NEWS: BA opens more European lounges & JFK gin terrace, Randox £19.99 day 2 day shopping centres

Bar in the new BA Rome lounge

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BA opens more European lounges & JFK gin terrace

Sadly a lot of BA lounges outside the UK have remained closed over the summer. However, as flights ramp up over the autumn more and more are reopening.

The latest lounges to reopen are:

  • Rome
  • Milan Linate
  • Geneva – opens this week.

JFK Lounge Terrace

BA also has a brand-new area – the Aviation Gin bar, on the terrace at JFK which has just opened. Though whether it will still be open outdoors by the time we are let in, I’m not sure. The terrace to promote Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin (shame he didn’t pop in to promote it!) and a new range of low-calorie natural mixers from Betty Buzz that also have an aviation theme. It’s getting a bit chilly for an outdoor terrace now, but if I make it over there I’m sure I could brave it to try one!


Randox £19.99 lateral flow day 2 day – collect from shopping centres

Today, Randox and Collect+ have announced a new partnership that will provide  different way to access to low-cost COVID-19 testing. The partnership enables consumers to order a new reduced-cost PCR (£34.99) or lateral flow (£19.99) test online and then pick it up on the same day from participating shopping centres within the Collect+ network. This first of its kind partnership means people in the UK no longer need to wait for a home delivery or walk-in clinic access when ordering a COVID-19 test. Obviously, if you wanted to use this as a day 2 test you would need to do this before you leave the UK since you need the reference for the PLF, unless you arranged to pick it up at a later time. 

There are an initial 29 locations already open, this collaboration plans to expand to more than 100 Collect+ locations in the coming weeks, and hopes to go further to utilise even more of the Collect+ network over the medium to longer term. I think this would work better unless you live near one of the centres as unless you are going anyway, it costs money to park at most shopping centres so it’s not really worth it. However, Collect+ has hundreds of corner shop-type locations that would be far better for most people to easily pick something up. It’s worth noting that as well as shopping centres there are quite a few at airports. This would be an easy option to order just before you leave and then pick it up when you land. I could see myself using that option. 

From 24th October, fully vaccinated passengers from non-red list countries can take a lateral flow test for their day-two post-arrival checks. Randox now offers home testing kits as both PCR and lateral flow, to aid pre-departure testing and any current and future day 2 requirements. PCR and lateral flow tests are available at the newly reduced prices of £34.99 and £19.99 respectively when using Collect+ click and collect. (It’s £21.50 for home delivery with a discount code). 

Philip Robinson, VP Sales at Randox said: “As guidelines change and the country continues to open up, Randox is able to support any travel testing requirements by utilising our extensive diagnostics experience and logistics network, and offering value for money for both PCR and lateral flow tests that can be collected at the customer’s convenience thanks to our new partnership with the Collect + service from PayPoint.

“Our significant investment in capacity expansion and in logistics solutions such as Collect + click and collect sites that further simplify the process of ordering COVID-19 tests, have allowed us to make ongoing price reductions, demonstrating our commitment to helping people live their lives as easily and normally as possible.”

To order a COVID-19 test using the Collect+ service visit If you want to find a testing centre close to you or compare prices of travel Cobid testing, I recommend the Covid Testing Network comparison site. 

Here are the locations where you can already collect Randox kits:


LakesideGraysRM20 2ZP   
The Mall LutonLutonLU1 2TH  
The Mall WalthamstowLondonE17 7JR  
The Mall Wood GreenLondonN22 6YQ  
The Chimes Shopping CentreUxbridgeUB8 1QQ  
Festival Place BasingstokeBasingstokeRG21 7BF  
Exchange Ilford Shopping CentreIlfordIG1 1RS  
Brent CrossLondonNW4 3FP  
The Mall BlackburnBlackburnBB1 7JE  
DerbionDerbyDE1 2PL  
MeadowhallSheffieldS9 1EP  
Runcorn Shopping CityRuncornWA7 2EU  
Golden Square Shopping CentreWarringtonWA1 1QB  
The Boulevard BanbridgeBanbridgeBT32 4LF  
Randox Health CrumlinCrumlinBT29 4XL  
Randox Health HolywoodHolywoodBT18 9HZ  
Trinity LeedsLeedsLS1 5AT  
Telford Shopping CentreTelfordTF3 4BX  
Kingfisher Shopping CentreRedditchB97 4HJ  
Marlowes Shopping CentreHemel HempsteadHP1 1DX  
Freshney Place Shopping CentreGrimsbyDN31 1ED  
Eden Shopping CentreHigh WycombeHP11 2DQ  
Victoria Gate Shopping CentreLeedsLS2 7AU  
Liverpool OneLiverpoolL1 8LW  
East Midlands AirportCastle DoningtonDE74 2TR  
Stanstead AirportLondonCM22 6PF  
Manchester AirportManchesterM90 5RH  
Heathrow AirportHarlingtonUB3 5AW  
Waterloo StationLondonSE1 9PX  


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  1. In response to the COVID-19 collect+ service.

    Michelle I really appreciate the work you put into this and I have been lucky enough to catch some of the deals you have put forward/highlighted so don’t shoot me down !!!

    OK, just looking at where I live so perhaps not a fair assessment. BHX not on the list ? Really ? No even anywhere in Birmingham or even the Midlands ? Really ? I’m from the Black Country so Brum is not really close to me but please… The countries supposed 2nd city not on the list ?

    There is a gaping hole between Redditch (in Worcestershire) to Telford (in Shropshire) and East Midlands Airport (Notts/Derbyshire), virtually across the whole of the country between all three, which, as I understand it, is a possibly the 3rd or 4th most populace area of the country.

    • Yes the list has some big gaps but hopefully it does expand quickly as they say they will! None near me either!

  2. I picked up 6 X day 2 PCR tests from Wood Green last week and saved £8 per test. The service was super-efficient

  3. Chronomics are down to 18.99 for home testing day 2 by post. Used them a couple of times for PCR and they’ve been good

  4. is £12 and you get home delivery. Why would anyone pay more?

    • Some people get concerned about the test company not providing the test or the results in case they got into trouble. Simply test me appear to have come from nowhere and have a mixed bunch of reviews on Trustpilot. Personally, I am of the view that if I have bought a test I have fulfilled the government requirement and as long as I do my part and have proof of that, there’s not much they could do (if they even bother monitoring it). Although I would be making sure I got some sort of test results back even if it meant taking a NHS one as well! However, some people worry more about getting results back etc so would prefer to use a more reputable company. Each to their own.

  5. Chronomics are £17.09 (including postage) through the link on

  6. Dawn Pearson | 26 October 2021 at 12:20 pm |

    We flew back from Antigua, I ordered the PCR Day 2 (as it was then) from Randox to be collected from Basingstoke on the day I landed but received the code for the PLF when I ordered. I would have thought I could do this with the lateral flow test too? Rather than order it now? We are away for 7 weeks so I’d rather not order now in case rules change yet again?

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