LATEST UPDATES: Heathrow, Gatwick & British Airways airport strike information July/August 2019

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Up until now, I have been publishing on a daily basis with updates of what is happening in the never-ending saga of threatened strike action. Rather than sending out extra updates as things change, I am creating this page that I will update throughout the day with any breaking news. I will add the link to the daily emails and articles so that you can find it easily.

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Latest update at: 09.00 on  15 August 2019


Heathrow staff and fire services

Heathrow airport

Potential strike dates:

  • None

The workers potentially taking action include security guards, engineers, passenger service operatives and passenger service drivers. With numbers in this region, it could potentially shut down the airport.

Over 90 firefighters and fire and rescue staff at Heathrow Airport have also voted for strike action in a dispute over pay. The vote saw fire and rescue workers back strike action by 97.6 per cent on a turnout of 90.2 per cent. 

UPDATE 14 AUGUST: Strike suspended

The strikes planned by Heathrow Airport workers have been suspended whilst workers vote for a new pay offer. The ballot closes on 2 September so no action could take place before 16 September. 

There is a dedicated page on with the latest strike news which you can find here.


British Airways Pilots

Potential strike dates:

  • None 

The majority of BA pilots are represented by the pilots union BALPA. Recently a ballot was held where 93% of BA pilots voted in favour of industrial action with a 90% turnout. The dispute is over pay.

Talks have been continuing at ACAS and now BA have put forward their final offer for BALPA to consider. As yet a ballot has not been announced to vote on the deal. 


Other British Airways staff

The threat of strike action by other unions such as ground staff and cabin crew has dissipated with most of the unions recommending acceptance for the latest pay deal. On Tuesday 30 July Cabin crew formally accepted the pay offer with their ballot being in favour of the deal.

The only group that has not is Mixed Fleet crew members of Unite, who operate short and long haul flights from Heathrow.


Gatwick airport

Strike dates:

  • None

Unite union have balloted 100 members working for ICTS as security staff as well as those working for ISS, who help with cleaning services and moving luggage. The impact should be minimal given the numbers of staff involved. Security could be a bit slower than usual. 

Update: All strikes have been suspended whilst workers vote on a new deal.



10 Comments on "LATEST UPDATES: Heathrow, Gatwick & British Airways airport strike information July/August 2019"

  1. Malcolm Jones | 24 July 2019 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    BALPA have said they would not schedule any strike action until the appeal is heard. The appeal is likely to be heard at the end of this week (26 August) or early next week (29 August). BALPA must give two weeks notice of any strike meaning that any strike date would not be before 8 August 2019 at the earliest.

    Should the appeal dates be July not August.

  2. It would be easier to follow what’s happening if the information was tabulated with a link to the table that could be updated as events develop.

  3. ClaytonTheCruton | 24 July 2019 at 5:01 pm | Reply

    Regarding LGW & ICTS they are additional / external security who are there, mainly, for a number of flights / destinations ( such as US/ Israel and a few others) so their strike action wouldn’t be as big an impact as if it was GAL’s own security staff going on strike. The general feeling, of staff I know at the airport, is that the cleaners get a very raw deal & no one blames them for wanting a better deal. Again that would have a limited impact although the baggage part would cause some issues.

    It’s good news to hear that LHR staff strikes are at least suspended for now, fingers crossed something can be sorted.

  4. Any strike possibilities sat Luton?

  5. AS long as the drone pilots go on strike, all should be well!

  6. On the paragraph “Other British Airways Staff” – On Tuesday 30 August Cabin crew formally accepted the pay offer with their ballot being in favour of the deal. – it should be 30 July not August.

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