What happens on Sundays…Happy Monday & Hilton Upgrades

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So, it’s Monday and you are all going to work.  Apologies, this comes from Sunday night and I and Michele have had “some” fizz.

And there was Krug….So what are we going to write about?


We are honest if anything!  We are here to bring you “turning left” but frankly sometimes there isn’t anything to write about.  Maybe the BA 100 747 flights Rob? 😉

But what helps foran upgrade in hotels? Well, a lot actually…, how you act, how you talk…The talking point is that Paul has had a better upgrade on a last minute booking than I had on a two night very expensive booking. (We are at the Hilton Bankside London if you are interested)

This very short article is a warm up to more about hotel upgrades.  Needless to say I “always” get a better room than Michele. ( And I really hate it – Michele)


Watch the blog soon.


PS the room above was a 4 category upgrade with Hilton…

10 Comments on "What happens on Sundays…Happy Monday & Hilton Upgrades"

  1. If you two are sat in the Savoy Hotel drinking Champagne by the bottle (glasses) then you I hope you have huge bank accounts as from someone who once spent £350 on two cocktails by mistake in the Savoy! Love the place

  2. Mr Interested Follower | 3 June 2019 at 11:38 am | Reply

    With respect, must you continually go on about your Krug etc champagne in your reports as gets rather wearing – sorry !

  3. So which one did you like the best between the Krug GC, DP P2, and the PR Winston Churchill cuvées? Curious to see your review!

  4. Lady London | 3 June 2019 at 9:51 pm | Reply

    Hey Michele do you think there’s anything to do with the fact that Paul regularly gets upgraded and better than you, just because he’s a bloke and you’re not? I always wonder about that kind of thing with hotels…???

    how prevalent is refusal of discretionary privileges by hotels, where women are concerned whereas a bloke would have a much better chance of getting same?

    • I don’t think so. I think often it’s because he is more proactive whereas I will usually except what I’m given unless I have a particular reason.

  5. Thanks for your replies Michele and Paul. You have reflected my opinion 🙂 Had you had the Krug 2004 in the mix, then I think it would have been a very different debate!

    Here’s to many more champagne tastings…er…trips!

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