NEWS: BA vouchers tips, misunderstandings & improvements, BA A380s at Charleroux tearing up the airfield! Easyjet goes business style and Heathrow moves start

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Firstly an apology from me. You will no doubt notice that the amount of advertising has increased today. Up until now, I have been trying to decrease the amount of advertising on the blog. Advertising is how we make (or used to) about 80% of our income. Sadly due to the current crisis, it is a struggle to keep the blog going financially. Whilst you will see adverts, we get paid a very very low rate now for them compared to the usual rates.

I have, therefore had to make the hard decision to increase the amount of advertising in the short term. As soon as things return to the previous levels, I will put the level of advertising back to the previous rate. Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. 

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British Airways vouchers to become automated and useable online?

BA A350

There is still a lot of misunderstanding about the BA vouchers which you can take if you chose to cancel your flight. It looks like improvements are planned with vouchers becoming usable online, as well as automating the process. While this means the vouchers will arrive quicker, it does sadly mean more BA staff may well be furloughed. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Before requesting a voucher, make sure you get your email receipt and keep it somewhere handy. Vouchers do not state an amount. You can request an email receipt via manage my booking
  • You can only use the voucher by telephone currently
  • If you request your voucher online, it can take some time to arrive – longer than the seven days stated on the website
  • If you are likely to want to rebook something quickly, phone and see if you can just change your existing booking rather than waiting for a voucher
  • If you apply for a voucher by phone, you may not receive a voucher at all. Your e-ticket and booking ref are all you need to use the voucher
  • You can use up to 3 vouchers on one booking but those vouchers all need to be in the same name
  • If you used a 2-4-1 voucher, it sounds like it remains on the voucher rather than goes back to your account, but this is not clear
  • If you took a voucher for an Avios booking, you wouldn’t get the Avios going back into your account. They remain part of the voucher, and you will have to call to use them. I advise not to take a voucher for Avios booking as you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before, so take a refund!

There is more detail on how to use the vouchers in tips article.


BA A380s at Chateauroux tearing up the airfield and arriving for storage at Kemble (Costwold airport)

British Airways has been storing their aircraft all over the place, and we have recently been featuring pictures from Bournemouth.  This week they have been sending aircraft to Chateauroux in Franc,e where BA has often done flying training for new aircraft. A number of A380s have been stored there, and the video below is a fascinating sight. 


Sadly, it appears they are not used to the huge A380s and one managed to tear a massive hole in the taxiway!



Kemble, Cotswold Airport has also started to receive its five B747s this week. 


Easyjet goes business style to help with social distancing


Easyjet could end up being on a par with BA’s Club Europe when it returns to flying. The airline’s Chief Executive said that they were looking at introducing a policy to keep the middle seat free to encourage people o fly again when it was safe to do so. This would take them to a 2-2 configuration, the same as BA’s Club Europe with a similar seat pitch at 29″ in EasyJet and 30″ average on BA. Obviously, food and drink make a difference, but currently, lounges are closed, and you get minimal provisions on board BA’s flights. 

Mr Lungren also said that they were looking at “various disinfection programmes on the aircraft”.

“We’re in discussions with Easa (the European aviation safety regulator) if there are other additional measures we should take.

“I think it’s important that customers understand that we are taking this very seriously and first and foremost our concern is about the customers’ well-being and our people’s well-being.

“That is what’s going to take priority in this whole thing, because that is the way you get the confidence back with people taking flights again.”

EasyJet flights are now grounded indefinitely apart from some essential trips. 


Heathrow moves start

oneworld lounges heathrow

Cathay Pacific T3 lounge

As we reported earlier, Heathrow is closing terminals 3 and 4 to consolidate into Terminals 3 and 5 on a temporary basis. The first airlines have started to move with Cathay and Emirates moving from Terminal 3 into Terminal 2. The location of other airlines moved is yet to be confirmed. 


Fancy a laugh with some flying humour? Pam Ann – watch live or download her shows

If you have never watched Pam Ann, you have missed a treat. Yes, it is not for the easily offended and far from politically correct, but it is very, very funny. Pam Ann basically imitates cabin crew from various airlines around the world. From the rather too friendly Virgin cabin crew to the somewhat past their prime American flight attendant, it is carefully observed humour. If you want to get a fix of Pam Ann, she is holding online shows, or you can download her previous shows from around the world here. 

