READER REVIEW: BA Club Europe and Paradise Villas, Crete with Mr and Mrs Smith reviews

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Today’s reader review for our competition is from Gordon. If you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments below. We do not encourage criticism of reader reviews. They are not professional writers and everyone has a different style that won’t suit everyone’s taste. 



I’ve been a GoldSmith member of Mr & Mrs Smith, on and off since they began. As someone who is beyond controlling when it comes to booking and managing every aspect of my own travel, it may seem odd that I handed over part of this trip to a concierge service, but a Sale offer appeared last year, and the pricing was excellent, and in conjunction with a B&O A1 smart speaker thrown in, I decided to book a week for 4 of us in Paradise Villas in Crete. I still booked the flights myself, partly as the other couple would be flying in from Inverness and then the 4 of us onwards to Crete



Against my better judgement, I acquiesced to getting up at stupid o’clock to drive to Heathrow, rather than stay over at the Sofitel the night before. This decision almost ended in divorce, not only because getting up at 2:30am is not my best mood enhancer, but ‘someone’ actually forgot to book ANY parking at all so we ended up paying more than short term/valet pricing for some remote car park that may as well have been in Hounslow. The courtesy bus(!) was timely, though and we were in T5 by 4 am.

As a GCH, we went to the First Wing, but this doesn’t open until 4:30 am and the security channel itself, not till just before 5 am to coincide with the lounge opening hours. The First Wing was a mess. People laying all over the seats, and floor, rubbish strewn etc. Some check-in staff arrived at 4:15am and, much to my surprise, turfed them all out and tidied up the furniture, area. 

A very quiet First Wing check in at 4:15am!

With all the luggage drama going on, we packed wisely and managed to go with only hand luggage. Thankfully Club Europe’s two pieces allowance was fine, and after a short delay at security, while someone was trying to bring in more than their one guest, we were in the lounge. 



BA First lounge heathrow may 21

BA First lounge Heathrow

The First Lounge was barely open as we arrived, but breakfast was ordered through the now customary QR code and promptly delivered. By now, it was 5:50am and I was questioning my choice of drinking champagne at that hour!  We didn’t stay long in the lounge as our travelling companions didn’t have access to this lounge, so we met in the terminal for a mooch in the stores, of which only 1/3 were open that early, then on to the gate. 



The A gate we departed from was well prepared and, boarding was on time and well managed through the group system. As Group1, we were boarded, stowed and enjoying some fizz within minutes. When it works, it just works!



This flight had a great crew. Very experienced, knew how to work the crowd. This more than made up for the No hot towel, no menus, and a questionable choice of food for breakfast! One of the items (this is 7am btw) was a goat’s cheese salad! I felt for the crew member as he muttered under his breath “Christ I’ve got 11 of these to shift” needless to say rows 1 through 4 as far I could hear, all ordered a hot breakfast (sorry, row 10).

The wifi on this flight was shocking. Almost 90% of the flight was …



We landed in Heraklion on time, and disembarked almost immediately. It was a short walk to the arrivals terminal. We walked in and the carnage that hit us made us so so so grateful we had gone HBO. You couldn’t move for luggage and people. Between that, the heat and people smoking, it was hugely comforting to walk straight past it all, be at the front of passport control and out into the terminal, where our driver was waiting. It must have been 35c outside and the poor Mercedes’ AC had trouble keeping the car ambient, let alone cool.


Paradise Villas

The complex itself is situated about 20-25 minutes from the airport. As you approach, a large solid wooden gate slides back, and you arrive at the reception drop-off. Eleni and her team were waiting with cold towels, a cold glass of fizz, our bags were whisked away, and we went to check-in.


The relaxation really begins from this point on. The whole team of 17 people who manage these 12 villas, cannot do enough for you. Nothing is too much trouble. We had the 2 bedroom villa, Hera – all of the villas are names after Greek Gods. Both bedrooms were upstairs (which is a tight spiral staircase. Anyone with mobility issues would need to request a villa on one level – which they have). Both bedrooms and the lounge had A/C which coped well with the strong heat, although we did need to leave it on almost 20 hours per day – Sorry Greta!

Every villa has its own private pool. Initially, we thought this was just a small plunge pool to relax in, but the white box at the side could be used as a jet stream to swim against. I am not sure if that was its intended purpose or not, but it worked well and gave you 2 minutes bursts to properly swim against.

