NEWS: British Airways releases new guides on what to expect for future travel

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Today BA has released a number of videos to tell passengers what to expect when travelling with them. As travel starts to look more likely by July or August, it is about time that BA took a more proactive approach to get people back flying safely, so it is good to see the videos.

I was hoping to hear more about what we can expect from onboard service as currently catering is pretty bad. Except in economy where you at least get a drink and a snack free! I would expect to have an official press release today hopefully, so I will update this if there is any new information. 

The mask issue is interesting as it says that BA Ask all passengers to wear a mask. Is this something they will police? 

Here are the areas covered and the relevant videos:

This is the general video released:


Preparing for travel

BA are requesting that passengers:

  • Keep hand luggage to a minimum but there are no changes to what you are allowed to bring
  • Download the app so you can use a mobile pass
  • Check-in online 
  • Arrive no more than 3 hours before your flight for long haul or 2 hours for short haul
  • Bring enough facemasks for the length of your flight


At the airport

  • Check-in online and get mobile boarding passes
  • Use the automated bag drop at the airport if you have luggage
  • New sanitising stations have been installed to use after touching anything
  • You must stay airside if you are connecting
  • From 8 June 2020, the UK government’s quarantine measures does not allow the transfer of international flights between London Heathrow and Gatwick or vice versa
  • There are still premium check-in areas for business and first class
  • The First Wing will NOT be open initially
  • There is no fast track security currently
  • Lounges are expected to be closed until at least the end of June. 



BA automated boarding gates

BA are trialling a new boarding process. There is no longer group boarding. Priority boarding will only be available for families and customers who may need additional time to board. Flights will board from the rear of the aircraft to the front (if you’re travelling in First, then you will board first from the first row to the back row of the cabin).

You will need to scan your boarding pass and your mask needs to be removed for passport checks.


What to expect on board

  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Ring the call bell to summon cabin crew
  • Minimize moving around the cabin
  • Don’t queue for the toilet – only get up when the green sign shows
  • You’ll be offered a new food service which will reduce physical contact with our crew. You can read more about this in my previous article.
  • There is no Club Kitchen
  • You can’t buy food in economy
  • Special meals, including children’s meals, are unavailable. Please bring your own food if required.
  • In-flight entertainment is available on long-haul but all magazines have been removed.
  • There is no duty-free onboard



  • Entire fleet cleaned from top to tail every 24 hours
  • HEPA filters onboard filter out 99.9% of viruses,
  • Air is replaced every 2-3 minutes
  • Enhancing cleaning at airports
  • BA sanitise key surfaces before every flight, from seat to screen, seat buckle and overhead controls.
  • Infant cots are replaced after every flight

You can also find more information on this special BA page.

Do the videos make you feel more inclined to travel with BA? Is there is anything else you think BA should do? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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20 Comments on "NEWS: British Airways releases new guides on what to expect for future travel"

  1. Phil Gollings | 3 June 2020 at 12:38 pm | Reply

    Will be flying as soon as BA stop cancelling my flights

  2. Given how useless BA’s cleaning has always been, I can’t say that part fills me with any sort of confidence.

  3. Wing It One World | 3 June 2020 at 1:57 pm | Reply

    My first flight is to Oslo in October,I’m flying coach as business within Europe seems pointless at the moment.i hope all the cuts return soon,

    • The only real difference between is that if it’s busy it means you get a seat free next to you. And extra tier points. Otherwise pointless.

  4. Flying Club LHR to LAX last week of July – I hope!!!
    Assuming the USA allows our family to travel in USA when we arrive.
    Pity about the lounges and food..

    • I think a lot depends on air bridges and FCO advice. Once there is a volume of passengers and it’s after 4 July when hospitality opens they may we’ll reopen but I would not expect much in the way of food and drink!