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78 Comments on "NEWS: BA vouchers tips, misunderstandings & improvements, BA A380s at Charleroux tearing up the airfield! Easyjet goes business style and Heathrow moves start"

  1. The number of adverts is absolutely ridiculous; literally way OTT. I am done with this blog for now!

    • Thanks for your understanding Alex. I rarely rise to comments but this really got to me. You could have nicely said, I have had a look today and it is really bad, is there a halfway house? Instead you chose to be unpleasant. I am just a fellow human being standing in front of my readers, asking them to have a little understanding in difficult times. #bekind

    • Bye bye Alex

    • Why not just leave? Why the need to advertise the fact. I doubt anyone really cares? Narcissist much? I managed to read the content and loved it.

    • ALDO JAWORSKI | 17 April 2020 at 10:30 am | Reply

      Michelle, I’ve taken advantage of so many offers from your blog’s and am forever grateful. You and your team are an inspiration to us all.
      The adverts although a little annoying will not be forever…let’s just say it’s time for us, your patrons, to give a little back.
      You do what you need to do to keep afloat – don’t mind the narrow minded bigoted trolls. Am sure you will have the full support of your followers.
      Keep smiling and keep safe.

    • Alex, whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion many of us have saved significant money through Michele’s tips. Also, I have seen first-hand how much work goes into keeping the blog going – many, many hours a day. It’s a full-time commitment. If the other option is to suspend the blog I know what I’d prefer! TLFL has my continued support. Katie

    • Badly done sarcasm or genuine. Either way so silly on a site you choose to visit. I don’t even notice the adverts, conditioned to tune them out, which I suppose doesn’t help Michele much. But I’ll avoid tantrums over it.

    • First World problems… I’ll continue to visit this blog, even with the extra ads, hardly something to get so upset about. And great that you featured Pam Ann, I love her shows, and have been picked on by her many times, definitely not for the easily offended bunch.

  2. Sure, happy to have the adverts to ensure survival of your great business! All the best. Stay safe.

  3. Adverts not a problem for me just swipe past them …. you never know they might be selling something useful !

  4. I understand the adverts… and appreciate the valuable information on the blog!

    Now is probably a good time to say thank you for all your efforts over the years… which have provided enormous insights to an even greater number of regular readers!

  5. Tracey Russell | 17 April 2020 at 9:30 am | Reply

    The adverts are not an issue for me either Michelle. Perfectly understandable and thanks for all of the information, I have always found it very useful and look forward to receiving the mail each day.

    Best wishes and stay safe!

  6. Don’t rise to the trolls Michele. The rest of us are capable of reading the fantastic content you put on and ignoring the adverts. Do whatever you need to keep the blog going until the world returns to normal. We all need something to take our thoughts to future trips away!

  7. Bridget Carrington | 17 April 2020 at 9:39 am | Reply

    Didn’t even notice the ads until you mentioned them. I love this blog and now have lots of time to read it every morning! So thank you Michele. Certainly helped me understand the BA refund policy and helped me get my refund and gold voucher reinstated for an extra 6 months for the flight to California I should have been on two days ago. Keep the newsletter coming adverts or not!

  8. It was announced somewhere that all T4 airlines will move to T5 and all T3 airlines will move to T2.

    When it comes to oneworld airlines, as of now Qatar & American haven’t yet made an announcement and their flight status checker tools show them both as operating out of T4 & T3 respectively as of next Wednesday for QR and Sunday for AA. Those are ‘the furtherest out’ their tools report on.

    At the moment Malaysian are only operating one flight a week between LHR & KUL. Their booking system doesn’t show any other flights between these two points, but that all changes on 1st May – BA to DXB connecting to MH operated by Emirates to KUL. They have a codeshare deal (similar to Qantas) with Emirates to various European cities.

  9. Losing unpleasant Alex strikes me as a benefit! Keep up the good work and as others say just scroll through the ads how difficult is that….

  10. Regarding the Heathrow terminal moves, it was announced somewhere that all T4 airlines will move to T5 and all T3 airlines will move to T2.

    Looked at a few oneworld airlines, as of now Qatar & American haven’t yet made an announcement and their flight status checker tools show them both as operating out of T4 & T3 respectively as of next Wednesday for QR and Sunday for AA. Those are ‘the furtherest out’ their tools report on.

    At the moment Malaysian are only operating one flight a week between LHR & KUL. Their booking system doesn’t show any other flights between these two points, but that all changes on 1st May – BA to DXB connecting to MH operated by Emirates to KUL. They have a codeshare deal (similar to Qantas) with Emirates to various European cities.

