NEWS & OFFERS: Clarity on BA’s extension announcment & Virgin Atlantic’s new credit card offer

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 Clarity on BA’s extension announcement

After BA’s earlier announcement about extending status, there were a number of questions left unanswered. Here are the answers I received from BA:

  • Do you still require 5,000 to qualify initially for GGL?

Yes, the threshold is still in place. A member must earn 5000 Tier Points in one membership year to upgrade to Gold Guest List and 3000 each subsequent membership year thereafter to retain Gold Guest List status, but there is a 25% reduction in these thresholds until June 2022. Once you have gained GGL you will have access to the Concorde Room even if you renew at 3,000 points


  • The extension of the 25% off tier points until 30 June 2022 is confusing. If you have a tier points expiry of 8 September 22 for example, does that mean you won’t get any reduction or that the reduction applies until 22 June then returns to normal until 8 September?

The 25% threshold reductions currently apply to those with a Tier Point collection end date before 30 June 2022.


  • Are the changes to GGL CCR access permanent? And the pre-flight dining?

These changes are not temporary, however, BA will always review customer benefits to make sure they’re suitable. So yes in so far as anything is permanent in these types of announcements.


  • Will I be able to take a guest to the Concorde Room as a 3,000 tier point GGL member?

Yes you will be able to take on guest into the CCR.


  • My Gold Upgrade vouchers and some other people’s GUFs have been extended 6 months but the article doesn’t give details about this?

BA is denying this and saying it was done in February when everyone got 6 months extra. However, a number of people including myself recently got 6-month extensions on those due to expire in 2020. 


Virgin Atlantic’s new credit card offer

Virgin + credit card

Virgin Atlantic has introduced a new offer for customers signing up for its Virgin Money credit card.

I think the product is a good deal and I have one myself. You can earn rewards such as seat upgrades, companion vouchers and even gain access to the airline’s famous Clubhouses. The other benefits are the generous earning rates (1.5 points per £1 for the paid version), the fact that it is a Mastercard that’s accepted almost everywhere, and the fact that Virgin points never expire. You can read more here. 

Virgin are now also offering cashback like Amex on various spending venues. Current examples are 15% off buy a gift, 7% off P&O Ferries, 5% off Amazon for the paid card. 

Customers opting for the Rewards card will receive 2,000 bonus points for a £500 spend within 90 days of opening an account. Those choosing the Rewards + card will receive 15,000 points when spending £3,000 within the first 90 days.  The rewards + offer is in addition to the 15,000 bonus points you receive when making your first purchase within the first 90 days.

To benefit from the enhanced offer, customers need to link their Flying Club number to their credit card by 6th January 2022.

Customers will need to open their Virgin Atlantic Credit Card by 15th October to take advantage of the enhanced offer. 


  • Representative 22.9% APR (variable) Terms apply
  • Virgin Money is a trading name of Clydesdale Bank PLC

9 Comments on "NEWS & OFFERS: Clarity on BA’s extension announcment & Virgin Atlantic’s new credit card offer"

  1. Re BA Gold renewal. I’m still confused. My Gold membership expires on 8th February 2022. Does that mean that during Feb 2022 and Feb 2023 I need to earn 1125 points or 1500 points to keep my Gold status? Sorry to seem thick but want to be sure. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks.

    • According to BA’s response it would be 1500. However the thing to look at is your account from February as many people are showing the lower threshold.

  2. Hi Michelle, I have Silver status due to expire August 2022. On BA app and website to retain I have 450 tier points listed (ie. the reduced threshold). It has been this way since a few months back. Quite confused if the reduction is only meant to be for June expiry. Will the Silver still be retained at 450 and if I cross 1125 will I turn Gold? Or is there a distinction being made been retaining and stepping up to the next tier for expiry later than June?

    • According to BA’s official response no but they are repeating what it says in the press release. I would screen shot the 450 TPs required in case it disappears, though I’m doubtful it will.

  3. The response from BA about the 25% reduction in tier points needed seems wrong and may need clarifying. My tier point collection end date is 8 July 2022 and both the app and website state I need 450 points to requalify as silver (a 25% redcution). This contradicts the response from BA.

    • I know it still doesn’t make much sense. But that was their answer word for word. I would simply screen shot what it shows in case it was to disappear.

  4. The answer to the question about Tier Point reduced threshold doesn’t make sense.
    The website says the reduced target applies to BAEC accounts until 30th June – so as long as you meet the threshold before then, your Tier Point collection year is irrelevant, surely?

  5. So my TP collection end date is coming up – that looks like next year I will need 100% as the extension drops off half way through. Should really be each members next TP year…More frustrating as its BA who have cancelled a whole pile of business class flights this year and the TPs I do have will just disappear…

  6. I’m also confused. I’m reading it as if your tier point year ends on or before 30th June, the 2022/2023 tier point year will need 1125 point for Gold, thereafter 30th June it reverts to 1500 points.

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