NEWS: British Airways expands winter routes

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British Airways expands winter routes

British Airways is extending three of its newest domestic routes – Exeter, Glasgow and Leeds from Belfast this Winter season.  Customers will also be able to book direct to Birmingham.  Customers can book on from today with travel between 31 October 2021 and 26 March 2022.

Flights between Belfast and Birmingham will operate twice daily, increasing to three times a day on Thursday and Friday.  Flights from Belfast to Exeter, Glasgow and Leeds will increase compared to the Summer season at 4, 13 and 10 a week respectively. You can see the full schedule below. 

The airline has also launched a new route to Salzburg, operating from London City and Southampton. Offering customers a new destination idea for skiing this Winter, flights operate twice a week from London City, on Friday and Saturday from 10 December 2021, and once a week from Southampton, on Saturday from 11 December 2021.  Return fares start from £109 from London City and £75 from Southampton in economy. 

E190 interior

The flights will operate using Cityflyer’s Embraer 190 aircraft. It’s worth considering whether it is worth buying Club Europe on these flights since the layout is exactly the same as the seats are all 2-2, so there is no middle seat. 

Tom Stoddart, Managing Director of BA CityFlyer which operates the routes, said: “This year has shown how much customers want to stay connected with the rest of the UK.  We’re responding to the customer demand we saw over the last few months by extending some of our newest UK routes from Belfast City Airport. 


Full schedule

RouteDeparture and arrival timeScheduleFlight NoRouteDeparture timeScheduleFlight No
BHD – BHX06.50 – 07.55Monday to FridayBA7321BHX – BHD08.30 – 09.35Monday to FridayBA7320
BHD – BHX10.10 – 11.15Monday and SaturdayBA7323BHX – BHD11.50 – 12.55Monday and SaturdayBA7323
BHD – BHX14.45 – 15.50Thursday, Friday and SundayBA7323BHX – BHD16.25 – 17.30Thursday, Friday and SundayBA7323
BHD – BHX15.50 – 16.55Tuesday and WednesdayBA7323BHX – BHD17.30 – 18.35Tuesday and WednesdayBA7323
BHD – BHX18.10 – 19.15Monday, Thursday, Friday and SundayBA7325BHX – BHD19.50 – 20.55Monday, Thursday, Friday and SundayBA7324


RouteDeparture and arrival timeScheduleFlight NoRouteDeparture timeScheduleFlight No
BHD – EXT10.20 – 11.30Thursday and FridayBA7319EXT – BHD12.05 – 13.15Thursday and FridayBA7318
BHD – EXT12.20 – 13.30SundayBA7319EXT – BHD14.05 – 15.15SundayBA7318
BHD – EXT14.20 – 15.30MondayBA7319EXT – BHD16.05 – 17.15MondayBA7318


RouteDeparture and arrival timeScheduleFlight NoRouteDeparture timeScheduleFlight No
BHD – GLA09.40 – 10.20Monday – SundayBA7327GLA – BHD10.55 – 11.40Monday – SundayBA7326
BHD – GLA19.10 – 19.50Monday – Friday and SundayBA7331GLA – BHD20.25 – 21.10Monday – Friday and SundayBA7330


RouteDeparture and arrival timeScheduleFlight NoRouteDeparture timeScheduleFlight No
BHD – LBA06.40 – 07.35Monday to FridayBA7313LBA – BHD08.10 – 09.05Monday to FridayBA7312
BHD – LBA12.20 – 13.15SaturdayBA7313LBA – BHD13.50 – 14.45SaturdayBA7312
BHD – LBA16.05 – 17.00Monday, Thursday, Friday and SundayBA7317LBA – BHD17.35 – 18.30Monday, Thursday, Friday and SundayBA7316


RouteDeparture and arrival timeScheduleFlight NoRouteDeparture timeScheduleFlight No
LCY – SZG07.05 – 09.00Friday and SaturdayBA8479SZG – LCY10.50 – 11.45Friday and SaturdayBA8480


RouteDeparture and arrival timeScheduleFlight NoRouteDeparture timeScheduleFlight No
SOU – SZG13.00 – 15.00SaturdayBA2829SZG – SOU16.50 – 17.50SaturdayBA2930


4 Comments on "NEWS: British Airways expands winter routes"

  1. James Harper | 9 September 2021 at 4:19 pm |

    It’s such a pity that BA don’t do as the LH group and AF/KL do on regional jets and keep the adjacent seat free in business class. There is no value to me in that proposition.

  2. It would appear that these services are only being sold as one class ‘UK Domestic’ with the usual Cityflyer complimentary service replaced by a water cuplet and piece of shortbread.

    The removal of Club and the economy offering appears to arise from the lack of flight catering facilities at Belfast City, where the aircraft will be based. I’m sure Cityflyer wouldn’t have removed Club Europe unless they had to, after all, with no adjacent seat remaining empty they’re potentially getting more revenue from the seats being sold as Club rather than economy!

    The good news, for those with status or who are willing to pay for access, is that the lounge at Belfast City has now extended its opening hours to cover the evening departures, and the services to and from LCY do not appear to be affected by these changes.

    How do I know all this? I was on one of the flights yesterday – the first day of the revised operation – expecting my nice drink and snack and overheard a conversation between a jolly downgraded Club customer and the Cabin Manager.

    p.s. Water & a biscuit is a perfectly adequate offering on a flight that’s only airborne for about 20 minutes 👍

  3. Looks like BA are giving up on Manchester. I know IAG will have some EI LH routes from MAN, but MAN used to enjoy seasonal direct european flights to JMK, IBZ, AGP etc, now it seems to be left in the hinterland

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