NEWS & OFFERS: 3 out of 8 former red list have FCDO warning, Shapps briefs parliament on travel including entry from UAE

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6 Comments on "NEWS & OFFERS: 3 out of 8 former red list have FCDO warning, Shapps briefs parliament on travel including entry from UAE"

  1. The advice is not conflicting. The FCDO advice relates to whether British citizens are advised to travel to a country.

    The Department for Transport rules are about what happens to any arrivals entering the U.K. from that country.

    It’s two different things.

    • The way that I view it is that most people would assume that taking a country of the red list means that it is safe to travel to. After all the government days that you should not travel to a red list country. But then the FCDO is saying it’s not safe to travel to some amber countries. While most TLFL readers are regular travellers who understand the difference between the traffic light system and FCDO advice, much of the travelling public do not. I’m sure that a lot of people will end up booking trips only to find that it’s against FCDO advice afterwards.

      • Isn’t that just a Darwin-type thing, though? Before the pandemic, responsible travellers always checked the FCDO advice, particularly to see whether they would need (other) jabs, visas, bodyguards or the like.
        Covid just put another layer on top that, in some ways, simplified things by putting a overriding Covid Traffic Light Trump card in place.

  2. I’m confused about the post regarding travel insurance to countries where the FCDO advise is all but essential travel. Only yesterday I spoke with my bank, we’ll actually it’s the insurance company they use, and was advised that although the country I’m planning to visit is currently on the U.K. red list, as the FCDO advice is “all but essential travel” and not “against all travel” I will be covered.

    • That’s definitely an exception rather than the rule. Most travel insurance companies will not cover FCDO advise against all but essential travel. You got lucky.

  3. Is anyone really surprised by the contradictory information from the government. The only thing they do with any consistency is create chaos.

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