunity but that is MY GUESS SO DON’T SHOOT ME DOWN !!! Even 16 to 17 year olds are being offered the jab if they want it

    So. Purely looking at the numbers/facts (which is what the Government were “supposed” to have been doing for the last 18 months).

    1, Large percentage of the population either vaccinated or built up natural immunity.
    2, No new “variants” reported for months.
    3, Folks who have been vaccinated are less prone to spread C-19 and less prone to catch it.

    Even the press are more interested in reporting on anything other than C-19, why ? because it’s no longer sensationalist and headline grabbing, i.e the infection is dropping, sooo boring !!!!!!

    But, and this is major BUT. Why are worried/concerned about “spreading” the “virus” after all these months, which by the way, many of us have been vaccinated against, after the amazing vaccination program and brilliant work by the NHS……..This crazy situation we are in is NEVER going to end.

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