  5. I wonder if they will give food vouchers to Gold & Silver members since the lounges will be shut until end of June?

  6. Ryan Gottsche | 3 June 2020 at 7:57 pm | Reply

    Bigger question….. they are making all their front line staff redundant on the 15th June including cabin crew. The crew (the only ones I know about) are being asked to re-apply for their jobs at a massive reduction (-55% is a number I have heard as a pay cut) and work on a zero hours contract. What happens if the majority of them decide not to come back as slaves? How will they get enough cabin crew to be on board at a legal minimum? I have friends who are BA crew and I love flying BA because of these people. What they are doing to these long serving employees is horrid and totally immoral in my opinion. I have a lot of money in vouchers for a lot of cancelled flights that BA will not refund as I chose the voucher option. (I had no choice as I couldn’t get through on their phone line for days and days). They have shown me no respect for my business in the past. My whole family has been Silver for years. I just hope my vouchers are valid on other One World airlines and all the lovely crew get a better start elsewhere where their hard work and dedication is respected. Rant over , sorry it just makes me so angry!

    • I know Ryan the way they are treating staff is terrible. And there is a big backlash against it from the public and MPs so hopefully they think again.

  7. Looks so very unappealing. Nothing fun in any of that to make me want to take family on holiday for example or treat myself to an upgrade. The cleaning sounds ok, but doubt it will last. I hate how this is an excuse to remove almost every in flight service. There is no excuse for not serving small wine bottles for example.

  8. Videos not convinced. BA cleaning even in FIRST and CW never been good enough. Also …. when did the logo adapt to Made By Britain. Seems so false considering it’s a foreign owned brand and they’re about to fire all the cabin crew!!!! Cruz is a disgrace !

  9. Well one things for sure I am NOT wearing silly face masks for any airline. I thought this one was taking the lead and not mandating this ridiculous policy ? Booking club world also now seems pointless, with closed lounges, no priority boarding, and downgraded catering. The face masks are a bio hazard, wilt measures are in place to assure safe disposal of these dirty virus laden things ? All this for a mild dose of the flu ? I don’t think I’ll be jetting off with them anytime soon now. Not until they start getting real.

    • Well it does say ask rather than must. So technically it’s not mandatory

    • It might be mild flu for you ( or so you hope), but for others around it could be far more serious if they catch it, and masks are shown to reduce the chances of an infected person (who may not know they have it) passing it on to others. The masks are only going to be virus-laden if someone has the virus, at which point the masks seems like a good idea…
      I’m reassured by the policy of requesting face coverings be worn to help protect my fellow passengers on the flight.
      I’m with you on the lack of other amenities making booking Club World pointless though – I’m really not sure why Covid prevents alcoholic drinks being served ( even the little sealed bottles from Club Europe would be something!)

  10. I guess it is another reason to boycott BA for good. They always had extremely poor cleaning standards, food and service. Now it is beyond imagination. If Qatar and Emirates can keep high standards – other airline should as well.

  11. Having flown BA to Berlin and back in the last few days, I was very impressed by the crew. Despite the situation they are in, they were extremely professional and nothing was too much trouble. I am not sure if I’d be as good if I was in their shoes… The Heathrow experience was actually pretty positive, Tegel was appalling (not helped by all flights now being handled from Terminal C, before the whole thing shuts down in the coming weeks).

  12. Charlie Whiskey | 4 June 2020 at 1:16 pm | Reply

    I see that Rod James would not wear a “silly mask” and having to do so is a “ridiculous policy”. He does not say why: is it to preserve his good looks?

    He certainly doesn’t think it because they would be ineffective, because he admits that they become ” ..dirty virus laden things”, and thus presumably are very effective catching the bugs whether emitting from the wearer or other passengers, and so keeping them and the crew (and him) safe. But he wants to be excused!

    Where is the logic in this post? It is fine to have a rant, but this is not very constructive. Very reassuring, however, that he will not be flying any time soon.

  13. Michelle,
    Thanks for the extremely useful articles.
    Re masks: above you say “Well it does say ask rather than must. So technically it’s not mandatory.”
    But on May 31 you had two headlines saying masks would be “mandatory” and required”.
    Which is it, please?

    • It says ASK ALL customers to wear a mask. To me that’s mandatory but it could be interpreted as voluntary. I have a friend flying today on BA so I hope to report back soon on what it means in reality.

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