OFFER: British Airways London to US from £1276 – is this the start of the sale? West Coast £1365

View of Portland, Oregon from Pittock Mansion.

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BA are very likely to do a sale this week or just after Christmas as this is their normal pattern. However, today I can see a number of flights for sale at great prices in April 2020. Whether this is a separate offer or the start of the sale, I’m not sure. The dates are very limited, but if they work for you they are pretty much as good as you will get from the UK with BA.

american airlines business-class-777-300ER

American Airlines business class 777-300ER

A few of the sale prices are currently only available on AA, but you can fly on either British Airways or American. If your route does not feature the new Club Suite, American are actually not a bad choice. The service is what lets them down – it’s perfunctory at best but they are normally reasonably efficient. The seats are great plus the bedding is also fantastic. The food is decent and the wine is drinkable. You can read our review of both American and BA including the Club Suite here.

Club Suite

My stand out deal is to Portland, which is a fantastic city in the Pacific Northwest of the US. It is easily combinable with the Oregon wine region of Willamette Valley as well as being a great destination in its own right. It is a quirky city full of fantastic restaurants, boutique shops, breweries and beautiful brick buildings.

Portland downtown

The cheapest price flights are indirect but if you are chasing tier points, that can be an advantage. The generous transfers mean you could make this into a tier point run, although a slightly pricey one. For example if you could get London – New York – San Francisco or Los Angeles – Portland that would give a 640 tier point total return.

The prices I can see are:

  • Nashville £1276
  • Toronto £1395
  • Montreal £1395
  • Washington £1376 (Club Suites on BA293/292 )
  • Cancun £1694
  • Boston £1389
  • Seattle £1688
  • Portland £1365
  • Orlando £1589
  • West Palm Beach £1589
Boston cheap flights


If you are willing to start in Inverness, there are some even cheaper deals:

  • Seattle £1550
  • New York £1295

The rules are:

  • Book by: 30 January 2020 and 90 days in advance
  • Travel:
    • Outbound – permitted Mon/Tue/Wed on each transatlantic sector.
    • inbound – permitted Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri on each transatlantic sector.
    • outbound – permitted 01 Apr 20 through 17 Apr 20 for each transatlantic sector.
    • inbound – permitted 05 Apr 20 through 18 Apr 20 for each transatlantic sector.
  • Minimum stay: a Saturday night
  • Maximum stay: 12 months
  • Transfers:
    • 2 Transfers permitted in each direction free
      • 2 free in Europe in each direction.
    • and – 2 transfers permitted in each direction free
      • 1 free between BA/IB and B6 in BOS/JFK in each direction
      • 1 free between aa/ay/ba/ib/us and as in LAX/PDX/SEA in each direction
      • 1 free between AA/AY/BA/IB/US and AM in Mexico in each direction
      • 1 free between AA/AY/BA/IB/US and AC in Canada in each direction
      • 1 free between AA/AY/BA/IB/US and HA in Hawaii in each direction
      • 2 free on AA/AY/BA/IB/US only in North America in each direction
  • Stopovers: No
  • Refundable: No
  • Changeable: Yes for a fee

You can book direct with British Airways here or find the cheapest online travel agent price with Skyscanner.