NEWS: Hilton extends status until March 23 and reveal status plans for next year

Hilton Port Moresby

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Hilton have come out of the Covid crisis having given their members plenty of support to keep status such as rolling over nights and extending status. I have already requalified for Diamond before this announcement due to rolling over nights from last year.

Today Hilton have announced that they will extend status until 31 March 23, the first of the major chains to do this. Hopefully this will encourage the other chains to do something. I am particularly wanting Hyatt to extend status this year as I have struggled to get many nights with the US being out of bounds.

Hilton also announced several other ways to help members until travel returns to normal.

These include:

  • Pausing Points expiration until Dec. 31, 2022, so members have more time to use their Points towards free nights at more than 6,600 Hilton hotels, exclusive Hilton Honors Experiences, live events, charitable donations, and more. 
  • Relaxing 2022 qualifications around earning Status, Milestone Bonuses, and Status Gifting from 2019 requirements to make these benefits easier to achieve.

Status Tier Requirements for 2022

  • Silver status at seven nights, three stays or 17,500 Base Points.
  • Gold status at 28 nights, 14 stays or 52,500 Base Points.
  • Diamond status at 42 nights, 21 stays or 84,000 Base Points.

Milestone Bonuses

  • 10,000 Bonus Points at 30 nights.
  • 10,000 Bonus Points for every 10 additional nights (after 30 nights).
  • One-time 30,000 Bonus Points at 60 nights.

Elite Status Gifting

  • A one-time gift of Gold status for a friend or family member at 40 nights, which can be upgraded to Diamond status at 70 nights.


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