NEWS: More home tests for US, children’s rules clarified, win $1 million with Qatar and Virgin delays flight resumptions

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More companies to start tests for US and children’s rules clarified

There have been limited companies offering home testing for the US as tests must be supervised by video link. More companies are now jumping on the bandwagon.

The Private Harley Street Clinic says it has a new supervised home test, from £35, which is FDA-approved and suitable for travel to the US. Yesterday I reported that Express Test said it will have FDA-approved home test kits with online supervision available soon. This is now confirmed as from 17 November, and will also cost £35, the same as its in-clinic tests that are already available.

The CDC in the US has said that test kits must be FDA approved, so it’s worth asking that specific question if you book a test and it does not state that it is. 

There has been a lot of confusion about testing for children. The US has now confirmed that under 18s and fully vaccinated aren’t required to test on day three to five but the CDC recommends they do. Children who haven’t had two vaccinations (except for vaccines that only require one dose) must take the test no earlier than the day before their flight unless accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or legal guardian, in which case they can take the test within three days.


Win $1 million with Qatar or a private jet flight

The new ‘Fly and Win’ campaign from Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport, will offer passengers flying with the airline the opportunity to become a USD millionaire, experience the trip of a lifetime to the Maldives on a Qatar Executive private jet or sit behind the wheel of brand-new Porsche car.

To enter the raffle, passengers simply need to have enrolled into Privilege Club, the Qatar Airways Loyalty programme, and fly anywhere on the airline’s network through Hamad International Airport. You need be from a qualifying country but the UK is one. 

For every ticket purchased and used between 1st November 2021 and 31st January 2022 on or through a travel agency, passengers will have the chance to win one of the following prizes (Terms & conditions apply):

·       USD 1 million

·       Private jet experience with Qatar Executive to the Maldives with accommodation

·       A new Porsche car

You can join the Privilege Club free here. Then enter now at One winner for each prize will be drawn and announced in Feb 2022.


Virgin delays flight resumptions

Virgin Atlantic January 2021

Virgin had been scheduled to restart some routes next summer that have now been delayed. 

  • Manchester to Los Angeles service has been moved from summer 2022 to restart in 2023.
  • Heathrow to Havana route is now due to resume for winter schedules on 30 October 2022.



4 Comments on "NEWS: More home tests for US, children’s rules clarified, win $1 million with Qatar and Virgin delays flight resumptions"

  1. Are Express Test in-clinic LTFs FDA approved?

  2. On the Express Test web site it does say suitable for for US travel……so I guess they must be otherwise this would be incorrect and wouldn’t do their reputation a whole lot of good!
    Can you email them and get it in writing?

  3. Just completed a round trip LHR – AGP on B.A. club Europe my first since pandemic.
    Both flights the staff were excellent offering great service, however the food was very very below standard compared to 20 months ago and we were served the same menu on both legs. We departed on a Wed., returning the following Friday.
    Why have things slipped so badly and certainly not worth the high cost of the tickets?
    Now departing this Thursday for Orlando via Philadelphia – Club world, so fingers crossed for a better culinary experience!!! Your comments much appreciated.

    • BA has obviously lost huge amounts of money in the pandemic and it’s obvious that they are not spending what they once did on catering. Sadly they lost even more money on the last quarters results so I’m not sure how long it will be before it gets back to how it was. It’s unusual to have the same on both legs apart from the starter which seems to be a piece of lettuce and half a tomato! But their rotation of dishes is not great if you fly a lot. The main courses I have had tasted decent but they are not really what I would call a business class meal.

      Club World is similar to what they had before but with less choice. I’m going to the US next week too so I’ll be publishing my experience too.

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