NEWS: First look at British Airways new improved first menu in reality, BA Brandygate and Hilton 100% bonus

BA First class cabinBA First class cabin

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First look at British Airways new improved First menu

Thanks to my friend Kevin for this look at the new British Airways First menu and what it looked like in reality. Kevin said the crew were generally great, although lack of familiarity with the new service meant the odd lapse like only a single hot towel service etc (but at least there’s a hot towel again – amazing what you miss!). The lamb shank was a little disappointing and the courgette a bit bland but the rest of the menu was great. This definitely looks a step up from before, and it’s good to see some better desserts.

The menu:

The drinks:

Hot towels, champagne and canapés

The starters

Twice baked soufflé

The mains

Ricotta stuffed courgette – a little bland




Childrens meal


Light meal

Mixed leaf salad


Salmon waldorf salad



Ricotta and spinach rotolo


BA Brandygate update

AA B777-200 businesss class review

Many TLFL readers were understandably upset when BA discontinued cognac in its lounges and onboard. According to BA, this was down to supply chain issues. There is now good news and bad news. Cognac is back onboard in first class! However, it is definitely not currently in the lounges at Gatwick (I’d assume not Heathrow either) or onboard in Club Europe.

If you spot Cognac onboard in Club World or in a BA branded lounge somewhere, let us know!


Hilton 100% bonus

With hotel prices at very high rates in many places, particularly London, it may be worth a look at this offer if you plan to do a cash stay in the next 6 months with Hilton. Many top end hotels would now be cheaper by buying points to book than paying cash plus you get the extra flexibility. Before you buy any points make sure the dates you want are available and book immediately after you purchase them. 

Hilton are offering a good bonus of 100% when you buy 5,000 or more points. You can buy up to 160,000 points a year with this offer which would cost $1600 under the offer for 320,000 points including the bonus. The offer is for purchases by 18 September 2022. 

You can access Hilton’s web page for buying points here.


23 Comments on "NEWS: First look at British Airways new improved first menu in reality, BA Brandygate and Hilton 100% bonus"

  1. Indeed no cognac in the Galleries North this morning…

  2. Simon Robinson | 4 August 2022 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    Brandy shortage is probably amongst the worst COVID excuse/ lie!! Plenty in the shops and online!!And realistically how many bottles would they got through on a long-haul? One? Its about the money!!

  3. Richard Gordon | 4 August 2022 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    Do you have any word on when BA will bring back their ‘Taste of Britain’ pre-ordered purchased meals in long haul economy? I bought one in Jan20 for my flight to Dubai and it was well worth it – a veggie one was only £16, and it was like a WT+ meal.

  4. Marc Jennings | 4 August 2022 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    Improved on what it has been, but still not what a true first class experience offers on even other One World
    airlines with code share on BA. Traveled to LA the other day with two of my sons. We all wanted beef but
    there wasn’t enough (8 seats in First, we were 2A 2E and 2F) I said I’d have the chicken but asked for it later
    (not to be difficult) and when I said I was hungry someone from the crew had eaten it !! I did laugh, I booked BA
    by accident entirely my fault thought it was the AA flight. We went back on Swiss, hands down my favorite European

    • It’s a shame they can’t bring back pre-flight ordering as it solves all the issues. Yes it’s not on the same level as most other F.

  5. Richard Gordon | 4 August 2022 at 7:36 pm | Reply

    Do OWE/GGL pax still get first dibs at the mains in Club & F?

    • They are supposed to in F but it doesn’t always work that way. It’s not set in stone but a “nice to have”.

  6. Wing it One World | 4 August 2022 at 7:48 pm | Reply

    I was in first wing today 4th August 2022 at 08:30 and none available. I tried via the app and directly asking the bar staff. It’s a really shame Michelle I remember you saying you were speaking to some members of staff quite high up in BA and they were unaware of it nut they would look in to it. Someone clearly is aware and as you state the more expensive drink has been removed. Penny savvy pound foolish.

  7. Nice to see commitment to First improvements – now when will Club World get back to a proper standard? And will they stop the First cabin sold as Club World on secondary routes?

  8. Current plan is end of October for Club World to go back to normal.
    We shall see! Flying out to BNA on 2nd Nov and the plane has already been changed from Club Suite back to a 788. At the moment, we are the only couple in Club!

  9. Australia in F £11k+ BA …. (Bed uncomfortable)

    Singapore/Emirates 8-9k (showers in the sky, pick-up drop off, double beds)

    Why would you fly BA?

    The food? I don’t think so!

    I always like BA food but if you do plan to charge a higher premium for your product then at least get the service onboard better than your competition and sadly in my recent experience they have not.

  10. What? Cheese board without a glass of port in first? Unless I’m misreading the menu.

  11. I had the lamb shank returning in First from Chicago and found it excellent

  12. BA First. The best business class in the sky? This is not a premium menu, the wines are inferior to their competitors too. No caviar starter. No foie gras. Cheap cuts of meat like lamb shank and chicken curry. No vehicle transfer to the plane. No chauffeur service. No separate bed and seat. No shower onboard. I refuse to celebrate reinstating cognac, as it’s not my tipple, and no other airline had supply issues. BA have sunk so far they can’t even see how poor they have become in comparison to their competitors. Maybe it’s time to rebrand it ‘Last’ as I can’t see who they beat to be First.

  13. Dessert move a huge step forward. Group of 4 of us in First in April and they had classed ice cream and Lindor as deserts so the chocolate mouse was the only actual dessert – and they only had 3! Got 25,000 avios from my complaint though so alls fair in love and war!

    • That’s a very decent amount of compensation but the dessert situation was incredibly poor for F before.

  14. Joshua Sorrell | 7 August 2022 at 8:53 am | Reply

    Traveled yesterday in F. Would have preferred AA but my colleague did the booking. I asked about the drinks because of this thread. No cognac, only Black Label no Singleton and no Aviatior Gin. Champagne room temperature (bulk standard for BA in F and Club) Had a nice glass of their wine with my bring-along meal from home!
    I dislike BA very much. Club especially even with the new chairs is messy and getting messier. I never saw an airline that made its flight attendants tasks so laborious. It is painful to watch them sometimes as they struggle along. Back to the point though I had a Rasteau wine in the lounge first which was very nice and they brought me a bottle to first because it was available in club. I didn’t need that much but it was kind to ask!

  15. Robert Rogers | 7 August 2022 at 9:41 am | Reply

    Looks like the Hilton bonus promotion is only 80% not 100%?

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