REVIEW: Flying with EasyJet Gatwick to Ibiza in August 2022

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I recently made the journey to my favourite island, Ibiza, with Easyjet. Although Bristol is my nearest airport, we had the opportunity to jet off a day earlier, so we decided to make the journey to Gatwick Airport. With BA flights still very expensive, and EasyJet offering a range of customer improvements, including their own lounge, is it worth looking at EasyJet as an alternative?


Buying the Ticket

Buying a flight ticket with EasyJet is a great experience. They have an easy-to-use app where flights can easily be compared across multiple dates, and a flight can be booked quickly and easily. The app also provides live flight tracking and updates and the option to add additional services to your flight. If you have an account, your details are saved, which makes it even easier.

We paid £199.96 for two seats plus £61.98 for two cases. EasyJet fees for choosing seats range from  £7.99-£12.99. However, to reserve a seat in the first row, expect to pay £12.99-£29.99 per seat.

All passengers can bring 56x45x25cm hand luggage that must fit into the designated EasyJet boxes at check-in and boarding. From personal experience, this is checked about 20% of the time and rarely on the return leg of the journey. They are mainly on the lookout for people bringing wheeled suitcases on the free baggage allowance,

If you’re a frequent traveller with EasyJet, join EasyJet plus. For the £215 yearly fee, you get seats at the front of the plane with extra legroom, fast track security, dedicated bag drops, speedy boarding and an additional cabin bag. There is also more flexibility with the option to board an earlier flight for free. EasyJet plus members also get 10% off onboard food and drink.



After 7 hours on the train and havoc due to the train strikes the day before (13th August), we arrived at Gatwick Airport 1 hour late with now just 2 hours to go to catch our flight. I was very impressed with the Easyjet check-in at Gatwick airport. Everything was done automatically on screens, and our luggage tag was printed quickly. After waiting hours in check-in queues at other airports this summer, this was a welcome break.

The Easyjet check-in area is at North Terminal. The terminal can easily be reached from the train station at the South terminal through the interterminal airport TRAIN shuttle. The check-in hall is straight ahead of the shuttle exit.



easyjet plane, runway, gatwick airport

If you’re travelling to Gatwick Airport, always leave time to get to your gate. All gates are 5-20 minutes away. It seems like forever as you walk aimlessly down long, straight walkways, following numerous signs to your gate. Once we reached the waiting area, it was very full. Some passengers were even left standing. When we arrived, the plane had not even arrived at Gatwick, so we ended up being in the room for around 1 hour.

Finally, it was time to board the plane. Boarding was easy, and we could walk straight from the boarding area onto the plane. However, once boarding was announced, we waited in ANOTHER queue in the tunnel to board the plane. We were probably there for about 15 minutes. 

boarding the easyjet flight

Preparing to board the plane


On Board

We were seated in row 5. The seat was more spacious than I’d imagined, with a tray table and a pocket to keep essentials in during the flight. The space is doable for a 2-hour flight. We were allocated seats together even though we hadn’t paid for the privilege. 

easyjet flight layout, plane

The seating layout of our EasyJet flight


Food and Drinks

EasyJet also has a wide range of food and drinks available on board. I normally go for a canned mojito on an evening flight or a coffee in the mornings. If I’m taking an afternoon flight, I normally go all out on the food and get a meal deal for X. You can choose a hot or cold main, a drink and a snack under the value of £7. I often find that most of the hot food runs out towards the end of trolley service, and sometimes, I’ll even receive an email the day before informing me there will be no hot food available on board.

This time, however, I chose not to have food or drink on the journey.



Duty Free

There’s a huge selection of duty-free items on board EasyJet flights, especially perfumes and makeup. There’s also a good selection of kids’ busy toys and little gifts. Listen out for the announcements because there’s sometimes an additional discount offered (usually up to 20%).


Arriving in Ibiza

The plane landed slightly later than planned, but we got through security quickly, and our bags were released quickly. The only problem was the huge taxi queues faced in August in Ibiza! However, the queues moved fast, and we were soon on our way.



ibiza sign. ibiza island

Welcome to Ibiza!

Overall, the flight went very quickly. Sitting on board was a welcome break after our previous train delay. I often travel with EasyJet for short-haul flights because Bristol is one of my nearest airports. Ibiza is a stunning island and well worth a visit. We travelled back from Ibiza with Ryanair to Bristol – review coming soon!


6 Comments on "REVIEW: Flying with EasyJet Gatwick to Ibiza in August 2022"

  1. Good review, thanks very much. As an economy traveler my experience over the last 18 months is that Easy trumps BA every time.

  2. I agree – EasyJet can and often trumps BA. Eagerly awaiting EasyJet to release their summer 2023 schedules as BA flights are becoming eye-watering expensive for short haul flights. Does anyone know when EasyJet will release their summer schedule?

  3. Thanks for this – I’m about to enter the brave new world of not retaining my BA Silver status this year, as I have flights with other airlines booked that are not OneWorld…looking forward to branching out (possibly even on EJ for skiing)!

  4. I flew with EasyJet for the first time a couple of months ago having totally lost confidence in British Airways. We too aren’t planning to renew our BA silver this year.
    I was actually very impressed with EasyJet. More legroom than BA and lovely friendly staff. I ate a cheese and ham toastie which was delicious!
    I’ve flown again since with EasyJet and I will do again.

  5. Can you bring your own soft drinks, alcohol, and food on board, and consume them during the flight?

  6. Check carefully which Gatwick airport terminal your Eastjet flight is operating from… my recent flights to Greece were from the South Terminal… as was last weeks first morning flight to Glasgow… so don’t get caught out…

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