  11. Keep up the good work Michelle

  12. The adverts suck! How to ruin a blog!

    Sorry! Just being honest 🙁

    • Hi Pete. Being contructive, is there one particular difference that is more irritating than the others? If the increased adverts make little difference to the income I get, then I will switch back again. I hope you stick with it in the meantime. They are much less intrusive on desktop if that helps.

  13. Extra ads a small inconvenience to keep the blog going. Must say the ‘ Pam Ann’ video not too far off reality after my last two flights with BA – one in First, one in Club.

  14. Lovely blog as always! You can ignore comments from people who just dont care about others sentiments and just want to write something to belittle others.

  15. Ignore the OTT negatives and focus on the necessary at these extreme times.

    Those of us who are positive will get through this crisis in a far better way than Doom, Gloom and prophets of apocalypse who will suffer greatly from negative mental issues.

    Keep on doing a great job and remember if the vast majority of people like what your doing what does it say about the few extremely negative soothsayers !

  16. Your honesty and openness as to why more advertising is necessary makes total sense and I admire people who are making the effort to keep going at this time in whatever way they can.

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary understanding and patience. I think most of us can manage that, and hopefully we’ll all come out the other side as more caring, accepting, kinder human beings. In the meantime, let’s focus on the positives and overlook those who can’t keep their negative feelings to themselves. Onwards and upwards (hopefully we can literally achieve the latter in the not too distant future!)

  17. Debbie Chandler | 17 April 2020 at 10:25 am | Reply

    Extra ads don’t bother me at all. Totally understandable, so put up as many as you need to. I always enjoy your articles and even though I don’t travel that much I enjoy reading about people who do. Stay safe.

  18. Bloody Hell People!!

    We all benefit from Michelle’s blog or we wouldn’t read it! The adverts are keeping it going and we know we all gain financially from her insights, early information and tips.

    When we travel again we will be very grateful for TLFL and the like, so seeing a few extra ads now is a small price to pay.

    So get back in your boxes and suck it up.

  19. Hi Michele

    As a fellow website owner, I really didn’t notice a “huge” increase in the adverts. In fact they seemed to flow fairly smoothly and if “Alex” really liked TLFL, why did he make such a fuss of everything. Perhaps he was trying to get some “attention” after being locked down for so long or just as others have said, he is being a pratt… Given the way eCPM (the way we realise advert income on a website which translates at earnings per 1,000 views of an advert) have gone overboard in the last four weeks, I take my hat off to you keeping the blog alive. In some cases we have seen drops in revenue streams of 90%, so PLEASE don’t stop and PLEASE keep us updated with your very timely and very helpful guidance in this frankly scarey world that we are currently living in…

    • Hi Graham. That’s useful to know it is not just travel that has been hit so badly. Tough times all round. I’m grateful that my readers have pretty much stuck with me and viewing figures have not dropped that much except from non-subscribers. Fingers crossed it starts recovering rapidly for us all.

  20. I am disgusted that one individual can be so thoughtless and critical. Clearly they have no idea of the amount of effort and cost that running this blog incurs. To be frank, many of us (probably including that individual) have benefitted from the tips and advice that have been published by you and your team. Why not consider creating a virtual tip mat for this site? Individuals who dislike the fact that there are ads on the site can then put their money where their mouth is and contribute. Let’s be honest if we can afford to travel business then we can afford to make a small contribution. I would happily donate as I have found your blog to be informative and just a good read for the obsessive traveller that I am.
    Thank you Michele, and you are valued hugely by your virtual community.

    • Thanks Debbie. It is a strange thing in that a minority of people think that bloggers should not be allowed to earn money from things such as advertising. Sadly that’s what allows me to do this job full time and bring the amount of content that we do. It’s great to have so much support from everyone else though.

  21. To me, the A380 and 747 videos emphasise how much more beautiful the 747 is. Truly the Queen of the Skies! Thanks for posting them, Michele.

    Oh — and the ads don’t bother me, either.

    • Totally agree. I marvel at the feat of engineering to get something that big in the sky with the A380, but the B747 is a thing of beauty. It will be a sad day when they retire.

  22. Matt Churchill | 17 April 2020 at 11:22 am | Reply

    Don’t notice the adverts personally, so just ignore those that say it’s a real problem.

