NEWS: More details revealed on BA’s digital health travel passport

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British Airways yesterday formally announced that it will begin trialling a new travel health app, VeriFLY, with customers who are eligible to travel between London and the US from February 4. This is not the IATA app, which I wrote about previously, but works in a similar way. 

The new digital health travel passport, which can be downloaded to a mobile device, is designed to offer peace of mind before travel by checking customers meet the entry requirements of their destination by providing digital health document verification and confirming eligibility. Use of the VeriFLY app will be optional and customers will also continue to be able to evidence they meet the US entry requirements at check-in.

The trial follows the recent announcement that American Airlines, British Airways’ joint business and oneworld partner, now allows all customers to use VeriFLY when they are travelling to the US from all international destinations. Since American became the first airline to use VeriFLY in November for selected routes, thousands of customers have travelled using the app, with many providing positive feedback to the airline on its ease of use.

The British Airways VeriFLY trial will begin from 4 February 2021 for customers travelling from London to all US routes currently operating and will be updated to ensure conformance with the latest UK government requirement for a declaration around the reason for travel once the airline has clarity on the legislation. (British Airways US routes currently operating are New York JFK, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Washington, Houston and Seattle.)

British Airways is the first airline in the UK to trial the use of a mobile travel health passport for customers travelling from London. It will also be the only airline outside the US to offer its customers the opportunity to trial VeriFLY.

Sean Doyle, British Airways’ CEO said: “Although flying is currently restricted, it is essential we do as much as we can now to help those who are eligible to fly and prepare to help our customers navigate the complexities around changing global entry requirements when the world re-opens.

We remain focused and committed to finding user-friendly, evidence-based solutions to make journeys as seamless they can be. Through these trials, we hope to provide travellers and governments on both sides of the Atlantic with the tools and the reassurance they need to make safe travel possible.”


Robert Isom, American Airlines’ President said:

“We are pleased to be working hand-in-hand again with our partner, British Airways, to make transatlantic travel as seamless as possible for those who are permitted to fly by utilising the latest in digital technology.”

VeriFLY has been pioneered by private software company, Daon, which also works with some of the world’s leading banking and credit card companies. The software will allow people to combine travel verification documents and Covid-19 test results in one place, ensuring travellers are fully compliant with the entry requirements for their destination before leaving home. Certified customers will be fast-tracked through the airport where specially designated desks will be available for check-in.VeriFLY can be downloaded to a customer’s mobile device with ease from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. After creating a secure profile, the platform prompts customers to confirm their flight information, upload details of a negative Covid-19 test result and any other essential documentation. The software confirms the test matches the country’s regulations with a simple ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ message. VeriFLY will also provide users with reminders once the credential has expired.

Phase two, which will follow in the near future, will extend to cover customers travelling to the UK from the US across both carriers. This will make British Airways and American Airlines the first transatlantic partners to offer a digital solution for eligible customers flying to the UK.
British Airways is also simultaneously conducting a testing trial with American Airlines and oneworld on some routes from the US to the UK. The results of the trial will be shared with Oxford University, the academic partners and with governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

4 Comments on "NEWS: More details revealed on BA’s digital health travel passport"

  1. With all the recent announcements of compulsory hotel quarantine periods for arrivals, I haven’t seen any that say it won’t apply to those who have been vaccinated.

    Other than the very obvious benefits of being vaccinated, it doesn’t appear to offer any advantage to travellers?

    • Other countries are taking a different approach such as The Seychelles which will allow you to skip quarantine if you have been vaccinated. If they manage to prove that you can’t transmit the virus then I think we will be a very different place

  2. Like us all, I’m desperate to travel again, but not with all the complications and restrictions all over the place. I’m also not keen on the need to wear a mask at the airports both sides and during the flight (while I understand the reasons – it is unattractive for me and my family).

    Once my family and I are vaccinated, IF this system came in and meant that you could avoid masks, quarantine and all the rest that goes with it, then I’d me jumping at making new travel bookings.

    Until then, they can run all the special offers and confidence promises they like, but I just won’t be booking yet.

  3. This doesn’t make travel attractive, it makes it more miserable. And who’s going to go anywhere with a family when one false positive test means the whole family can’t return to the UK for at least 10 days – and where would you be able to stay with a positive test? Once the tests and the masks go I’ll think about travelling by air, not before.

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