Aer Lingus to operate these BA flights & Malaysia flash sale

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Aer Lingus to operate BA flights

Aer Lingus A330

Aer Lingus A330

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about BA’s leasing of Titan aircraft at Gatwick to cover the use of BA’s newly acquired ex Monarch slots and aircraft being refitted to the new seats and configuration. It seems that this is not enough to cover the short fall this summer.

Aer Lingus will now be operating certain flights on two BA routes from Heathrow T5 to Dublin and Hamburg from February (exact date is not known.

The affected flights are:
BA0824 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA0826 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA0828 London Heathrow – Dublin (On selected days)

BA0827 Dublin – London Heathrow
BA0831 Dublin – London Heathrow
BA0833 Dublin – London Heathrow (On selected days)

BA0962 London Heathrow – Hamburg
BA0969 Hamburg – London Heathrow

I am not very happy at all about this as it means there will be no Club Europe on the flights. I have 4 upcoming Dublin flights and 3 of them are now on Aer Lingus. This now potentially means that I have lost 120 tier points which obviously is not accceptable. So far I have had no communication from BA but I would expect to be offered the chance to change flights (which  doesn’t help as I have a connecting flight) or be entitled to the EU compensation of a 75% refund of that sector of the ticket.

Economy should be very similar to BA with buy on board available. I actually thought Aer Lingus economy was OK and the staff were excellent. The seat pitch is also slightly better at 31-32″ versus BA’s 30.

Are you on on of these flights? Have BA contacted you about it yet? Let me know below or on social media

Malaysia Flash sale

A350 business class

Malaysia has launched a flash sale from the UK but the prices are very average. However, you do get tier points and Avios and great service on Malaysia. Malaysia have just launched their new A350 from London on one of their 2 daily flights so this is now a product to consider with their new seats and entertainment system. The route is due to go to all A350s in March. The fares must be booked by 29 January for travel until 21 March 2018.

The new A350 features an almost identical business class to that of their A330. The seats are arranged in an alternating 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 pattern. This means that all of the seats in business class bar 3 will have direct aisle access, so avoid rows 3,6 and 10K if you want aisle access. This configuration results in 4 of the so-called throne seats which have a large amount of personal space with the additional shelf space on both sides. These are all K seats in rows 1,5, 9 and 11.

  • Business class return from London from:
  • Phnom Penh £2,155
  • Bali £2,255
  • Kuala Lumpur £2,015
  • Penang, Langkawi £2,115
  • Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) £2,155
  • Sydney £2,875
  • Auckland £3,075

The sale page is here.

6 Comments on "Aer Lingus to operate these BA flights & Malaysia flash sale"

  1. Another great Qatar review and all your comments were spot on. In relation to the lounge in Doha, if there is a lack of seats upstairs, in the future, there is another section that is often missed by most customers. If you want to check it out just head for the double leather seats upstairs, the ones that overlook the premium lounge downstairs, look left, walk towards the last two leather seats, open the glass door at the end, walk along a small corridor and then you will see another large section on the right. Most of the time there is just one or two people in this lounge and a very helpful waiter.

    Hope you get your BA problem sorted out.

    • Thanks Ian. I did notice the glass doors on the return visit and wonder where it went. Will try it out next time!

  2. Looks like I have a couple of bookings affected – both back from Dublin to London. One is a maybe (given your ‘selected days’) which is booked in club and the other is only is only in economy anyway. Like you, I wouldn’t want to re-book the club trip – maybe a better compensation option would be a smaller refund but to keep the tier points?

    I’ve not had any notification yet from BA – although I have just had an email about ‘preparing for your trip’ for a flight that is not until May! You gotta love BA IT.

    • Yes I had the same email. I suspect they are probably working out the party line before emailing people. I agree that getting the tier points is a priority for me. The refund will be pretty small so I would go for the full refund and TP!

  3. Hi Michelle…winstanley semmence and myself are on the BA0831 business 15 MAY then off to phoenix ex egll first. No contact yet from BA. Well spotted. We will not go away without suitable compensation. Revenge will be sought. And sweet

    • Hi Kev. Sorry to hear you are caught up in this as well. Sounds like a good trip! I will post when I get a reply from them. Hopefully you saw today’s post which at least shows BA acknowledging the leases if nothing else!

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