Boxing day – the best of the rest! including my favourite 2020 airline video

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Today is a selection of a few different videos, but first a special mention for all the Air Traffic Control staff who read the blog. I worked in Air Traffic Control for 23 years and it is tough as an Air Traffic Controller or Air Traffic Control Assistant or Engineer having to work at Christmas when you want to be with your family. Here is a video from NATS who provide most of the air traffic services in the UK:

NATS – Air Traffic Control

One of my favourite funny video from one of my favourite countries….

Air New Zealand


WestJet’s 2018 version of a WestJet Miracle

This is the sequel to yesterday’s video. 


And of course, I need to include a couple from British Airways. BA released this new tear-jerker on Christmas Eve. I seem to have something in my eye after watching this….

BA’s 10,000 Mile Magic: The Journey of a Lifetime Down Under



And this is one of my favourite BA Christmas videos:

BA – Finlay’s Christmas wish (2017)


And finally…

Not a Christmas one but one of my favourite airline videos in 2020 which I hope we come true in 2021 is this advert from Emirates called “Do you remember”

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