The garden are was large and lush, given they hadn’t had rain for months.


Food & Beverage

This was one area where Paradise Villas excelled at. Unlike many Boutique hotels, heck even ‘hotels’ in general – they don’t rip you off. All of the menu items are reasonably priced, and moreover, everything we ate was delicious, well prepared and beautifully presented. Their ethos is that if it’s fair and delicious, you’ll stay on site. This worked, so much so, we didn’t even eat anywhere else during our stay. The menu is static for the season, and they have one special every day.

If you were to stay there more than a week, you may want to venture out, but I wasn’t bored with the food at all. Whilst on the subject of fair pricing, and this probably says way more about me than I should be sharing, but I had asked for the freezer to be filled to the brim with ice cubes, and for premium Vodka and Gin to be in the fridge along with multiple tonic water. This was all dutifully done and not at exorbitant pricing.

Breakfast was served in a special barn-style room/space, which was completely open to the pool. The menu was extensive, and the portions huge!.. Choose small and add to it or you will be stuffed and unable to for lunch.


Main meals were served alfresco under an open pergola type structure. Again, by the pool, beautifully lit and exceptional food & service.




The entire villa was cleaned and serviced every day, the laundry service was same day, if collected/dropped before 8 am and was also not expensive. Having travelled with hand luggage, I was able to have most things re-laundered and came home with almost no laundry. Perfect!

The staff were all wearing masks, which although not mandatory in Greece at the time, the small compliment of 17 staff, had agreed among themselves (not forced by management) to wear masks during service. Whilst I’m probably far too blasé about this now, I did understand their perspective – the law would have meant anyone testing positive had to isolate for seven days and for a small team that would impact client service.

Every drink, meal, laundry item, etc was signed to our villa, and NO service charge was added. I queried this with Eleni, the manager, and their policy was that guests could leave a gratuity, shared to all staff, on their departure. I found this very forward thinking as opposed to X% being added to every single cappuccino (or Pina Colada! 😳)



Having felt fully relaxed by Day 2, I could tell this would be a very good and chilled trip, so we decided to venture outside the complex.

On one day, we walked down to the beach area. This is a 10-15 minute walk, all downhill. Bear this in mind as what goes down must come back up, and a steep hill in 35+c heat is not for everyone!

The beach area was not really for me. Suddenly we’d gone from being 4 of 20-25 people at any given time to, 4 of 10000. Everything about a relaxing sun holiday, this was not. Hundreds of people everywhere, most of them smoking, not a lot of shade/respite from the sun, unless you paid for a lounger.

One nice touch we discovered though, was that one of the more upmarket hotels, which has a huge black swimming pool, was open to day visitors. For €7 you could have a day bed by the pool, and unlimited towels. A staff member came past every now and again with a trolley filled with pastries and chilled flavoured waters. We spent a few hours there.

I was fascinated by the pool as it had underwater speakers, which were crystal clear when you were under the water! As pleasant as this all was, we were so glad to get back to our own piece of seclusion and the AC in the villa.

On the penultimate day, one of the other managers, Pol (Paul), arranged a private half-day trip on a yacht to a nearby island. This included collection from the villa to the marina in Heraklion, sailing to the island, lunch, snorkelling equipment etc. This was idyllic. I felt like an extra in the Duran Duran, Rio video. Our young captain Marcos and his assistant sailed us expertly to the island, we snorkel in crystal clear water and then boarded for a freshly prepared lunch. Relaxed on the deck, before heading back.



It’s not often I come back from a holiday truly relaxed. This was IT! We enjoyed this so much, we are already looking at booking for next year.

The only downside to this trip, really, was Heraklion airport. As scary as the arrival was, the departure was on a whole other level. Lounges that were the size of someone’s living room, with poor A/C, nothing fresh to eat or drink, then literally kettled at a gate (once through the door you couldn’t go back to the main terminal/lounge.

We were stuck there waiting to board the aircraft for 50 minutes with hundreds of people, all crammed together. When we got back to the UK, everyone I travelled with developed Covid (I’d already had it).

Paradise Villas are also available via British Airways who currently have a sale on. 





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  1. What date was this trip?

