NEWS: More on BA status exemptions, TLFL ‘Travel at home’ competition entries & join a virtual travellers’ party

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Earlier this week I wrote about BA giving a reduction of the tier points needed for those that are due for renewal in March, April and May. Reader Lindsay commented to say that unofficially, the 30% reductions appear to apply to all parts of the scheme that need TPs to qualify:

  • Gold Entry/Renewal at 1050 Tier points
  • Gold Upgrade Voucher for 2 at 1750
  • Gold Guest List Renewal at 2100
  • 2 x Gold Upgrade Voucher for 1 at 2450
  • Concorde Card renewal/GGL entry at 3500
  • Joker at 4200
  • Joker or 2x GUF1 or 50k Avios at 4900
  • Joker or 2x GUF1 or 50k Avios at 5600
  • Joker or 2x GUF1 or 50k Avios at 6300

If any readers have had any experience of this, let us know in the comments below or on social media.


Virtual traveller’ s party – meet travellers around the world & fun quiz

Travel app, App in the Air, is inviting travellers across the globe to a virtual meetup to connect, reminisce, and play trivia on Tuesday, 31st March at 7pm GMT. Those feeling lost in isolation after weeks of quarantine can meet other grounded frequent fliers, all from the safety on their own homes. Typically, App in the Air hosts in-person meetups around the world from London to New York for their users, but this time they are bringing that connection to everyone virtually. The meetup is open to all travel and aviation lovers, featuring a lightening round of aviation trivia and a Q&A with App in the Air’s Founder & CEO Bayram Annakov.

Trivia winners may receive prizes, such as airline gift cards. App in the Air is also encouraging meetup attendees, and travelers everywhere, to donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, which works to track and understand the spread of the virus and ensure patients and frontline workers receive the care they need. App in the Air is also spearheading a social media campaign inviting followers to build a fleet of paper planes, further connecting grounded travellers and keeping families entertained in isolation.

You can join the virtual travel meet up HERE.

Watch out for TLFL’s virtual reader party coming soon.


TLFL ‘Travel at home’ competition entries

In an effort to console ourselves about lost travels and being stuck at home, I decided to launch a competition to recreate the travel experience at home. If you need some suggestions, have a read of this tongue in cheek article.

If you would like to enter you still have plenty of time. Entries close at midnight on Monday 30 March 2020 and you could win a Fortnum and Mason Necessities kit with champagne and caviar.  Just post your picture on social media on the TLFL Facebook page, TLFL Facebook Champagne lounge group or on Twitter. Alternatively, email it to [email protected]

Here are the entries received so far. Let us know your favourites in the comments below or on social media. 


This entry is from Jamie to recreate a recent Qatar First class experience. 


This one is from Marc, who says ” Was meant to be in the Maldives right now but am trying to be cheerful and optimistic.”


I like to call this one “Getting Trollied” from reader Brad





Tania’s entry is called “Appreciating what’s around you .”

Should have been flying to Denver today for a family ski holiday in Steamboat instead we headed to the Cairngorms last week for an amazing day’s skiing. Grateful to have been able to do this and appreciate what’s on my doorstep.

The final entry is one of our first from David. Would like to know the story behind this!

12 Comments on "NEWS: More on BA status exemptions, TLFL ‘Travel at home’ competition entries & join a virtual travellers’ party"

  1. I recently requalified for Gold and GUF2 back in February ahead of my April reset date. Does the new tier thresholds mean that I would also qualify for 2xGUF1 retrospectively?

  2. Hi..
    You have the date wrong in your details regarding status changes …

    BA said “We’ll be lowering Tier Point thresholds by 30% for all Members due for Tier upgrade or renewal in April, May and June” not march, april and May you allude to…

  3. Pussers is a make of rum……..if that helps!

  4. Chris Beer | 29 March 2020 at 8:51 am |

    I have reached 1850 TP with three long haul J tickets being cancelled for April and May so I won’t get to 2500 by Aug which is my card reset month, so you think that the 2500 that you talk about maybe being lowered to 1750 will apply to me and would I need to ask BA or leave it for now and see what happens in a few mo the time? Thanks

  5. Marc in the Maldives is my favourite, so far.

  6. Lindsay with the Heathrow signage and Ansett bag. A proper home creation!

  7. Denis Herraghty | 29 March 2020 at 5:44 pm |

    Adding to Edwards comment… Pussers rum is from Tortola British Virgin Islands. It is historically associated with – and much enjoyed!! – by the Royal Navy. Trust me – I know !!!!!

  8. Steve Herd | 30 March 2020 at 6:55 pm |

    The executive club are honouring the tier point reductions but the person & team leader that advised me earlier insisted that this would only be from the start of the new tier point year not immediately but as we all know they then went on to say this was very fluid !
    Perhaps the good people at TLFL could champion an extension to the 1 year from date of travel refund voucher, my better half is a front line Dr & there is absolutely no way she will be able to take 2 weeks off anytime in the foreseable as will be the case for most of the hardworking NHS, a good cause me thinks !
    Cheers, Steve

  9. I contacted BAEC for Gold members yesterday and the lady I spoke to checked for me. She came back with the statement that the 30% reduction in tier point requirements applies only to status renewal at the moment. She did say that there are regular updates on this and that the reduction may apply to other parts of the scheme at a later date. I certainly hope so since my renewal date is in June and I have accumulated 2100 tier points during the current year. It would be nice to get my first ever upgrade voucher for 2. If it were not for Covid-19 I would have reached 2500 very easily since my company wanted me to go to China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sri Lanka and Male during Match and April. Very understandable and correct that all travel to these countries was suspended, but nevertheless very frustrating.
    Cheers, C

  10. Have just started my new year but my account says I need 3000 TPs to requalify for GGL. Hope this is just a BA IT issue!

  11. flylikelinz | 23 April 2020 at 11:01 am |

    here is my datapoint: My partner finally got around to calling BA. as due to renew in May and currently at 2230. Asked if GUF2 was now eligible at 30% reduction so 1750… on hold for 5 mins. Came back confirming eligibility and issued GUF2. happy days

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