NEWS: Want to cancel or change a BA trip? BA extends Book With Confidence again

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If you have been thinking about booking a trip with British Airways or have one booked for September 2020 and would like to move it, there is some good news. BA have further expended their policy. Don’t forget BA has a fantastic sale that ends tomorrow if you fancy popping over to Europe to one of the destinations on the government’s “safe” list which means you won’t face quarantine and your insurance should be valid. 


Existing bookings –  booked before 3 March 2020

If you are due to depart between now and 30 September 2020 (previously 31 August 2020) you can claim a voucher to the value of your booking, valid for travel until 30 April 2022.

Vouchers can be used as payment, or part-payment, for a future booking. Your new trip booked with your voucher must be fully completed by 30 April 2022 (departure and return). You should receive your voucher by email within seven days of your application. I received mine within 10 minutes and I am hearing that from most people now. You still have to call to rebook but that is expected to change soon. 

Do not make any changes to your booking itself, fill in the voucher form here. You can do that until check-in closes for your flight. 

You can find more information about vouchers in this section. 


Bookings made after 3 March and new bookings

For new bookings, there is no change but here is a recap of the current policy

Changing your booking

You can change the dates and destination of your booking without incurring a change fee, although you will need to pay any difference in price. This applies to bookings made from 3 March until 31 August 2020 for journeys that are due to have been completed by 30 April 2021. Change booking Terms and Conditions

Cancelling your booking

If you decide you no longer want to travel, you can cancel your booking and get a voucher to the same value for a future booking. This applies to bookings made from 3 March until 31 August 2020 for journeys that are due to have been completed by 30 April 21. had not been updated at the time of writing but I would expect it to happen tomorrow. Before you decide to book or cancel, make sure you understand all the ins and outs of the vouchers. 



5 Comments on "NEWS: Want to cancel or change a BA trip? BA extends Book With Confidence again"

  1. How does this policy affect bookings made with a Companion Voucher? I booked LHR-JFK return Business Class flights in May 2020 (which is under the current policy and not affected by this change). I’ve just gone through on the BA website, and to change from September 2020 to February 2021 it’s a charge of £35pp and a refund of £1.70pp in taxes.

    Will I get a different result if I phone BA instead? Thanks.

    • Yes if you call BA it should be free.

      • Thanks! After 35 minutes on-hold, then a transfer to a different department for another 45 minutes on-hold, it’s been changed at no cost. Thanks for your help.

  2. Curious to know what the use cases are for these vouchers. I have a trip booked GLA-LHR-JFK with hotel for 28th September for my wife and I in Premium Eco. If I accept the voucher, and I want to travel say Sept 2021, GLA-LHR-LAS, but this time, my wife and I, along with my mother (taking her to Vegas for the first time for her 70th!), and the cost is lower as I will be using Avios and 2-4-1, can i retain some of the residual voucher in my exec account? Or if I want to nip off to Europe a few times in 2021, can I “dip in and out” of the voucher value?

    Just wondering if it may be better going full refund mode.

    • It is always better to take a refund unless you have a voucher attached to the booking which will expire. The voucher keeps it alive. You can take as many goes to use the voucher as you like. Each time you will get another voucher for the residual amount. Just bear in mind that any Avios will not show in your account as they will be on the voucher and at the moment need a phone call to book.

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