  2. Smashing review. Very helpful if only to confirm my upcoming BA holiday (in Club) to Crete should be HBO as I’m coming down from Glasgow to connect. I’m booked into a resort and can’t wait to chill by the pool, read, eat and sleep. Your account of the lounges is telling!
    Thanks for taking time. Cheers

  3. Nice review, and useful that you managed to SYTTW by using the abbreviation HBO. Quite what Home Box Office has to do with anything, baffles me.

  4. I throughly enjoyed this review. Well written, good flow, sufficient detail to form a clear picture of the holiday. Good photos. I could almost smell the sweaty masses and cigarette smoke on the packed beach – yuck! The best review yet…and only one typo!

    Sale or not I imagine the cost of the package not insignificant – but it sounds like Gordon got VFM.

    “As someone who is beyond controlling when it comes to booking and managing every aspect of my own travel” – good to see a certain ‘someone’ took responsibility for screwing up the parking…Duh.

    PS Gordon mentioned the oppressive heat. I’m holidaying in a villa in Port de Soller in Mallorca at the moment. My plans to do various hikes were all kicked into touch as it is like an oven here. By mid-afternoon today it is predicted to have a ‘feels like’ temperature of 41°. That’s darkened room, a/c on, and a good book for me. This will be the first summer in my lifetime that I can’t wait to see the back of.

  5. Lovely to read and very informative

  6. Just book F + C to Crête yesterday for mid October. Will stay @ Sofitel the night before.
    Still has to book the hotel.

    Hope airport will not be HBO at the time!

  7. No need to apologise to Greta. Due to her nagging her countrymen/ women are currently burning copious amounts of oil in oil fired power stations to heat the country having taken their nuclear plants offline to appease her.

    Proof positive one shouldn’t listen to screaming children with little grip on reality.

    Very good review and thoroughly enjoyable read though.

    • Apologies to everyone who’s here to read about fantastic travel (as I am) but also, as a Swede, I just have to drop a quick reply to what Clayton posted earlier – it’s simply not true!!

      In 2021, Sweden was powered by 43% hydro, 31% nuclear, 17% wind, 9% “general” (which is mainly a mix of forestry and waste combustion, but yes, also very occasionally fossil if extreme winter temperatures) and 1% solar.

      Whilst I am not a “follower of Greta”, truth matters.

      Now, please can we get back to travel talk? Gordon, thanks for a great review!

  8. Loved this review, light hearted but informative, looks like I’ll be adding this one to my wish list!

    • It’s one of my favourite ones so far too. And yes I think they’ll be getting a few bookings.

  9. Richard Gordon | 5 September 2022 at 2:49 pm |

    Thanks for the review. These continue to be important for inspiration for readers and provide first hand experience which is invaluable. We are staying at a Mr & Mrs Smith hotel in Playa del Carmen in Mexico – our first, and booked on a BA holiday. We are happy to submit our experiences upon our return.

    It’s interesting to read about your ‘kettling’ experience at the airport on return. Is this the non-Schengen ‘holding pen’? There’s one at Almeria airport in Spain which sprung up after Brexit, in what is already a small airside terminal. It’s most unpleasant on days where lots of UK charters land, together with the usual scheduled easyJet departure back to Gatwick and Ryanair etc.

    • Richard I think it’s just bad airport design/layout. You leave the departure area/lounges and go through a door, and down stairs to the gate which is actually ground level. The “kettling” came about through sheer volume of people. They were backed up so far as to be queuing up the stairs from the upper level. Technically you could have forced your way back up provided the automatic door opened from airside but it would have been extremely difficult. Then it was just a case of delays till boarding started with more people piling on the end of the queues from above

  10. James Harper | 5 September 2022 at 2:54 pm |

    Good review. I love Crete and after many trips I’ve really begun to prefer it out of season because it is so quiet and the weather is still good. Some restaurants are closed but there’s still more than enough choice. There are almost no direct flights so a connection in ATH is the only way to get there. It’s like a different island – so to keep it that way, I absolutely don’t recommend it!

  11. Excellent review with an appreciated sprinkling of humor

  12. Anthony Dunn | 5 September 2022 at 4:34 pm |

    I was bemused at the “we do not encourage criticism of guest reviewers…” because this review was brilliant.

    More please.

    • Unfortunately previous reviews have had some very harsh and unpleasant comments over nothing. So now I always put that warning on all guest posts.

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