    I’ve got a booking for May with BA that’s an Avios 2-4-1 Amex voucher booking – am I best just cancelling it? No real objection to taking a voucher if it helps BA but I’m not sure what the best option is and BA website doesn’t really make it clear what will happen.

    • I would phone up and cancel it personally. It does help BA to take a voucher but it means that when you want to rebook you have to call up. You can’t use the Avios yourself online like you would usually. If you are not in a hurry you may want to wait and see if they do offer the ability to use the voucher online in which case a voucher is more reasonable for a booking that is refundable anway.

      • Matt Churchill | 17 April 2020 at 2:10 pm | Reply

        Thanks Michelle, the flight’s not until 16/5 so I think we’ll wait and see what the coming few weeks brings, I’m guessing BA won’t be cancelling until we get into May at the earliest – although I guess if they cancel it they’ll issue a voucher as an opening gambit. Keep up the good work BTW 🙂

  23. Yep, the extra ads are a pain BUT they caused me no problems whatsoever. Hope you’re back to normality soon.

  24. Don’t mind the adverts if they keep you going. You do a great job, don’t take any notice of an idiot!

  25. I love the blog – keep it up. The adverts are offset the value – look at all the thoughts on BA refunds / vouchers, worth the ads for that alone !

  26. I never noticed advertisements in any site until someone pointed them out to me, same as I didn’t realise supermarkets played music!!!!!!!!! So please keep up the good work and ignore people who obviously can’t just read what the main site posts.

  27. Gosh! Take and display as many adverts as you can – in fact, it says a lot that you can get them at this time, so well done. It’s a terrific site.

    • Thank you Nigel. I actually have very little control on what is shown other than by category and I don’t know what it shows people as it is personalised. Apparently it showed people Trump adverts last week which is rather worrying…

  28. Great site and a few ads aren’t really going to be a problem for me. Please keep up the great work.

  29. The ads are absolutely fine – easy to ignore if not relevant and good to click if they are.

    Even if they were a pain, you have very graciously apologised in advance for something that may be a minor irritation for enabling us to have a fantastic, interesting and useful blog for FREE! I can list on only one hand other services that do this.

    So I count the two complainers above in the same camp as President Trump and those who get a DJ and Bouncy Castle in for a 50-person house party during Lockdown – rude and all unbelievable that they are human beings.

    You carry on TLFL and Michelle, ignore the fools, and take pride so many people want to read and advertise on your blog. Thanks for what you are doing.

  30. Regarding vouchers my wife & sister are booked to fly Heathrow New York in October for 5 days. A week ago the daytime flight was cancelled & rebooked on a night flight, then a couple of days ago that flight was cancelled.How do I stand cancelling the outbound flight as the return flight has been cancelled? I intend ringing them as the website is showing available return flights, I don’t know why they haven’t rebooked the return flights, but the girls are not overkeen in going to NY at them moment. No problem with the ads, fully understand.

    • Hi Phil. If any part of your flight is cancelled you can claim a refund. Queues are not too bad at the moment.

  31. steve sweeney | 18 April 2020 at 5:58 am | Reply

    Great site, adverts are no bother, would be happy to pay a small monthly sub

    • I have considered that Steve. I will be looking at options in the next few weeks and doing a survey to see what people think.

  32. Hi Michele, I did not notice an increase in the ads! It is totally understandable in these circumstances, and very honest of you to alert us to this change on your blog. I, along with most of your readers, have enjoyed flying in a higher cabin, at a substantially reduced price. The savings made on each trip are incredible, especially when compared to direct airfares ex London, when we route via European cities. Your blog with reviews, tips on deals, routings, using airmiles, AVIOS, credit cards bonuses and benefits, apps, and redeeming vouchers is invaluable. Thank you, stay safe, stay focused on the positive your website blog brings to its readers, and ignore the trolls.

  33. Michele – I’m sorry people are so awful. We’re in the travel business and the disgusting way that the public have spoken to the staff here is just terrible. Honestly the ads are fine, and we understand. Everyone in our business is in the same boat – we’re all in limbo until we eventually come out the other side.

  34. Wilma Partridge | 18 April 2020 at 9:21 am | Reply

    I agree with all of the positive comments above, the ads don’t bother me either and I always look forward to reading your blogs Michele. Unfortunately some people react badly to ‘cabin fever’ during these difficult times and take it out on others.
    Stay Safe and Be Kind!

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