OFFERS: BA Holidays deposit reduced to £60 minimum, Qatar Airways sale + 50% bonus on Avios


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British Airways Holidays reduces deposit to £60pp

British Airways Holidays have reduced their deposit to as little as £60 per person, reduced from £75 per person. At the moment, BA Holidays are a good way to book flights without splashing out a lot of cash that you may end up getting in voucher form if things don’t go according to plan. You also get extra Avios and can just book a car or one night in a hotel for it count as a holiday. The downside is that even if you have status you still have to phone BA Holidays for changes although the GGL now seems happy to deal with them on my behalf while I wait on the phone. The other downside is that they can have different rules on changes to a flight-only booking. 

You can then choose to pay their balance in as many installments or, wait to settle the balance until three weeks before travel. All details, including what a booking with British Airways Holidays guarantees, can be found in the ‘British Airways Holidays Customer Promise’ at


Earn a 50% Avios bonus when you purchase or gift Avios

Avios bonus

Members of the British Airways Executive Club can collect a 50% Avios bonus when they buy or gift Avios between 29 March and 11 April, 2021.

So should you buy? There are times when it is cheaper to actually buy the miles than pay for a flight. At the moment with artificially high prices, this is probably one of them. Personally, I would not be rushing to buy miles as once it’s clearer when and where we can travel, prices should drop. If, however, you want to top up to make a booking then now is as good a time as any. 50% is the standard rate that BA offers and it is very rarely higher. I would not consider buying without at least 50% bonus. 

You can buy a maximum of 200,000 (which is a yearly limit) not including the bonus Avios. 

Full terms and conditions can be found here:


Qatar Airways sale 

redeeming avios on qatar

Qatar Airways business class QSuite with double bed

I mentioned yesterday with Qatar announcing that they are restarting a number of destinations, that there are some good fares around. I previously mentioned the great value London to Dubai fare with them here. 

The fares are all available until spring 2022 at the moment and are all ex EU. Dublin is the safest ex-EU start point at the moment, but I would start considering ex EU from mid to late summer onwards if you are not risk-averse. Qatar’s travel with confidence is also a major bonus. Obviously, Qatar is on the red list currently, so again I would not be looking to travel with them until late summer as well as making sure I’m covered by their guarantee. 

I would also bear in mind that many of these will be “business classic” R class fares which mean no Qatar Airways lounge included but you can use another oneworld lounge. Seat selection is also not included unless you have status. 

The fares are:

DestinationPriceFromOther cheap departure points
Bangkok  £    1,102.00WarsawOslo, Rome, Stockholm
Cape Town £    1,351.00OsloAmsterdam, Stockholm
Hong Kong £    1,226.00Amsterdam 
Johannesburg £    1,334.00Oslo 
Phuket £    1,114.00BudapestCopenhagen, Oslo, Warsaw
Maldives £    1,360.00Rome Milan
Sydney £    2,415.00StockholmMelbourne price similar
Singapore  £    1,203.00StockholmOslo
Tokyo £    1,553.00Dublin 


4 Comments on "OFFERS: BA Holidays deposit reduced to £60 minimum, Qatar Airways sale + 50% bonus on Avios"

  1. MASSIVE respect for Qatar Airways. I have been lucky enough to fly their business class product a number of times, both for business and pleasure. In Feb 2020 my wife and I flew Arnhem to BKK in their Qsuite (amazing!!), our holiday was actually in Vietnam, BKK was the arrival and departing point for Asia. Whilst out in Vietnam COVID kicked off big style. So big infact all flights into Thailand from Vietnam for our return were cancelled, we couldn’t get back to BKK for out return flight homebound and ended up getting a Cathay Pacific flight via Hong Kong back to the UK. We actually flew to Sweden for out EX EU flight with BA from LHR, whilst in Vietnam BA cancelled our return flight from Arnhem back to LHR, bummer. So, why am I saying MASSIVE respect for Qatar ? 9 months and around 3 phone calls to get a refund from BA for our CANCELLED return flight from Sweden back to LHR, yes BA cancelled the flight but I had a ton of trouble betting the money back. On the off chance I emailed Qatar ONCE stating I would “appreciate” some compensation for not being able to get our flight from BKK back to Europe due to the fact that all flights into Thailand from Vietname were cancelled so was not our fault, worth a try right ? Didn’t expect anything, but, 6 months later (and I should stress before I got anything from BA) a full refund for our return flight, well over 1K. This has been put to one side for my next Qatar Airways flight, which I am SO looking forward to !!

  2. I agree. I am still trying to get something out of BA. We were booked in F SYD LHR via SIN and ended up being rebooked on QR but no A380 so it was J on the A350. I simply want the difference between F and J. They have offered 15,000 Avios which is derisory. That’s after 7 emails. I’ll now be writing to their Chief Exec. Disgusting.

  3. Genuinely interesting, and saddening, to hear the other side of BA refund issues. We had a total of 19 trips ( including re-books and re-routes) both FO and BAH’s cancelled in total in 2020. The longest we waited was 6 days for a refund and to a man ( and women) the staff were helpful, efficient and went out their ways to help. The only negative was having to bee on hold for 2 odd hours to get through or having to try at different times as their telephony system couldn’t handle the amount of calls but even that we understood.

    It seems so bizarre and sad to hear of others ‘polar-opposite’ experiences when it’s clear that they CAN achieve and do great things in a timely fashion. Doc & Nigel you have my sympathies. Just for clarity it’s not like we’re GGL, GfL’s etc who BA may have been fawning over to keep happy or anything like that. We’re actually what I call ‘perennial silvers’

  4. On the subject of whether it’s worth buying Avios with their +50% promotion, can anyone explain why both SeatSpy and Reward Flight Finder have London-Lisbon at a cost of 6500 o.w. (+£0.50 taxes) – which was always the normal avios price – but when you try to book on the BA website they charge 11500 avios o.w? (It’s nothing to do with peak/off peak.) Have BA decidedly discreetly to double the avios they charge for flights suddenly?

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