What to expect from new British Airways Club Europe meals and catering in 2022

Thai Curry Tenerife- Heathrow 4.20pm

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On 15 March British Airways launched an improved Club Europe meal service with more of each choice loaded and better quality. I wrote about my experience in this article.

In this article, I have grouped together photos and details from friends and readers to give a better picture of what you can expect.

Other than the meals, the bread baskets are back plus they now have Aviation Gin instead of Tanqueray (Gordon’s is still available). The Dettol wipes were hit and miss on my flights. 





There are up to 3 options depending on the length of flight. There’s no accompanying fruit and bircher muesli on shorter flights either. 

The options are:

The full English – which now has bacon again

LHR-MAD 07:30


Belfast – thanks to reader Ryan


Vegetarian option 

London Heathrow to Malta – thanks to reader Laura


Or a continental option

It is served with a bread basket with either croissants or a choice of croissant or pain au chocolat.


Afternoon tea


2:55pm to Barcelona credit IG: @mazootoninsta


Belfast – thanks to reader Ryan


Vegetarian option:


These are served with a warm scone.


Rest of the day

There is usually a hot option, a vegetarian option and a salad option on slightly longer flights. The bread basket is back but there was no choice on my flight, just the usual olive roll. On shorter flights you don’t get the cheese either, just the dessert. 

Hot options:

Thai Curry Tenerife- Heathrow 4.20pm


from LHR to IST – beef cheeks – thanks to reader Calvin


Salad options:

11:55 LHR-GVA thanks to SB


GVA-LHR 17th March 12:25 flight – thanks to SB


Athens to London 8.25pm


Vegetarian option

This is a hot pasta option on longer flights

GLA to LHR at 18:40. Tofu, wasabi under the rice, mango & avocado

Had the new Club Europe catering recently? Did you think it was an improvement? Let us know in the comments below. 

17 Comments on "What to expect from new British Airways Club Europe meals and catering in 2022"

  1. Travelled CDG to LHR. Unknown tomato-based starter. Beef salad. Chocolate mousse. Beef was a welcome change from the quinoa or ceasar salad that has been served for the past 18 months but it wasnt remarkable. The chocolate mousse is gerting tiewd. The starter was bland. Butter was on the tray but no bread or roll materialised. Overall an improvement but still a long way to go to become a premium experience particularly on short flights

  2. Wing it One World | 31 March 2022 at 11:00 pm |

    I flew to Zargreb from T3, Prawn salad or aubergine salad, both were very poor. NO COGNAC your menu shows they serves 3 gins, whiskey vodka and Bacardi NO COGNAC, massive disappointment, none loaded, none in the lounge either. If they have a problem with supply LIDL sainburys Waitrose all good supermarkets sells it ,perhaps they could help. Attitude of BA is a brush it under the carpet attitude, and sadly a poor loose lipped apology. Even the 2 glasses of champagne 🍾 was warm. 😢😢😢

  3. CE can be really good but…
    1) Why do they insist on serving on a Jay cloth
    2) Why is it impossible to serve a ketchup potion with an English breakfast?

  4. We had the new menu on 16 March flying from Athens to London – Thai Curry for me and the vegetarian pasta option for my partner. Have to say we both really enjoyed the whole meal, and a big improvement on what was served on the way out! I also wondered why the J cloth? mat – it needs to go!!

    • They had the j cloth mats before. It’s a strange choice. I reckon someone picked it thinking it was blue but didn’t notice the striking resemblance to a J cloth!

  5. Hilary Brown | 1 April 2022 at 7:31 am |

    We flew business class to Santorini on 28th March, 08.10 am so breakfast menu. We were in row 3 and they had already run out of bread rolls. No brandy available either but plenty of gin choices if that’s your tipple, not ours!

  6. Might be worth noting that as BA consolidate to overcome another IT issue, the middle seat may be used in CE. This leaves the tray above the only differentiation for a fairly hefty increase in cost.

  7. Fly to Aberdeen on Wednesday morning this week.
    Had a choice of three meals for breakfast.
    These were the Full English or vegetarian option or Salmon.
    I chose the Salmon option.
    It was very tasty.
    Served with Champagne.
    Its a shame no menu given out still on this flight.
    Just to keep as a souvenir.

  8. Anthony Dunn | 1 April 2022 at 2:49 pm |

    Having just experienced Finnair’s onboard catering LHR-HEL-LHR and the BA offering knocks spots off AY’s bland vegetarian for all offerings. Personally, I cannot abide tofu – which is bad news if you are taking AY.

    • James Harper | 1 April 2022 at 7:56 pm |

      I agree about the tofu – but if you don’t need to make a vegetarian choice then Finnair food on HEL-LHR is pretty good – though the choclate cookies have outlived their time!

  9. James Harper | 1 April 2022 at 7:55 pm |

    Well it’s good to see food restored to somewhere near normal but now they just need to fix the rest! I’ve just booked six months worth of short haul and on every route chose the competitor because I just don’t regard BA as reliable at the moment and with the promise of cancellations to the published schedule over the summer, I would rather choose reliable.

  10. Went to Dubai last month business class night flight out day flight back, I thought the food onboard was good.
    However the food in both lounges was very poor.

  11. Did MAN-LHR on 25th March…..No queue in MAN security (maybe I got lucky?) Crew did an amazing job on the 30 min flight. Lovely cold roast beef and potato salad, warm breads and the usual mouse (which I think is lovely) and full bar service. Crew offered 2 drinks and plastic cups for landing. Food and drink on table within 10 mins of wheels up!! I was impressed for such a short flight. 15 minute wait to get a gate at LHR but I had my second bottle of champagne was was grand!!

    • That sounds like the perfect flight! You definitely got lucky at Manchester although to be fair the fast track queue is rarely too bad in terms of lengths.

  12. dean stannard | 2 April 2022 at 5:49 pm |

    I have had the Tofu a few times recently and I have to say its probably the best meal I have had in the last 18 months on a domestic or SH. I flew throughout the pandemic and things have certainly been different but in the last 3 months you can see small improvemnts.

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