NEWS: BA adds order from seat, More BA lounges re-open & Priority Boarding coming back

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In seat food and drink ordering

British Airways has today unveiled its new inflight digital ordering platform, giving customers travelling in Euro Traveller the option to order additional snacks and drinks mid-flight, directly to their seat.

The new inflight ordering system will complement the airline’s current ‘Buy Before You Fly’ offering, where customers are encouraged to order from the airline’s full Speedbird Café menu, including items from its Tom Kerridge range, which you have to order prior to flying.

The flaw with the existing system is of course that you may want to order extra or get on board and decide you like the look of the pie your seatmate is eating but you can’t do anything about it.  The new digital ordering system means that customers who wish to add to an existing pre-order, or for those who did not place an order before travel, can do so at any point during their flight. The service will initially be available from July 19 on selected routes before rolling out across other eligible services. 

To place an order, you simply connect to the onboard Wi-Fi service free of charge via, click on the ‘shop’ option for their flight, and a virtual menu will display the range of drinks and snack options on offer. Orders can be made via all major credit and debit cards or through Avios. The service will be available on most short-haul routes operating from Heathrow. Initially, this will be 29 routes including The Balearics, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Morocco, Moscow, Jordan, and Egypt. The digital ordering platform will not be available on “express routes”, due to the extremely short flight times. This includes Manchester, Jersey, Paris (CDG and ORY), Amsterdam,
Brussels, Dublin, Newcastle, and Newquay.

Tom Stevens, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, said: “The feedback we have had from customers who have been able to travel and have ordered from our new Speedbird Café has been extremely encouraging. The Tom Kerridge range, in particular, has gone down a treat.

We know that customers like being able to purchase their food in advance of travel and guarantee their first choice, however we also understand the importance of an extra cup of tea or a gin and tonic, in the moment. We think that this new digital ordering proposition, coupled with our pre-purchase option is a winning combination, catering for everyone’s needs.”

British Airways’ Speedbird Café menu is still available to pre-purchase at for short haul flights in Euro Traveller, and the airline will also continue to offer a complimentary bottle of water and snack to all customers on board.


More BA lounges re-open & Priority Boarding coming back

New British Airways lounge at Aberdeen International Airport 

BA have had quite a number of lounges shut outside its base at Heathrow. They are now finally going to start the phased rollout of lounge openings. This will initially start with British Airways’ lounges in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen from July 19.

From this date BA will also be reintroducing priority boarding for customers travelling in premium cabins and for those with eligible priority. Economy and Premium Eocnomy on long haul will continue to board starting from the back. 

I actually have preferred boarding last on short haul. As I normally sit in row 1in the window that has minimal storage, I used to have to board early just to get space. With the last 5 rows boarding last I haven’t needed to making it more relaxed. So I’m sorry to see it go. 

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  1. ‘…… can do so at any point during their flight.’ Right up until they run out!

    Wasn’t their strap line previously that pre-purchasing would reduce waste and allow them to carry only what was required?

    And why do they (and others) like ‘mid-flight’ so much? Surely, ‘in flight’ would do.

  2. Well for the first time ever I think we disagree Michele 😉- I HATED the lack of priority boarding and on my last trip home from ABZ, on top of the no fast track, no open lounge, no F&B, the final cheek from BA was to be last to board (1k), to discover all the overhead bins full and in. Bulkhead seat. So no. I’m DELIGHTED that rear boarding is coming to and end 😉

    • Well I do have a cunning plan when boarding from the back. I usually wait until they call the 5 rows behind me and then join the end of that queue!

  3. Liking that idea a lot 😉

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