OFFER: Let’s talk Star Alliance – Singapore/Lufthansa/Swiss in First – ALL on one trip for £1800.

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Warning: The following post may contain disturbing reading. For any readers affected by Paul’s apparent defection to Star Alliance, we have a special counselling hotline set up…..

Yes, I said it!  Star Alliance?!  No, I’m not going mad, yet.   Read on…

So Michele covered the huge great value sale they are currently offering from the UK here.  But that isn’t the crown jewel I want to tell you about now.

There were also rousings all over the internet of something better.  Something that might even make me hit the “Buy” button – spoiler – I did.

PS – Thanks to friends, FT and VFT for this one.


The Ticket


The Products

That is 4 long haul First Class sectors on the best carriers in Star Alliance.

3 of some of the best lounges on the network including the First Class Lounge in Zurich, The Private Room in Singapore and the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.

Ground transfers in Mercedes and Porsches. And much more.

Let’s have a look at the products quickly – 

Swiss – 

Swiss First Class sale

Swiss First class

Lufthansa – 

Lufthansa First

And the new Singapore 777 First Class – no it’s not their stunning suites, but look – 

The Fare

So how does one find and book this monster trip?

ExpertFlyer is a great little tool for lots of different reasons.  One great tip is it shows you many possible unconsidered routing options.  Check out my guide here.

The important bit is the fare information.  Let’s have a look now.

As we can see LOTS of options for us to try!

The rules

  • Book by: 26 January 2020
  • Travel: Before 15 Dec20.
  • Minimum stay: 6 nights or a Saturday night
  • Refundable: No
  • Changeable: No


Pricing and Buying

It’s not an easy one, but this should help – 

Don’t expect 2 seats, and don’t expect a mountain of available dates!

It can then be booked by using various methods, as detailed in my previous ITA guide.

You could also equally reach out to our friends at Propeller. 


But where’s the Tier Points Paul?!

Yes, well.  I resisted other alliance deals for over 4 years.  But to turn down the chance above….  I had to give in.  I’m fairly confident with some creative crediting too, it gets me very high up in *A.

What can you look forward too?

Reviews of – 

  • Swiss SH Business Class
  • Swiss Lounges at Zurich 
  • Swiss Ground Experience
  • Swiss First Class 777
  • Singapore Airlines First Class
  • Singapore First Ground Experience
  • The Private Room 
  • Lufthansa First Class A380
  • Lufthansa SH Business Class
  • The First Class Terminal at Frankfurt.
  • Maybe even a fizz and food comparison?!

Can you see me grinning from ear to ear?  Yes, I’m excited!  Bring on July! And watch out in the next few days for an article on choosing a Star Alliance airline to credit all those miles too!

13 Comments on "OFFER: Let’s talk Star Alliance – Singapore/Lufthansa/Swiss in First – ALL on one trip for £1800."

  1. I’d recommend Aegean to credit the miles for an easy way to ST Gold. 36000 tier miles required and 4 WE flights, (12000 to Silver, and another 24000 to Gold).

  2. Thank you for highlighting these Star Alliance deals. I much prefer Lufthansa / Swiss to BA simply because the service is so consistent and professional. You don’t board the aircraft crossing your fingers that the cabin crew are in a good mood. (There’s nearly always better service on long haul BA flights from London than on those back to home base, e.g.) And LH crews recognize and acknowledge my frequent flyer (Miles & More) status (and they send me a birthday card, too).

  3. Did anyone manage to book? I have tried without success. ITA Matrix finds the fares, but then I get error messages when I try to book (with Priceline / Flight Network, via

  4. Is this deal so cheap because of originating and terminating in Kyiv. If you drop the first and last leg what happens.

    If you’re flying in and out of Frankfurt in Business how to you get 1st lounge and car to plane transport?

    Thanks to anyone for their help

  5. Thanks Paul, managed to book a slightly different itinerary for return.. but got the same outbound as your screenshot above!

    Will see you in KBP ON 11th if you’re flying that day too!

    So excited!!

    I’ve just flown SQ First a couple of times in last month.. and the Private room has fantastic staff/service and offcourse F&B to go with that 🙂

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