News: Heathrow staff strikes update & new extreme food trend comes to W hotels

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Heathrow strikes update

There are still two strikes pending that could affect Heathrow and British Airways pilots. The Heathrow strike by 4000 staff was scheduled for 23/24 August which is the very busy bank holiday weekend. The strike was called by the Unite Union over a proposed pay deal. According to a source on Flyertalk, these strikes have now been suspended for a new ballot to take place that closes on 2 September. As yet this has not been officially confirmed.

It has also gone very quiet on the BA pilots strike, and again it is rumoured that they may be close to reaching an agreement. The pilot’s union BALPA has to give at least 14 days notice of a strike, so this means the August bank holiday weekend is now not going to be affected either way.

You can find the latest information on the BA strike here. 



New extreme food trend comes to W hotels

Just the other day I discovered a new craze sweeping YouTube videos. My friend Michael at Travelzork blog posted a video on Facebook that sounded ridiculous but I soon was sucked into watching it!  If you’ve ever heard of the term Mukbang (no, it’s nothing dodgy!) then you know this is watching people eating large amounts of food.

W Hotels have got on board with this new concept and decided to release their own video featuring celebrity “Queer Eye” star Antoni Porowski. This is to promote the hotel and its new room service option to go along with it. If you fancy a bit of mukbang you can order the entire room service menu for $400! Perhaps you could have a room party with a group of friends and work your way through it? 

I did actually watch the video and found it strangely fascinating! The food looks really good compared with most room service menus, but it is bound to look its best in a promotional video! Generally, I find room service a complete let down in all but the most expensive hotels – perhaps I need to stay at more W hotels?


If you want to learn more about the W hotel in Washington then click here.



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  1. ClaytonTheCruton | 14 August 2019 at 7:17 am | Reply

    My comments on this article are as follows: CARBONNNNNNN FOOOOOTTTTPRINTTTT REEEEE! Y’all don’t even fly really anyway, 45 mins isn’t even worth it and last but not least “Dem Boobs Tho”

    Ammmmm Michele how I chuckled to your insta story this morning. Publish it a little later next time though eh. The better half was annoyed when I spat my coffee at her, even more so on the 4th time

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