NEWS & OFFERS: Qatar flights to Maldives & Asia, the next step from virtual windows? BA High life sale & Exclusive Hotels sale

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Qatar flights to Maldives & Asia from £1097

Although Qatar usually have a big sale in mid-January, there are still some offers worth considering now. Naturally, they are all ex EU. The Maldives is usually one of the most expensive places to fly to even with Qatar and you rarely see it below £1400 even ex EU. Obviously there is no guarantee that it won’t drop even further in the next sale but that is always the risk. If there are cheaper fares in the sale they are more likely to be from places that are harder to get to or more/expensive/longer journeys.

Current Qatar QSuite

The prices are:

  • Milan to Maldives £1439
  • Copenhagen – Hong Kong £1179
  • Copenhagen – Tokyo £1543
  • Copenhagen – Perth £2199
  • Sofia – Singapore £1097
  • Sofia – Johannesburg £1389
  • Stockholm – Singapore £1225
  • Stockholm – Bangkok £1280

The rules are:

  • Book by: 15 January 2020 + 45 days in advance
  • Travel: Outbound – permitted Mon through Thu. Inbound – permitted Tue through Fri on the first international sector.
  • Minimum stay: nights or a Saturday night
  • Maximum stay: 1 month
  • Transfers:
  • Stopovers: 6 stopovers permitted on the pricing unit
    limited to 2 free and 4 at $200.00 each.
    none in Ho Chi Minh City
    1 free in Doha
    1 free in Europe/Africa
    1 free in area 3/area 1
    1 in doh at $200.00
    3 in Europe/Africa at $200.00 each
    3 in area 3/area 1 at $200.00 each.
  • Refundable: For a fee
  • Changeable: For a fee

You can book direct with Qatar Airways here or find the cheapest online travel agent price with Skyscanner.


The next step from virtual windows on planes?

When Emirates launched their new First class suites on the B777, they were also the first airline to showcase virtual windows. (read what I thought of them in reality here). There has since been talk of windowless aircraft altogether but as yet, no one has actually demonstrated anything in reality.

Emirates First class suites with virtual windows 

To this end, the company will showcase OLED video walls, made of a series of 55-inch OLED displays installed on the wall of a plane, enabling people to feel more openness in the narrow space of an enclosed cabin.

LG aircraft cabin display at CES

In addition, LG Display will present various OLED display products that will elevate the First-Class experience and create a new perception of flight. Its 65-inch Ultra HD (UHD) Bendable OLED display, which can bend at both ends, will enable passengers to enjoy more immersive on-screen images by adjusting the curvature of the display according to their preferences, especially when playing games or watching movies.

CPI windowless plane concept


British Airways High life fully free sale

BA are having a sale of some of their High L

ife shops items, many of which are available for home delivery. There are a couple of Mulberry items including these sunglasses with £71 off.


One particular item of interest is the Air Fly gadget which allows you to use your wireless headphones with the inflight entertainment. They were very overpriced before, but not at £34 they are worth a punt. I tried a cheap one from Amazon and the sound quality was shocking, so I’m tempted to give this a try.

The sale ends on the 14 January 2020 and you can find the sale page here.


Exclusive hotels sale up to 20% off bed and breakfast

Pennyhill hotel review

Pennyhill pool

Exclusive hotels are a very small group of luxury hotels in the UK. They are in beautiful buildings with a strong focus on fine dining. I have stayed at The Manor in the Cotswolds and also stayed many times at The Pennyhill Park in Surrey. The Pennyhill has one of the best hotel spas in the UK, and if you are lucky you may end up in the hot tub with the England Rugby team as Roving Reporter and I did one summer’s evening! Their training ground is next door to the hotel. 

Pennyhill are also known for their unique bathrooms with things like twin tubs and horizontal showers!

In the sale, you can get 20% off bed and breakfast across all room types as well as free Ridgeview sparkling wine for stays of two nights or more. This is available in all their hotels for stays  until 9th February 2020

You can find the sale page here.

5 Comments on "NEWS & OFFERS: Qatar flights to Maldives & Asia, the next step from virtual windows? BA High life sale & Exclusive Hotels sale"

  1. David Clinker | 6 January 2020 at 9:54 am | Reply

    I couldn’t get my head around going north to Sweden to fly south to Doha & beyond. I found that Istanbul has good prices and a much shorter flight, by 787, to DOH. I paid £1,450, out to PEN and back from SIN. I looked at SOF and BUC but the flight to DOH is a A320.
    I did nearly make a big error, though. Istanbul has a new airport which has taken over the IST code. As a temporary measure it was coded ISL. I found both coming up on flight search engines last week. I also found, and nearly booked, that Qatar also flies to SAW, another airport regarded as ‘Istanbul’.
    Finally. I decided to book through Opodo to get cashback. The flight prices were the same as Qatar Business deal prices – but Opodo charges £16.99 to select a seat, and then only offers a very restricted selection. That’s £136 extra. I went to Qatar website, free seats/qsuites and the whole cabin to choose from.

    • Thanks David. That’s a good tip. I think one of the reasons I don’t often feature Istanbul QR flights apart from the fact that there is now a foreign office warning against Turkey, is the cost of positioning flights. They used to be very expensive with BA, recently they have come down in price which makes it a better option.

      • Whilst I bow to your greater expertise Michelle, I am now equally uneasy about flying an airline that, I imagine, uses more Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian air space than any other…. and lands close to the largest Nato / US Airforce base in the Middle East.

        Qatar is my favorite airline and I hope to fly them this year, though will certainly be taking out travel insurance/booking refundable accommodation given the Middle Easter Air Space ban they are subject to.

        The Cathay Pacific fares and West Cost US J fares, that you and Paul do such great work in finding, get all the more appealing as the world gets less-and-less stable – not that Paul seemed to have a care-in-the-world whilst Jet Skiing in Doha!

        • *Michele (cursed this time on realising I did it again)

        • I think it is up to everyone to assess what level of risk they are comfortable with. Given recent events and the FO Turkish warning I imagine a lot of people will not be rushing to fly Turkish. The general feeling with Qatar before recent events is that relations are thawing and the blockade could end soon.

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