For TLFL’s 4th birthday we have a present – our new sister website is launching today!

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In 11 days’ time, we will celebrate the official fourth birthday for TLFL. I originally set up the website following my kidney transplant as a new career after many years in air traffic control. I never dreamed that I would get as many readers as we have, and I’m so grateful you have all stuck around for the fun times (not!) in 2020!!

As always I remain hugely indebted to those who helped make the blog successful – Roving Reporter, Paul, Mrs B, Claudio, Marek, Jersey Girl, plus many more of my friends and the readers who have supplied us with articles (I still have a couple to publish so if you haven’t seen yours, it’s coming!).

You will also notice that we have two new regular contributors, Jenna from Australia and Sarah from Florida. 

I remain as committed as ever to TLFL, but I am branching out to a new venture that will run alongside it. In a similar vein to TLFL it will be all about saving money on luxury, but this time it will be about beauty products. This will include hair, skin and make-up including men’s products. The new site is called Luxe Beauty for Less and it’s launching today!


The format will be slightly different as we will be only publishing around 2-3 articles per week although it may be more initially due to Black Friday. 

Please do take a look and if you are interested sign up to get our emails or follow us on social media. We will be offering a free weekly newsletter on the sign-ups by the end of this week. At the moment you will get emails as articles are published. 

You can find the website here. 


8 Comments on "For TLFL’s 4th birthday we have a present – our new sister website is launching today!"

  1. Good luck with your new venture.

  2. Hmm, me and beauty are not too things that go together well.
    But, good luck.

  3. That’s great Michele – good luck with the new venture. And please do place some emphasis on men as you plan to do – we are such an unrepresented species in this domain!

  4. ClaytonTheCruton | 18 November 2020 at 10:53 am | Reply

    Not really my thing although “she who must be obeyed” / “the better half” often opines that have more ‘potions & lotions’ than she does and am something of a tart so if you ever need a male tester / feedback provider then let me know.

    ( it should be noted that none of them have done me any good and I still remain to be as ugly as a box of frogs with a face only a mother could love)

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