ACT NOW: British Airways Book With Confidence ends TONIGHT 7 June

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British Airways has sent emails out this afternoon to BA affiliates that the Book with Confidence deal is due to end at midnight tonight. It was originally due to end on 30 September 2022. I think it’s pretty sneaky to remove the offer with virtually no notice to its customers. Virgin Atlantic recently gave notice on their policy ending too, so it may be a reaction to that. 

The change only applies to new bookings, so if you were considering booking something in the next few days, I highly recommend that you do it today if the booking meets the current criteria. 

The Book with Confidence policy applies to journeys due to be completed by 30 September 2022 booked before midnight tonight 7 June. You can change your dates and destination, with no change fee, on journeys due to be completed by 30 September 2022. However, you will need to pay a difference in fare if there is one. The changes can happen at any point until check-in closes (for flight only) on the day so it’s also useful for Avios bookings that usually require 24 hours’ notice to cancel.

 There are different rules for BA Holidays. Date changes and voucher exchanges requested for British Airways Holidays (flight + hotel and/or car) package bookings travelling up to 30 September 2022 must be made a minimum of three weeks before departure when booked before 16 December 2021 or 28 days’ notice when booked on or after 16 December 2021. Less notice will be accepted if major travel restrictions are imposed or you or a member of your party test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of outward departure,

If you would rather take a refund voucher, you apply for a voucher here and the voucher will be valid for travel fully completed by 30 September 2023 (departure and return).

You can see more about the BA Book With Confidence policy here. 

11 Comments on "ACT NOW: British Airways Book With Confidence ends TONIGHT 7 June"

  1. Probably a sale about to start?

    • Sadly I doubt it. BA’s focus seems to be on charging high and filling the aircraft they are running due to the amount of cancellations. I don’t think we will see a sale until their staffing issues are solved.

  2. What….not another one.

  3. BA are in free fall!

    • Andy Hawkins | 7 June 2022 at 7:06 pm | Reply

      Yep, so are many other airlines throughout the world, exemplified by over 4500 cancellations in the US alone over memorial weekend.

  4. All of the info on, and the link above, seem to link to BA Holiday bookings only – no mention now of flight-only bookings.

    Presumably existing bookings for this summer are still covered for free changes beyond tomorrow.

  5. I wonder where this ends? I have just had flights to Bahrain cancelled and “rearranged”. Departure date at the end of September.

    Do BA not understand that if they keep doing this then no-one will book. Once passengers are lost they will simply not return. Too many better options now on almost all of BA’s route network.

    The organisation is rotten from the top. It needs a complete clear out of senior management and almost a return to the drawing board. They have lost all sense of identity, all sense of purpose and the internal culture is horrendous. All of this translates into a terrible product – across the board – and a complete disregard for customer service and the needs of its passengers.

    As a Lifetime Gold Member, sadly it will be some time before I venture back on board.

    • Yes I believe they are cancelling more flights again. The problem is they are fire fighting and not thinking medium term. Right now with reduced numbers of flights and people with vouchers to use, demand is high. What they are not thinking about is what happens when things return to normal in the autumn. I agree as they say on it costs more to get a customer back than to keep them in the first place.

  6. So preoccupied with their own internal problems they have once again shown their low priority afforded to the concept of customer service.
    The fools at the top may know the cost of everything but they value very little indeed.
    Avoid whenever possible.

  7. Marc.Jennings | 8 June 2022 at 12:09 pm | Reply

    I had to smile: “Book With Confidence Ends Tonight”. Subtext: Book AYOR from June 8th!
    But Michele is spot on with one of her response remarks (above) about BA’s lack of medium term planning.
    The recent history is full of examples. There is almost no planning at all.
    –BA has made itself almost entirely dependent on low paid graduate student placements into roles that directly impact the their product and public image. These people have no idea on why and how other airlines have competitive edge, they simply need to achieve targets and abstract attractiveness regardless of the long term view. Some of these placements make it into more permanent management positions where hope of breaking free of a vicious circle is stopped.
    –Despite the club world seat specification well known to those who plan at BA some time before its launch, they went ahead with a ca. £480m Transforming Club World program that was a flop almost as soon as it started but in any case the design and function of the ‘transformed’ service was incompatible with the seat dimensions and other cabin/galley specifications. Choices were made around product areas and choices that are now too difficult and too costly to redress and so a hybrid and inefficient service standard has developed.
    Money down the drain.
    –Having not considered the demands of certain routes in relation to flight time and service needs, A350 jets were ordered with the most rudimentary galley fittings that have caused logistical problems at first denied emphatically by the company and now acknowledged to have been a mistake, but too costly to set right since 16 or so aircraft are already in that configuration.
    –The airline purchased the new club world suites but on a thrift mission declined to pay for full seat specification and approval meaning that a convenient part of the seat unit – the water bottle and holder which allows for modest storage of passenger items – is out of bounds for use. They will not now address that choice and pay for full spec approval and spent a few years selling a variety of excuse stories to crew who question the choice
    –2020 saw knee jerk reactions and a trail of disastrous choices around aircraft retirements and mass redundancies on a fire-and-hire scheme that are here to stay for some considerable time to come.
    It is no wonder that ground staff are in strike ballots and it would not surprise anyone if other areas of the business are soon in the same position.
    Sean Doyle rehashed his management team recently but scratching the surface does not reach into the rotten core.

    I would conclude by saying Book With Confidence Ends Tonight should be expanded to include a great deal more than just booking with BA.

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