NEWS: Abu Dhabi lifts quarantine, Traffic lights could go & Australia preparing for international travel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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Abu Dhabi lifts quarantine

Although previously Abu Dhabi had reopened, it has had quarantine for those arriving in the state recently. The UAE is now amber after being red for a significant period of the pandemic. While Brits have been able to start visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi was off-limits. 

Now fully vaccinated travellers from all destinations will be exempt from quarantine on arrival into Abu Dhabi. Currently, if you are unvaccinated arriving from the UK you will still be required to undergo quarantine for 10 days.

Even for fully vaccinated travellers you will still be required to test on day 4 and 8 with your arrival counted as day 1. This is in addition to a negative PCR test taken a maximum of 48 hours before departure and a PCR test at the airport on arrival. The arrival test will be returned in 90 minutes at which point you can leave the airport.  Hotels can arrange testing on the premises, for visitors.

It sounds like a lot of hassle to me, so for now I will stick with Dubai. 

You can find the official Abu Dhabi page here. 


Traffic lights could go

Today The Telegraph are reporting that the government has asked for recommendations to simplify travel before the next big review of the whole system in October. Hurray, I thought, thinking that it would just make things green or red. And yes that is what is proposed. But actually to someone vaccinated it makes zero difference. It doesn’t matter what you call amber and green, other than which have an FCDO warning on it, it generally makes zero difference. Most insurance companies are now covering amber travel. The only difference will be for unvaccinated travellers where potentially it could be made worse if they choose to go down the route of the current amber regulations for green as well!

There are no plans currently to change the day 2 PCR test despite the fact that the government is only sequencing around 4% of tests and does not bother to check if you have actually taken the test or what the results are. So basically it’s just Covid theatre. It was recently revealed that you are far more likely to catch Covid on holiday in the UK than abroad! Which was what I predicted in June with the big push from the government to holiday in the UK.


Australia preparing for international travel

Despite Australia just extending their travel ban until 17 December, it does actually seem that the county is expecting to open up to some extent at that point. The state of NSW has said they expect to reopen to international travel before Christmas which would be hugely welcome for families separated since the  “human biosecurity emergency period” that was put in place in March 18, 2020. The reopening is based on achieving a 80% vaccination rate by then. However, there is a long way to go since they are currently only at 6%. 

Australia has now set out plans for a vaccination passport system which I take as a very promising sign. They have also done a quarantine at home trial which so far seems successful. 

Qantas also set out their planned return to countries:

• From mid-December 2021, between Australia and Fiji, Singapore, the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.
• From mid-December 2021, between Australia and New Zealand in line with the anticipated restart of the trans-Tasman travel bubble.
• From mid-February 2022 between Australia and Hong Kong.*
• From April 2022 onwards flights between Australia and cities including Bali, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City and Johannesburg.

However, I think even if they reopen, there is still a strong possibility that you would have to quarantine on arrival. It does seem that the emphasis is very much on Australian’s being able to leave rather than US visit, so I’d wait a while before booking at the moment. 


6 Comments on "NEWS: Abu Dhabi lifts quarantine, Traffic lights could go & Australia preparing for international travel"

  1. Thanks for these articles folks, TLFL is my number one source for travel info in past year, even though I am not UK based.

    Cant wait for the US to reopen 😉

  2. Mark Wilkins | 9 September 2021 at 8:04 am |

    Even with two sets of vouchers, two sets of companion tickets and 230K of avios, I still cannot see any logical reason (on reading your informative restriction reporting) why or I anyone would consider Abu Dhabi as a welcome sunny retreat! Im itching to get away, with Krakow and Boston booked for the New Year, but this PCR testing malarky is keeping me firmly grounded!

  3. “…this PCR testing malarky is keeping me firmly grounded!”

    That’s the main reason they keep insisting on tests, to keep us “firmly grounded”. The Border Force can’t cope as it is, so force everyone to stay at home and spend our money in the UK.

    My wife just attended Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella – very disappointed with the show, particularly with its nods to wokeness and the unoriginal music (and she’s a fan of his music). The theatre insisted on a test 24 hrs before curtain up; being fully vaccinated didn’t count. No-one at the theatre asked for testing/vax proof. And the NHS test is a total farce; you can obtain the free NHS kit, enter the ID number of one of the tests, say you’re negative and they send you confirmation within a few minutes. My wife did actually take the test, but she could more easily have simply typed in the ID and reported unverified info. A total joke (except it’s not funny).

  4. James Harper | 9 September 2021 at 4:22 pm |

    Testing for fully vaccinated travellers needs to be abandoned ASAP, it’s as good as pointless and in the main providing no useful data about anything. It’s a tax on travel perhaps lining the pockets of Tory donors, nothing more.

  5. Can you let us about any rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated U.K. to visit Qatar this winter please? Many thanks

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