How to get hold of British Airways by phone, social media or email when you have a cancellation and want to rebook

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I am seeing a lot of comments about being unable to get hold of British Airways again. This had improved in recent months, and I suspect that it will improve again in the next couple of weeks. However, being peak travel season and BA has recently made a large number of cancellations in a short space of time, it’s understandably busy right now. 

Firstly even if you don’t get offered flights that are suitable, it’s always worth going into manage my booking and seeing if it will offer you any other options. There should be a change booking option. 

Next, if that doesn’t work I would have a look at exactly what you want to do by searching on initially for what is available and if there is nothing, then looking at other airlines. BA is more likely to agree to oneworld airline reroutes. 

Once you know what you want to do, then phone is quickest if you can get through. 



  • The general number for changes to bookings is 0344 493 0787 option 1 (calls charged at local rate) Daily: 06:00-20:00
  • Try to call when they open or last thing before they close. If you ring when they open, try to ring 2 or 3 minutes before to get through the menu options in advance of the opening time. 
  • If you have Executive status you will be shown the correct number to call by logging into your account and clicking contact executive club on this page. 
  • If you are having trouble and being hung up on – don’t press any options, just wait.
  • Try calling another English-speaking country’s BA number such as the US which is often quieter. Be wary of the cost – a Skype cash account is great for these type of calls. I’d also use Skype if you are abroad and need to contact BA. It takes a minute or two to set it up but could save you a fortune. Most calls only cost around 1-2p per minute. 
  • All the relevant contacts are on this page



There is a chat function in the bottom right on this page.

It’s limited in what they can do, but it’s worth a try. 


Social media

At the moment having a Twitter account can be very useful to get through to companies even if you never use it for anything else. BA’s Twitter is  @British_Airways.

You will need to follow them and have them follow you in return by tweeting them and tagging them. Do not give out any booking details until you have got to the direct messaging stage. It will take several days or longer for them to get back to you. So you will have to be patient. 


British Airways Holidays

  • If you have a BA Holidays booking you have to contact them unless you are GGL. For GGL they will usually liaise with BA Holidays for you to sort it out, so call the usual GGL number. 
  • While you are away or for travel within 24 hours you can contact the BA Holidays Duty office on [email protected] or text +44 786 002 2933. If you do not meet those criteria they will not be able to help. 
  • If you need to contact BA Holidays before you travel or want to make changes, call 0344 493 0787 and select Option 1 (charged at local rate), from 07:30 to 20:00 daily. 

First class bookings

New B777-300ER First

If you have a booking in First that you wish to change or refund, you can use the YouFirst service which is there to assist First passengers only. 

You can call them on

– In the UK – 0800 408 7667

– From overseas –  – +44 (0) 207 949 3055

Or use the contact form on this page.


Have you had success reaching BA by phone? Let us know in the comments below. 


12 Comments on "How to get hold of British Airways by phone, social media or email when you have a cancellation and want to rebook"

  1. Nothing, but nothing, would cause me to trust BA with a booking right now.

  2. Mark McKeown | 17 July 2022 at 6:54 am | Reply

    I agree on Twitter being a rewarding channel to contact BA. May I point out that I did not have to follow them/be followed to make contact. As you say it can still take several days (not ideal if time is of the essence) but at least this route avoids the goddam soul-destroying telephone experience.

    With regards to the chat option I have mixed feelings. Has anyone else found getting past the chat bots to ‘speak’ with a real person is akin to breaking into Fort Knox? My impression is the BA chat service is hosted from offshore – maybe India? In a recent encounter one of the…enthusiastic… BA chat agents stated ‘we have been the best airlines (sic) for more than a decade.’ I responded by asking if he had sourced that claim from a comic.

    Michele – the very fact you are having to share this advice speaks volumes. How very sad and pathetic BA has become.

  3. Help
    The worst bit so far is that customer relations and customer service s are separate, the former pays the statutory amounts I’d delayed or cancelled, the latter if you are downgraded!
    Anybody have a way to deal with this?

  4. I agree with using Skype cash account – note many 1 8xx numbers for USA are actually free on skype eg BA is +18777677970

  5. Just to check you use Skype to call the same number not a different number?

    I have tried phoning multiple times over the last 10 days and always get disconnected after being told to call back later as they are busy!

    I did send the a DM on Twitter and got an acknowledgment saying an agent would reply but they were busy. That was 5 days ago and nothing!

    • Yes. Skype has a feature that allows you to dial normal international numbers at a much reduced cost. So you’d only use it for dialling one of the international offices or if abroad and wanted to dial BA in the UK.

  6. Just managed to get through to the Silver Executive club number this morning around 8am. Managed to reroute using BA Iberia & Iberia Express routing MAN-LHR-MAD-ACE instead of suggested alternative of MAN-LHR-LGW-ACE original booking was MAN-LGW-ACE.

  7. I used the live chat on Thursday AM , each time all the crap came up I just kept copying and pasting “Speak to agent”, I did this around 9 times (I had been told to do this by a friend), finally it came up you are number 53 in the queue. I waited around 20 minutes, then i had Ratisha answer. I was on for about another 30 mins (but anything was better than holding on the phone with that awful music) . I am booked to fly SFO on the way out, coming from home from JFK, the cancellations both ways were the domestic EDI-LHR-EDI. So Ratisha ( who was lovely and friendly) booked me on completely different days both ways, I was delighted ! So I am flying a day earlier and having another night in NYC ! I would use the Live Chat anytime.

  8. When all this kicked off, we had a family booking to TFS. We are silver members so booked seats across emergency isle for a little bit more room (biz fares were out of reach for us all). BA moved our seats after email alert. When I did eventually get through to BA, was advised the seat move due to premium economy seats installed!!! I just laughed at the lies as the aircraft was an A320.
    My confidence in BA is now all time low
    Could Qatar please buy them !!

  9. Michele, I’ve had absolutely no luck with trying to reach BA over the phone WRT double tier points following a BA holiday in mid-May. Would you know how I could contact them at least via email?

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